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Best of Da Best 2019
« on: December 30, 2019, 03:13:21 AM »
Fighter of The Year: Masvidal. The guy went from a 1.5 year layoff to merking Till on his home turf, destroying Askren in 4 seconds and beating the dogshit out of Nate in the biggest non-title main event in company history and has reinvented himself doing so. He's in a rare position which is a guy not named Conor who can call whatever shot he wants and the UFC will probably oblige him. Honorable Mention: Adesanya, Usman.

Fight of The Year: Usman vs Covington. It's beyond rare when a fight that gets marketed under the premise of bad blood actually deliver but this one did beyond any and all expectations with both dudes nutting up and showing heart and grit that they've never done previously in their careers. The fact that it was razor thin heading into the fifth round and ended in a finish with a minute left puts it over the top.

Knockout of The Year: Masvidal over Askren.

Submission of The Year: Bryce Mitchell's twister. Come on. It's a fucking twister.

Rookie of The Year: Bigi Boi.

Beatdown of The Year: Masvidal on Nate.

Event of The Year: UFC 244.