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CXF RumbleRank: #5
« on: January 29, 2020, 02:11:18 PM »
5. Royal Rumble 1990 (57 points)

Surprisingly, one of only two Rumbles from the 90's to make the list.  I don't even really need to watch this one again to give a recap, but of course I'm going to.

First, let's hear some fan predictions!

Earlier in the show, it was revealed that Ted DiBiase had drawn #1, and Mr. Perfect had drawn #30.  This was the first time anyone's slots had already been known prior to the match.  An angry DiBiase comes to the ring and is joined by Koko B. Ware at #2.  DiBiase pounces Koko right away and assaults him, but makes the mistake of trying to ram his head into a buckle, which doesn't work.  Koko goes on the offense, but sadly, when he sets up the coup de gras, he gets backdropped to the floor.  The Rockers' theme hits, signaling Marty Jannetty out at #3.  Strangely, Jannetty and Jake Roberts got their theme music at numbers 3 and 4, but no one else.  Anyone know the story behind that?  Anyway, Jannetty fares a little better, hitting DiBiase with high-flying offense, but ends up taking one dive too many and finds himself on the floor, leaving DiBiase alone again.  He's like the Brock Lesnar of his day!

That's about to end, though, because Jake Roberts is next.  The two are in a heated rivalry at the time, as DiBiase had been credited with putting Jake on the shelf for much of 1989, and then when Jake returned, he stole DiBiase's Million Dollar Belt.  DiBiase nails Jake as he slides in, sending the action to the floor.  He tries to put the Million Dollar Dream on outside, but Jake blocks it and posts him.  Back inside the ring, DiBiase thwarts attempts at the DDT by Jake, but can't follow up.  Randy Savage is #5, and immediately goes to work on Jake, as DiBiase sits to the side and signals that he may have some money in it.  The two double up on Jake, tying him in the ropes, until Roddy Piper comes in at #6.

Piper fights off the double team with a double clothesline, then frees Jake from the ropes, and a virtual tag team match ensues.  Savage gets a near elimination on Piper as Piper teeters on the ropes.  The Warlord is #7 to tilt the odds once again.  He pounds Jake down to the mat, and then tries to eliminate Piper, but he fights free as DiBiase and Savage continue to work Jake over.  Piper intervenes with a double noggin-knocker, as Bret Hart is the next entrant.  He saves Piper from elimination, and they drop the Warlord with a double-clothesline.  Piper and Jake then go at it briefly, but DiBiase breaks it up.  Bad News Brown is #9, and goes after Bret, his long-time acquaintance.  Jake sets up another DDT on DiBiase, but Savage was laying in wait the whole time, and clotheslines Jake to the floor.  He then saves him again from a Piper elimination attempt, and finally Tony starts to catch on that they may be in cahoots.  Another interesting confrontation occurs, as Bad News then goes to work on DiBiase, as Dusty Rhodes is #10, going right after Savage, who he has a budding rivalry with.  Bad News briefly intervenes, but when Savage charges, Dusty backdrops him to the floor.

Dusty then forms an alliance with Piper, but they can't get the Warlord out, as the announcers speculate how they're going to be able to get the Warlord out.  Andre is in next, and answers that question quickly, simply hiptossing him over the ropes.  Fuji gets on the apron and starts yelling at Andre, and Heenan pulls him off, as a confrontation is teased.  Andre works over Dusty and Piper in the corner, then focuses on choking Piper, as the Red Rooster joins the match.  Bad News tries to toss Piper, but he hangs on, then backdrops News to the floor as he charges.  Bad News then climbs to the apron and pulls Piper down and out, resulting in the two brawling to the back.

(lol Shane McMahon)

Andre pummels Rooster and tosses him, but leaves himself open for Ax, who pounds him down to the mat from behind.  Dusty and Bret try to eliminate DiBiase, as Virgil always seems to be around when he's in trouble.  Dusty then goes to assist Ax in pummeling Andre, after the two tie him in the ropes.

Andre is ready once they free him, though and nails both with a shot to the gut.  He gets some help next, as Haku joins the match and hammers away on Ax.  He works over Dusty next, but Dusty comes back and drops him with Flip, Flop and Fly.  Haku doesn't stay down long, though, as he and Andre work over Ax, but Smash is in next, joining up with his partner to pound Andre to the mat again.  They work over DiBiase next, as Akeem is the next entrant.  He briefly hammers on Andre, and there is not much size difference between those two at all.  Dusty knocks Bret to the floor with an elbow on the far size of the camera, as Demolition drops Andre with a double clothesline.  They then take Haku down and out of the way, before hitting Andre with double shoulderblocks from behind, which is enough to knock him over the top to the floor.  They then try to dump Haku as well, but Andre helps thwart that from the outside.  Haku then hammers Akeem in the corner, in another heel vs heel encounter, as Jimmy Snuka makes his way down.  Akeem attacks right away, but stops to pose, allowing Snuka to hit a headbutt from behind and eliminate him.  Dino Bravo is next, and tries to eliminate Haku, but Snuka stops it, only to ram both their heads together.  DiBiase staves off elimination again with help from Bravo, then hammers on Smash, as Earthquake is in next.

Quake quickly eliminates Dusty and Ax, then hammers Haku in the corner.  Jim Neidhart is in next, and he goes right after Quake, leading the charge as Smash, Haku, Snuka and DiBiase join him and eventually force Quake to the floor despite Bravo's vain attempt at a save.  Warrior is in next, going right for Bravo, his rival at the time, and eliminating him with a backdrop.  He goes for Snuka next, but Haku comes from behind and a double team ensues.  Warrior fights out of it, then assists Neidhart in pummeling DiBiase, before suddenly attacking Neidhart, who surprisingly holds his ground.  Rick Martel is next, and goes to work on Smash, getting a surprising helping hand from Warrior.  Haku breaks it up, then later backdrops Smash to the apron himself, before dropping him to the floor with a thrust kick.  Tito Santana is the next entry, and of course, goes after Martel.  Of course, at this time, it was still a somewhat hot rivalry.

Honky Tonk Man is next, and he briefly rekindles his rivalry with Warrior, as DiBiase holds from behind.  It seemingly doesn't faze Warrior, though, as he walks across the ring and dumps Neidhart to the floor, then reverses an Irish whip from DiBiase and finally clotheslines him to the floor to the delight of the fans.  Hogan is in next, and I believe this was the first time he and Warrior had shared the same ring.  Snuka ambushes Hogan, but gets clotheslined out.  Haku follows courtesy of a big boot.  You know, Rikishi talked about the island boys being held back by the Great White Hope, maybe he was on to something.  Hogan then hammers on Honky, as Warrior breaks up the Strike Force explosion by dumping Santana.  Hogan tosses Honky as Shawn Michaels is in next...and out next, courtesy of Warrior after about 10 seconds.  That would never, ever happen even like three years after this match.  Warrior pitches Martel right after, giving us the dream showdown.

Pretty sure we all know how this one plays out.  Long story short, they clothesline each other, and both men are down and leaving the fans wanting more as the Barbarian runs down and pummels both men while they're down.  Rick Rude abruptly appears without a countdown, and pummels Warrior, flooring him with a dropkick and then assisting Barbarian in trying to eliminate Hogan.  For some reason, Bobby Heenan never left ringside from the time Haku was eliminated.  Maybe he wanted a first-hand view of the Hogan-Warrior showdown?  Anyway, Warrior for some reason saves Hogan, knocking Rude to the mat.  However, he falls to the numbers, and Hogan isn't as forgiving, as he collides with Rude and Barbarian, resulting in Warrior getting knocked to the floor.  Tony of course insists that it was an accident.  Warrior slides in and drops Barbarian and Rude with clotheslines before leaving, and the 3rd Mega Power Hercules replaces him.  Herc shoots Barbarian and Rude into the corner, where they're met with boots from Hogan.  Hogan pummels Barbarian, but can't eliminate him.  Perfect runs down and pummels Hogan with help from Rude, as Herc dumps Barbarian to the floor, leaving him with Hogan, Rude and Perfect as the final four, probably the most depressing one ever as only Hogan is still alive.  It doesn't last long, as Rude clotheslines Herc to the floor, and then he and Perfect zero in on Hogan.  However, miscommunication sends Perfect to the apron, and he accidentally (?) low-bridges and eliminates Rude when Hogan shoots him into the ropes.  Perfect takes advantage when Hogan puts his head down, and eventually hits a Perfect-Plex, but Hogan hulks up and eliminates him to win the match.

Final thoughts:  This has always been a personal favorite, and I liked it even more when watching it once again.  The thing I will always remember about this one is how fucking electric the crowd was throughout.  Not to sound like an oldhead, but you will NEVER see a crowd this hyped for a show today.  There were never too many guys in the ring, and the every man for himself tagline was really hammered home, as there was a lot of unique faceoffs in this one.  A fun mini-tag match with Piper/Jake vs Savage/DiBiase, who had another great overlooked Iron Man performance, and I thought the ending was well booked in that it wasn't just Hogan Overcomes the Odds, it was actually a bit fluky with the way Rude was eliminated.  Definite Top 5 Rumble here.
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Re: CXF RumbleRank: #5
« Reply #1 on: January 29, 2020, 02:41:45 PM »
This whole Rumble show is just fun and it might have one of the best crowds WWF ever had; these fuckers were into EVERYTHING.  Probably the first great Rumble in history and I think I had it #3 or 4 on my list.

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Re: CXF RumbleRank: #5
« Reply #2 on: January 29, 2020, 07:44:01 PM »
Very confused how 2008 finished ahead of this. The amount of big names in this Rumble is unbelievable, it has the most electrifying 1v1 segment in any Rumble and lots of good stuff throughout. Plus, that crowd.

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Re: CXF RumbleRank: #5
« Reply #3 on: January 30, 2020, 11:59:44 AM »
I love this Rumble.  Maybe the most star-studded Rumble ever (along with 1992), with good action throughout, a molten crowd, a great performance by Dibiase, and the big Hogan/Warrior showdown.  Another top three Rumble for me, so this is a little too low.  I don't have it at #1, but I honestly wouldn't complain if it was.  I like this one that much.

BTW, the countdown appears after Rude is already in.  He jumped the gun to take advantage of Hogan and Warrior when they were in trouble.

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Re: CXF RumbleRank: #5
« Reply #4 on: January 30, 2020, 12:10:53 PM »
Very confused how 2008 finished ahead of this. The amount of big names in this Rumble is unbelievable, it has the most electrifying 1v1 segment in any Rumble and lots of good stuff throughout. Plus, that crowd.

I didn’t vote but assuming recency helped.  I saw the 90 Rumble maybe twenty years ago now on VHS.  1990 was before I was a fan myself so I saw it on video years later when it was cool to talk about how Hulk and Warrior couldn’t work compared to real heroes like Benoit.  So I wouldn’t remember much about this.  Given how weak post-Attitude era booking tends to be, 2008 tends to be one of the more memorable Rumbles of the past 20 years ranging from the fun Legends spot to the surprise Cena return.  That show was in a stretch where a buddy and I went to a local sports bar that showed all the PPVs and I remember the room going nuts for Cena. So that show would’ve likely made my list, this one not so much but seeing this now, I would like to go and watch soon.
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Re: CXF RumbleRank: #5
« Reply #5 on: January 30, 2020, 12:57:31 PM »
I'd say this is just a shade below being a perfect Rumble, only because I think it loses some steam once Warrior is eliminated. Had it #3 on my list. It's been said by everyone so far, but the molten crowd can't be mentioned enough.

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Re: CXF RumbleRank: #5
« Reply #6 on: January 30, 2020, 11:01:21 PM »
Re-watched this one recently and also very surprised it was so low at #5. It's very fast paced with very little slow action, crowd is nuclear throughout, lots of great little moments e.g. Jake/Dibiase, Dusty/Savage, the Tito/Martel interaction, and of course Hogan/Warrior which still holds up as intense as all get out. That's perfectly how you set up two mega stars squaring off 1-1.

Really curious what the #3 and #2 Rumbles are as #1 seems like a foregone conclusion at this rate.