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CXF RumbleRank: #7
« on: January 25, 2020, 05:53:44 AM »
7. Royal Rumble 2010 (41 points)

On the eve of this year's Rumble, we go back 10 years in time for the #7 entry.

Dolph Ziggler and Evan Bourne start the match off, and have a trash talking session while taking a glance at the WrestleMania logo in the rafters.  Bourne starts in with some hard kicks to the hamstrings and a hurricanrana, but Dolph fights back and almost eliminates Bourne with a nice-looking dropkick.  He later hits the Zig-Zag and tries to toss him again, but Bourne stays in with a kick and follows with a Shooting Star Press.  CM Punk enters the frey and quickly eliminates both men, then grabs the mic and vows to save the remaining combatants if they have the courage.  JTG interrupts, and batters Punk as Striker babbles on about the discotheque.  However, when he attempts a monkey flip, Punk dumps him to the floor and the sermon is back on.  Next up is the Great Khali, and things seem bleak for Punk, as Khali doesn't have the strength to be saved.  He chops Punk and grabs his head in a vice until...Beth Phoenix?  She stares down Khali, who politely picks her up and sets her on the apron, giving her a chance to walk away.  Beth is so flattered that she gives Khali a kiss, and Khali gets so into it that he falls over the top rope.

Beth gets some brief offense on Punk, and tries to dump him, but Punk escapes and hits Go 2 Sleep, then tosses her.  Zack Ryder is next, and Punk discusses his potential before assaulting him with the mic and quickly eliminating him.  HHH (who is looking REALLY pudgy by his usual standards) is next, and I gotta think the elimination streak ends here.  HHH mostly dominates the two minutes, until Drew McIntyre appears, and HHH wants a piece of him.  He catches him with a high knee, then blocks a GTS from Punk and eliminates him.  Kind of eye-rolling booking there, but at least Punk made it through to another entrant.  HHH then takes back over on McIntyre as Ted Dibiase enters next, but immediately gets caught with a clothesline, as does McIntyre.  DiBiase counters another with a powerslam, and he and McIntyre team up on HHH.  DiBiase hits some fistdrops ala his dad, and then John Morrison evens the odds, as Cole notes that he has a bone to pick with Drew Mac.  And indeed, Morrison goes right after him and hits a headscissors into a DDT and then Starship Pain, and then it's HELLFIRE AND BRIMSTONE time.  Kane of course dominates the ring, hitting a double chokeslam on Morrison and Drew Mac followed by one on HHH, but surprisingly doesn't eliminate anyone.  Cody Rhodes is next, saving Dibiase from elimination on his way in.  They team up on Kane for a bit, then Rhodes turns his attention to the rest of the field, including catching Morrison on a springboard move with a dropkick.

MVP is out next, but gets assaulted by the Miz in the aisle with the US title belt, and is helped to the back.  Morrison hits a springboard kick on McIntyre as Legacy has HHH in trouble on the ropes, but Kane makes the save.  Carlito is next, which has to be close to the end of his run in the company.  Striker calls him an "interesting" entry, which is an "interesting" comment.  He takes Legacy down with a double springboard elbow, then starts handing out Backstabbers as Miz makes his way out.  He hits the Skull-Crushing Finale on Carlito, before MVP returns and clotheslines him out, eliminating himself in the process.  Well, that was a quick recovery.  Matt Hardy is up next, and delivers a side effect to Cody, then hops to the second rope, where Kane pushes him to the floor.  Kane is then dumped himself by HHH.  Was Hardy injured or something?  That was a weird quick elimination.  HHH hands out spinebusters to all, then sets up Cody for a Pedigree, but Drew Mac takes his knee out.  Shawn Michaels is up next, the big story of the match, as he is seeking a rematch with the Undertaker (WHC at the time) at WrestleMania after the previous year's loss.  Carlito is gone.  Cody is gone.  DiBiase is gone.  Morrison is gone.  Drew Mac stops the momentum with a clothesline, but quickly falls prey to a DX double team and is double clotheslined to the floor.  Shawn and Hunter stare each other down, but it's interrupted by John Cena.  He fights both guys to the mat, then hits them both with the Five Knuckle Shuffle.  He tries to FU Shawn over the top, but HHH saves, and hits the Pedigree...and Shawn superkicks him out!

Man, it's weird imagining a Rumble match with HHH in it where he's gone before the final 10.  Shelton Benjamin is next, another mid-00's guy who has to be almost gone here.  He is sporting the Sisqo look now and is being called "The Gold Standard".  He actually dominates the two-minute period, but eventually gets caught and dumped by Cena.  Yoshi Tatsu is the next entrant.  Not really familiar with Tatsu, but his theme song sounds like something you'd find on a YTMND meme.  And no, it's not the Tatsu from the TMNT movies.

Tatsu hammers both guys with kicks, but Cena ducks one and eliminates him, which looked botched as Tatsu couldn't bump over on the clothesline and Cena had to dump him.  Big Show is up next, and Cena is exasperated.  He takes down Cena with a headbutt, then tries to eliminate Shawn, but Shawn holds on ala Chris Benoit in 2004.  Cena helps out, but Show has the move schooled now and escapes elimination, lifting Shawn back into the ring, where Cena steals him away and attempts to dump him out, but Shawn skins the cat, grabbing Show in a headscissors.  Show lifts Shawn back in and tosses him across the ring, and then we get our big man showdown, as Mark Henry is next.  Cena helps Henry out, hitting a couple shoulderblocks on Show, and then Henry slams him.  Cena then tries an FU on Henry, but can't hold him up, as Chris Masters is next, with generic theme music now instead of his Masterpiece theme.  He overpowers Michaels, dropping him to the mat with a press slam, then stupidly tries to put the Masterlock on Show and gets dumped out.  Henry then tries to dump show, before R-Truth hits the ring and dumps them both!

R-Truth continues to control the ring, until Jack Swagger makes his way out, hitting Vader Bombs and suplexes on Cena and Shawn, before focusing on R-Truth.  He sends him to the mat, then nearly eliminates Shawn before Kofi Kingston comes out.  He comes off the top onto Swagger, then hits the Boom Drop.  He charges, but Swagger catches him and attempts to dump him, but finds himself on the floor instead when Kofi counters.  Truth then ambushes Kofi, and dumps him over the ropes, but Kofi lands on the apron.  He ducks a clothesline, then grabs Truth in a headscissors and pulls him over to the floor.  Chris Jericho is next, focusing primarily on Cena, but Cena counters a slam and hits the FU before getting DDT'd by Shawn, who goes to the top and hits the elbow on Jericho.  He sets up Sweet Chin Music, but it's intercepted by Trouble in Paradise from Kofi.  Cena then takes advantage and dumps Kofi to the floor, before Jericho drops him with the Codebreaker, just in time for our next entrant...

Edge had been out for a few months with injury, and wasn't expected back for a while, so this is a surprise entrant, and the crowd loves it.  He hands out spears to all three men, and tosses Jericho.  So we now have our Final Four, before the last entrant has even hit the ring.  Edge-o-matic for Shawn, Edgecutioner for Cena.  Batista is the last entrant, and dominates, hitting a powerslam on Shawn and a spinebuster on Cena, but Edge catches him with a spear.  Edge then gets caught in the FU from Cena, leaving all four men laying.  Shawn recovers first, hitting elbows on Cena and Batista, then hitting both with SCM before Edge clotheslines him, and both men end up on the apron.  Shawn then hits SCM on Edge, sending him back inside the ring, and leaving Batista the opening to knock him off the apron and out.  Shawn is in disbelief, tossing a referee down and entering the ring, where he superkicks Lil' Naitch, who tries to reason with him.  Eventually Shawn finally comes to grips and sulks away.

Batista, seemingly the favorite now, stalks Cena.  He tries the powerbomb, but Cena backdrops out and tries the FU.  Batista drops out and hammers him from behind, then charges, but Cena low-bridges him and Batista is gone.  Edge then awaits for a spear, but Cena counters with a kick, before Edge suddenly recovers and tosses him to win the match.  Batista stuck around ringside for the end, but nothing comes of that.

Final thoughts:  Another Rumble that I was viewing for the first time start to finish.  This one was outstanding.  Great heel work from Punk, great storytelling with the Shawn Michaels story, and no real dead weight throughout the match.  The only complaint I really have is the abrupt ending, but I would probably rank this one in my top 5.
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Re: CXF RumbleRank: #7
« Reply #1 on: January 25, 2020, 06:00:27 AM »
See this one I actually wasn't a huge fan of. There were a few cool moments (Edge's return, HBK avoiding elimination, the Beth/Khali spot) but there's tons of blah here too. I still don't understand Truth eliminating Big Show and Mark Henry simultaneously.

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Re: CXF RumbleRank: #7
« Reply #2 on: January 25, 2020, 12:03:40 PM »
I had this one a lot higher and I'm very surprised it is this low.  This is one of the few that is exciting from start to finish with a surprise winner, a strong field of big names, and a great storyline with Shawn Michaels.  Top 3, IMO.

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Re: CXF RumbleRank: #7
« Reply #3 on: January 26, 2020, 12:43:32 AM »
I'm surprised this is this low as well. I had this in my Top 5, I think. Definitely the best Rumble from this century thus far IMO.