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Have it your way
« Reply #50 on: April 22, 2009, 02:50:38 PM »
One of my buddies removes the "crust" from his burgers - he breaks off excess bun along the perimeter of the burger.

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Have it your way
« Reply #51 on: April 25, 2009, 02:39:52 PM »
The plain hamburgers thing does not surprise me at all. I bet Bob is one of those guys that orders vanilla ice cream when he goes out to an ice cream parlor. That always annoyed the hell out of me! Vanilla is a hardly a good choice when there are three options on the board, let alone dozens!

I don't know that it sways the argument one way or another but it has always been touted, in my experience, as the world's most popular flavor.

Ordering at fast food places has always been a chore if you aren't just picking a number.  I always used to want an extra side of fries with a large value meal but if you order, "#3, large size, coke, and an extra side of french fries" or anything like that you meet confusion and, my favorite, incredulity, "ZOMG more fries?"  I learned you have to reverse things a bit, "Large order of french fries and a #3, large size with coke..." works much better.

One thing my friend has trouble with is getting plain burgers as mentioned above.  The trick he uses is to just say "no sauce" rather than "no mayo" or a laundry list of "no's."  Although the "have it your way... EXCEPT the Whopper~™®!" is just a perfect example of one of those things that does nothing to make anyone happy except some moron in a suit somewhere, the clerk has to deal with the hidden "no" clause all the time and the customer doesn't get what they want.

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Have it your way
« Reply #52 on: April 25, 2009, 02:48:14 PM »
Oh man ordering another item that's already included in a combo, yeah that sucks. You would think "I'll have a number 4 with a  sprite, and a large Orange Hi-C please" wouldn't be so hard to understand, but most of the time that ends up getting you a large number 4 with an Orange Hi-C.
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Have it your way
« Reply #53 on: April 26, 2009, 04:30:32 AM »
No mustard on my cheeseburgers at McDonalds. Mustard is fucking disgusting.
Brown mustard, man. I felt the same way for years and years but brown mustard changed my life.

Only thing I have to ask for is no mayo on my burgers.  Can't stand mayo or anyone who likes it.
Uh-greed. Shit's vile.

Mayonnaise belongs on everything, btw.
No. That's disgusting! It absolutely does not and it ESPECIALLY does not go on a hamburger. Do you have a really dry esophagus that requires mayonnaise lubrication in order to swallow your food? What other excuse could there be for slathering mayonnaise on a burger? Jesus. You Canadians take too many eating cues from the English. Didn't you or Red Baron once say that shepherd's pie was good? See, this is what I'm talking about. Who eats that shit? Would you put mayonnaise on your shepherd's pie?

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Have it your way
« Reply #54 on: April 26, 2009, 04:40:29 AM »
Mashed potatoes, ground beef, and corn is awesome. Mayo on that would be pretty wacky.


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Have it your way
« Reply #55 on: April 27, 2009, 07:43:23 AM »
Mayo is suitable on a hamburger, but it depends on the other toppings. A thin amount of garlic mayo, horseradish, swiss, lettuce, and onions.

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Have it your way
« Reply #56 on: April 27, 2009, 09:06:18 AM »
. You Canadians take too many eating cues from the English.

Just in tuna sandwiches. It's a vital ingredient. No one puts it on burgers, I agree.
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