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Re: Concerts coming to your area: Good and Bad
« Reply #600 on: September 11, 2019, 01:38:09 PM »
Sebastian Bach is currently touring playing the entire first Skid Row record in its entirety to commemorate its 30th Anniversary. He's coming to NY on 9/25!

Kreese, where you at?
The last time Bach was in Portland, he has been late because he insisted on eating at an old school, red sauce Italian-American restaurant 30 minutes outside of town. He's in town tonight and according to someone in my Twitter feed is an hour late getting onstage. Hopefully cause he's at that Italian restaurant next to the Scarborough Marsh.

Whenever I think of Bach now, I just imagine him squealing "Dude! I'm not going on fucking stage unless I get that fucking veal parm, man!" in his high pitched Canadian accent.

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Re: Concerts coming to your area: Good and Bad
« Reply #601 on: October 04, 2019, 06:55:41 PM »
Hard to say if I should post this in here or in the games thread.

Finally got to see "Bit Brigade" live.

Super talented group of guys, really down to earth. Their whole gimmick is that they play rock covers of video game music, while their pal does close to a speed run of the game on a projection screen. The beauty, to me, is that he's really damn good but not perfect. For the show I saw they did Metroid and Contra on NES (appears this is their current tour). The guy didn't lose a single life on Metroid, but did die 3 times in Contra. What's cool about that is the band has to adjust the timing of what they're doing if he dies. While there's no pause in the game music for a respawn, it does extend the amount of time in the level. But they're so good at what they do, they still finish the song when he finishes a level. It was really cool, at least for me, to see it.

Their merch has the band name on it with art inspired by NES game covers. They happily took pictures with me and interacted before and after the gig. The show was in a smallish venue and tickets were $12. Not sure if that's typical of their entire tour, but looks like after they hit Texas they're heading for the West Coast.

I don't have video from last night but here's an example from a prior performance:

They have a pretty decent following, but apparently not enough to get their drinks comped. While bsing with one of the musicians he had to go close out his tab at the bar and retrieve his credit card. One of my best friends is a touring musician and I've never seen him have to open a tab. He was with me for this show and talking shop with one of the Brigade and apparently they've hit a lot of the same smaller venues in their travels, so I really have no idea how this music business works.

Anyway, if you like rock music AND retro games, this is a definite group to hit up.

EDIT: pics

(peace sign guy is the player)

Drummer was busy tearing down his gear and wasn't available for the group shot, but he took a selfie with me.

Shirt I bought

Random swag

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Re: Concerts coming to your area: Good and Bad
« Reply #602 on: October 15, 2019, 04:14:08 PM »
Reading your post, Bit Brigade sounded familiar but I was trying to remember if I'd seen them at MAGfest or if I'd just heard of them because of other video game bands. Once you mentioned the speed running I realized oh yeah I saw them, then you linked the recording of THE SHOW I SAW. The odds, what are they?

I'm glad you enjoyed the show and it's good to know that they're still around, I had a blast at the show I went to. That's awesome too that they were all cool people and took pictures. I think Contra would be fun, but I'm really jealous you got Metroid. I could see that being amazing.
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