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Week ending 2/25/14

Well I leave on Friday to get ready for my new assignment, so that means I only have 2 days left to try and finish The Last of Us.  Can I get it done?   Probably not, but we’ll see.


The Last of Us
I’ve now officially reached the peak of my hoarding ways in this game. I have the maximum of all my craftable items, AND I’m maxed out on all the ingredients needed to make more(which I can’t because I’m maxed out.) Maybe I should open up a little more and just unleash hell on some enemies? But being sneaky is so much more fun! I really like how every single story beat in this game feels important, no filler at all, at least up to where I’m at now. Combat scenarios are another story though, there are definitely plenty of examples of filler fights. I’m actually starting to feel a bit of fatigue with the combat since now it seems like you’re fighting a minimum of a dozen dudes at every single location. What happened to just two guys being a big deal? Granted, I guess they felt the need to up the ante since I know have a freakin small army worth of supplies strapped to my back, but it really loses something when you’re fighting mobs. I’ve also come to terms with the fact that I’m not going to be able to beat this before I have to give it up again for work. I’m at 50% completion, and tomorrow is the last day I’ll have time to devote to it.


The Last of Us
Instead of being super motivated to try and get as much done as I could, I instead just couldn’t muster up the energy to put a whole lot of time to this, especially since I was mostly preparing to leave tomorrow. I don’t know when I’ll be able to put any amount of decent time into this, but hopefully I’ll have it finished by the time I come back to GADD.


I wasn’t planning on playing a whole bunch of stuff today since I was going to be driving for work, but instead I ended up staying up til 4 AM playing a whole bunch of shit with the person I’m staying with.

Boss Monster
Ok so this isn’t really a video game, but I’m gonna do a writeup since it’s clearly video game inspired. Boss Monster is a card game in which you are an evil lord(or perhaps even a boss monster? SHOCKING!) who is building up a dungeon with the intent of luring heroes from the nearby town into your dungeon with loot in order to kill them, and once you get to a certain number of dead heroes you win. It was fun, nothing special, but still fun. Probably would have been a lot better with more than 2 players.

I’ve been wanting to play this for a while, but without a person to play it against on the same computer, it seemed pointless since I had heard the online isn’t good at all. Nidhogg is a 1 on 1 fencing game with simplistic almost Atari style graphics but incredible non-Atari speed where your goal is simply to run to either the left or the right side of the screen based on where you start, and it’s your opponents job to kill you and then start running to the other side of the screen. It can either be over really quickly or take 10+ minutes, depending on how evenly matched you are. I loved my time spent with this game, but it’s a shame I won’t be able to play it much more after this weekend, due to a lack of local opponents.

Mount Your Friends
Mount Your Friends is uh…it’s a thing. It’s an XBox Live Indie game where you play as a large buff man wearing only a speedo and you have to form a pile on top of a goat, taking turns with someone else seeing how high you can make the pile before the other player can’t climb it in 60 seconds. No, really. Oh, and there’s AMAZING dong physics that leave it constantly flopping around. It is incredibly gay, and also incredibly fun. I just can’t stop mounting!

Pass the Pigs
Yeah not a video game either, look I’m strugglin for material here, gimme a damn break people! It’s a dice game where the dice are shaped like little pigs. It’s not exactly top notch shit, but when you’re drunk and continuing to use it as a drinking game until 4 AM? 2 thumbs up.


Culdcept SAGA
Not really so much “playing” as helping my friend farm for achievements, and failing at it when they didn’t pop even though all the criteria were met.

Mount Your Friends
Can’t stop playing this. It’s a great way to kill a few minutes, and beneath all the homo-eroticism there’s actually a legitimately fun game. I just wish I knew how to unlock more costume parts, it seems like they just randomly pop up after you play a certain number of games.


Culdcept SAGA
More attempts to spam achievements, more being denied by the 360. Not really sure what’s causing this but, fuck it, time to give up.

Trials HD
Despite all the time I put into Trials Evolution, I had NEVER played HD before today, and it’s clear to me that Evolution is a much better game. Trials HD has the same basic concepts and plays just as well, but the whole warehouse environment is just fucking boring, and there’s no amazing level creator like in Evo.

Mount Your Friends
That floppy wiener, I keep requiring more of it! Seriously it’s only $1, just get it for the joke and then find out how enjoyable it actually is to play. Sadly that’s my last game for the week as I’ll be going back to my ridiculous hours at work tomorrow and be unable to write up this article again.





So the “season finale” of GADD sure went off the rails at the end, and while I knew it would due to me leaving all my games behind, I had no idea it would go off the rails quite in this way. As of right now I’m scheduled to be off again in the middle of April so maybe I’ll be able to make a return then, but I never know when my schedule will change. I might have Last of Us completed in that timeframe, or I might not touch it at all.


Mount Your Friends is quickly becoming one of my biggest guilty pleasure games, what are some of yours?


Written by Matthew Przybysz

Matt has suddenly become a bit of a Sony fanboy without even realizing it. Also he occasionally streams via his PS4 on twitch at

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