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Week ending 1/15/15

Well I am back from watching the Sabres get thoroughly manhandled by the Hurricanes and that was not a fun game to have to sit through, but at least the seats were real nice! Last week I feel like I did a good job of bouncing around and moving on before I stopped having fun with games. The ones I absolutely wanted to continue on with were 1001 Spikes and attempting to get a good ending in Papers Please, but with GADD we know these plans can always change.


Didn’t play anything because I didn’t have the energy after I got back home. Spent most of the day up in Raleigh.


Sure, that’s what I need, ANOTHER new game to get into, right? My usual co-op partner told me that he thought the game looked interesting after all the updates that had been done to it, so I decided to give it a try not even knowing what the hell it was. For some reason in my mind I thought it was a first person Destiny-esque loot shooter, but instead it’s a 3rd person F2P action/shooter. So far the worst part of the game is all the voices in your character’s communicator, they just WON’T SHUT UP! Yes! I get it! I’m not going toward the mission objective! I’m fucking exploring, leave me alone! After the first couple of levels, the game seems to show promise, but there’s something about the character movement that just feels a bit off to me. It’s almost too fast and will take time for me to get used to.


Professor Layton vs Phoenix Wright
I have a few other 3DS games I want to play, but then I remembered that I was liking this game and it would be dumb to start up a new game and let this get lost in the shuffle. I KNOW! ME! BEING RESPONSIBLE ABOUT THE NUMBER OF GAMES I HAVE GOING AT A TIME! I finished the second act of the first trial sequence in generic old timey fantasy land (which totally has a name but I just can’t remember) and I like the new mechanic that this game has of cross examining multiple witnesses at once. It’s incredibly frustrating how completely stupid and illogical these people and their court systems are, but it’s intentionally that way so good on ya Level 5. While the core gameplay hasn’t really changed much, if at all, the multiple witnesses system gives you more to take in at once and helps to make the correct answer slightly less obvious than in previous Phoenix Wright games. The story seems like it could have promise, but it’s definitely not a huge strength pulling me in at this point.


Did a few more missions with my co-op partner, including one that we failed at because we’re both awful and I like to just stand there and get shot up. I thought this game was going to be more of a loot game, which it definitely appears to not be, as the only loot is stuff you either have to make or buy. It still seems serviceable, it’s just not what I thought it was going to be, and really well produced for a F2P game. However, that being said, I don’t think I’m going to be playing any more of it since I’m going to be leaving for work in a little over a week’s time and don’t see the point in starting up another game right now.

Papers Please
Went back to the day before I got my game over and let through the illegal diplomat that my boss wanted me to, so that I don’t wind up in jail this time. I played through a few more days and this game just keeps throwing extra shit at me to slow me down. It’s fuckin ridiculous. I eventually had to move back down to section 8 housing because my family likes “heat” and “not being sick” and other wussy ass shit like that. I’m so worried, I’m barely staying afloat with my cash now, and it’s almost Christmas. I just KNOW this game is going to want me to buy Christmas gifts for my family and I just don’t think I can afford it! Gonna be a sad day when little Billy gets a piece of string for Christmas.


There was nothing that I really wanted to play today.


Professor Layton vs Phoenix Wright
Back to the Layton portion of this game, but I didn’t really play a whole lot of it. Did a few puzzles and talked to a few people in town, but I just wasn’t feeling good all day and didn’t feel like playing much at all.


1001 Spikes
Woke up early today and decided there’s no better way to start the day off than with a little bit of hatred! (but not a little bit of Hatred, cause seriously, fuck that game) After a RIDICULOUS number of attempts I was finally able to clear 5-3 and 5-4, and at this point what I assumed was going to be a quick little session had basically taken up my entire morning, with breaks for sanity checks of course. After those two brain numbing stages, 5-5 was somehow ridiculously easy, with me only dying once and that death only occurring because I was looking for the hidden skull. That was then proceeded by an actual BOSS FIGHT, which shocked the shit out of me. Even more shocking was how easy he was for the final boss of the game. I died about 20 times, but 20 times in this game is absolutely nothing, and after a final sequence, I’VE BEATEN 1001 SPIKES! …..or have I? GODDAMNIT! Fuckin fake ending actually fooled me, and it turns out there’s an ENTIRELY NEW MAP TO CLEAR. As in what appears to be 6 worlds not levels but worlds. But I did get a trophy for “beating the main game” so I’m going to count it damnit!

WWE Immortals
This is a new Free to Play mobile fighting game that just came out today. It has a good developer behind it in NetherRealm, but I had my doubts because really, who the hell wants to play a fighting game on their phones? After playing about an hour of it, I can say that I had a right to be unsure, because there’s almost NOTHING to this game. It’s a 3 on 3 fighter, but the entire basis of the game consists of just mashing the screen as fast as you can to attack with no sense of strategy or timing or defense or anything. Apparently it’s very similar to the mobile port of Injustice, but I never played that so I can’t speak on that myself. I will say the artwork in the game is really cool, turning all the WWE guys into giant fantasy versions of themselves, except Daniel Bryan who still just remains Daniel Bryan. Unfortunately the roster seems to have about 8 guys on it, so they need to work on that for sure.

1001 Spikes
YES. I went back to this and NO, I don’t know why. Even as I was loading it up I was questioning what the hell I was doing. But yes, I somehow convinced myself to go back and and play some Antarctica levels. I ended up going through the first world before deciding that was enough pain and agony for the day. I’m somewhere around 750 lives at this point.

So here ends the penultimate article of GADD, with me (semi) beating a game. So I have one more in me before I leave for work? I’m going to try, but I’m not sure what to push on other than Papers Please, and I’m not really sure how far away I am from the ending and all that PP stress is back. I feel like PP is building up to something with how the story is going, so I may be near the end of that. Come back next week for the final episode of GADD until the summer!


How many people out there own both a PS4 and an XBox One? For those of you that do, do you feel as if you’ve made a wise choice? Is there really enough out for it to be worthy having both consoles? Most of the time I feel like there’s really not enough to play on the PS4 to justify that purchase, let alone being able to justify the purchase of both machines.


Written by Matthew Przybysz

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