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Week ending 1/22/15

So this is the final GADD until likely some time in June, due to my job putting me back on the road where I won’t have much time at all for video games. It’s been fun writing this again, but it’s not over yet, let’s see what I can bang out this week!


Unfortunately I had to go back out of town this weekend for family, so I wasn’t able to play anything today.


Or today for that matter.


I got back in town on Sunday afternoon, but then I spent most of the day watching football. I was able to get in some

Peggle 2
Pegs. Balls. They get hit. They disappear. It’s a nice calm game to play and semi pay attention to, but it really doesn’t make for an intriguing writeup at ALL, does it?

Trials Fusion
Made a little more progress in the DLC, clearing a few tracks that I had never bothered to go into before but not really committing to anything. I don’t know why I was never able to get into this game as much as I was Evolution. Maybe it’s just too similar and too fast after the last one? The one new mode (FMX trick mode) is complete garbage so that doesn’t count. It also seems like the created tracks just aren’t as inventive as they were with Evo. Don’t get me wrong, this is still a damned fine game, but it’s just no Evolution.


Octodad: Dadliest Catch
I’m getting a hang of the controls now, able to just smoothly walk across the grocery store and the aquarium like it ain’t no thang at all. And..oddly, that makes the game a lot less fun. Maybe I should only play this while I’m drunk, because actually being good at the controls isn’t the right way to do this.


Trials Fusion
Went back into Trials again today and rediscovered the fun to be had in just going back to early beginner ass stages and attempting to shave fractions of seconds off my time for no reason other than to just get a higher ranking on the leaderboards. This is a way more relaxing way to play this game and I don’t know why I don’t do it more.


Didn’t have a chance to play anything today between celebrating a birthday in the family and getting everything ready for going out of town.


1001 Spikes
I decided to go back into Antarctica and see how far I could get before I started losing brain cells, and it turns out the answer is somewhere in world 8. I did however manage to clear the rest of world 7 so that’s a good thing, but some world 8-2 or 8-3(I don’t remember right now) it got to the point where I was once again inventing my own language and becoming completely incapable of processing human thoughts. I’ll say it once again: this game is great but man FUCK this game!

Trials Fusion
Well I was going to attempt to play the online multiplayer that was just added in the update that came out today, but the damn Ubisoft servers are down! Thanks a lot guys!

Papers Please
I just don’t have it anymore. I don’t know what happened, but at some point in the past week I completely lost all ability to play this game. I’m just spending far too long looking at each person’s paperwork, and still finding a way to get it wrong! There’s just way too much stuff to keep track of and my mind isn’t working in that way tonight.

And this ends the final GADD for the foreseeable future. I’d like to apologize for the complete lack of any in-depth writeups this week, but with all sorts of family activities going on this week combined with making preparations for going on the road for work, I just didn’t get any in-depth gaming sessions in this week. But that’s not the only reason either. I’d like to get candid with you readers, perhaps more candid than I should. When I started writing GADD close to two years ago, it was a fun time for me. I was full of energy and full of excitement. Go back and read some of those early GADDs, they just had an energy and humor that GADD today doesn’t have. Ever since I’ve made my latest return, with the exception of DmC week, I’ve dreaded writing every single one of these articles. It’s not because I’ve lost my passion for writing these articles, it’s because I’ve lost my passion for gaming lately. How can you make a fun and exciting gaming writeup when gaming itself in 2014 is so dull and full of mediocrity? I just hope that by the time I return in the summer, there are some actual honest to god GOOD games that have come out for me to get excited about.

…I really know how to leave on a positive note, huh?


Written by Matthew Przybysz

Matt has suddenly become a bit of a Sony fanboy without even realizing it. Also he occasionally streams via his PS4 on twitch at

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