Call of Duty: GHOSTS Multi-Player Reveal

Call of Duty: GHOSTS hits store shelves in just under three months (November 5th), and we’ve just gotten a good look at the new features that the celebrated (and sometimes reviled) multi-player mode brings to the table in this year’s iteration of the franchise. The trailer above does a good job of building hype… but hype is just that: hype! What does this year’s multi-player really bring to the table aside from cool looking kills set to some angry sounding Eminem?

Here’s a run-down of all the new and changed features that you should start getting excited about (or start complaining about) right now!

Female Soldiers – As you’ll notice at the end of the trailer above, there is a female soldier on the battlefield (and she doesn’t even need a helmet). This will be the first time in the history of the franchise that female characters have been playable in multi-player mode. About time, IMO.

New Modes – COD: GHOSTS introduces two new modes to the multi-player section of the game. “Cranked” and “Search and Rescue” are variations on the game’s standard team deathmatch. In “Cranked” you are a modern day Chev Chelios. Each kill you get will boost your speed and stats.. but, fail to get a subsequent kill soon after (within the allotted time) and your heart goes boom-boom! In “Search and Rescue” your teammates can be revived after being wounded in the field of battle. When a teammate is downed, they drop a dog tag. If you can get the dog tag before an enemy does, then they are revived. If the enemy gets it? Your buddy is toast!

New Perk System – The Perk System in GHOSTS is not that dissimilar to the Class System in Black Ops 2. With Perks, this year, you are given a set number of points to work with. Each perk is worth anywhere from 1 to 4 points. You can then fill up your Perk “loadout” with whatever works for you… do the math! You could essentially have 8 perks that are worth one point, or persumably 2 more powerful perks that are worth 4 points each. There is also the option to disable your secondary weapon to increase your maximum points available to equip even more perks! It’s gonna be Perk-a-Palooza!

New Killstreaks – Over 20 new Killstreak rewards are making their way into this year’s game. One apparently involves the infamous GHOSTS DOG.. GHOST DOG?! No, not Forrest Whitaker.. this guy!. You get them via kills (duh) but you can also get them via points. Which sounds a lot like Black Ops 2’s Scorestreaks. So… why not just call them Scorestreaks? BECAUSE WE LIKE TO KILL!

No Deathstreaks – They gone, kthxbye!

New Co-op/Competitive Mode: Squads – You squad is a group of AI controlled soldiers that you take into battle in this new mode. Apparently you can create these dudes from the ground up, so this should add some nice variety to the previously lacking co-op modes. The AI will also apparently “act” how they are supposed to act depending on their loadout. Give a guy a sniper rifle and he’ll act like a sniper. Sounds cool!

Stats Transfer Cross-Generation – Your multi-player stats will transfer cross-generation! This means if you play the game on a PS3 and then upgrade to the PS4 version later on, you don’t lose your progress! Note: there is no cross-platform play!


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