PS4 and XBOX ONE Size Comparison & Photo Gallery

PS4 vs XBOX ONE — FIGHT! The battle is on and it’s going to get dirty! Forgetting about the politics of DRM policies and always-online connection check-ins, let’s take a look at another very important aspect of a next-gen console.. the size and aesthetic design of the console!

Check out these size comparisons that were posted over at NeoGAF:


ps4xbox1-2Surprisingly, the more powerful PS4 seems to be quite a bit smaller/slimmer than the XBOX ONE! Hopefully the hardware wizards at Sony have a good internal cooling plan for the PS4. I’d hate to see the smaller size possibly contribute to higher operating temperatures.

On from that, below we have two galleries for the new consoles. Unfortunately, for whatever reason, Microsoft has next to nothing available for media on their website when it comes to high-res photos of their next-gen entry. Sony, on the other hand.. well, as you can see, they had a ton. Enjoy!




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