Let’s Play DCUO: Sunstone Matrix Raid + Player Base Tour


The Sunstone Matrix raid in DC Universe Online (PS3, PS4 & PC) is one of the shortest raid experiences in the entire game. Hero or Villain, you’re tasked with stopping General Zod and his henchmen from infiltrating Superman’s Fortress of Solitude and using the Sunstones for nefarious means. Check it out!


Below, I’ve also got a quick tour of the two bases that I have set up in Gotham City. The Gotham Mercy Hospital area is a great high-end location where you can have two bases very close to one another. For me, this type of setup is essential, especially since we are limited to four base amenities per location. In this small area, I can do all of my exobit node gathering, mod creation, broker buying and selling and all without having to use any base or headquarter warps. Enjoy!



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