Let’s Play DCUO: The Gates of Tartarus


From the Wiki: The Gates of Tartarus is a temple on the island of Themyscira built to protect the entrance portal to the depths of Tartarus; a Greecian hell dimension the Amazons of Themyscira have been charged to defend to the death. Unfortunately Brainiac has targeted the temple in his quest to assimilate the magical Flame of Change to further his conquest of Earth to access the Multiverse.

Easily one of my “go-to” raids for the monthly reward. When you need to re-equip your base with boosts and whatnot, and don’t feel like converting Marks of Reality, the Gates raid can give out over 3000 marks if you’re eligible for the Monthly Reward. This is pretty much what I’m doing here.. joining a PUG (pick-up group, aka random group) to get those marks! It all goes pretty smoothly, as well, except for the other Controller who throws next to no back-up power. 🙁




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