BB16: Live Eviction #8 and HOH #9

Host Julie Chen gave us a reminder of this season’s twist. Just because a player won HOH didn’t automatically mean he or she was safe. Since Nicole was on the block, she was in danger of being the first person evicted during the same week as winning HOH.

Julie also noted that the Detonators were hanging on by a thread as seemingly everyone was ready to turn on each other at a moment’s notice. As HOH, Christine made a choice to remain on the Detonators side. However, she may be the first casualty  in her alliance if her male allies decide that she’s expendable.

Nicole was sure that she was going home, but still wanted answers from Christine as to why she was on the block. Christine says that she felt threatened by the guys, but Nicole wasn’t completely buying it.

Donny also felt down in the dumps as the other person on the block. It was hard enough for him to fit in with the other houseguests being out of his age bracket. But now, the few friends he had were gone and he felt alone. Even the irritant Zach started to feel sorry for him.

A curious relationship between Christine and Cody had been in the works for awhile, but wasn’t featured on any of the episodes until now. They have been very cuddly and touchy-feely with each other. Keep in mind that Christine is married. The other houseguests picked up on it and started making sly jabs at them.

The current vibes indicated that Nicole would get evicted, but there was a bit of talk about going the other way. Victoria finally picked up on the fact that the guys were dominating the game. She realized she could be the next to go if Nicole was gone. Speaking of Nicole, she made the case that Donny was a threat to Christine and Cody. When Derrick got word of that, he became a little concerned because of his alliance with Cody. He was still reluctant to go after Donny though because of Team America.

As a reward for winning BOB, Frankie and Caleb were treated to a VIP experience at the Dallas Cowboys training camp. Christine also made the trip after retaining her HOH status. All of them were excited to venture back out into the world after spending 52 days cooped up in the Big Brother house. Once they got there, they had access to the Cowboys locker room and had a tailgate outside the facilities.

They also got to meet several big names from the Dallas organization. First, they met up with owner Jerry Jones. Caleb was more excited to meet Jones than any of the players. Frankie, Christine, and Caleb got to wear official Cowboys practice gear and watch the team practice from the sidelines. Afterwards, they met Jason Witten, Tony Romo, and Dez Bryant, getting autographs from all three.

It was back to business at the house however, as the live eviction was set to kick off. There was no suspense again, as all six voters elected to evict Nicole. There was no way the house was going to give Nicole a chance to exact revenge by keeping her in the game. They could always get rid of Donny later.

The houseguests actually cheered Nicole as she departed the house. Even the taped goodbye messages were nice to her. Everyone seemed to genuinely like Nicole and respect her as a competitor. On stage, Nicole told Julie that she wasn’t sure why she was evicted, but that she knew something was going on. She said she got really nervous about Frankie’s Ariana Grande reveal. Nicole was afraid that Ariana’s fans would be mad at her because she had been targeting Frankie. She was happy that she would get to see Hayden in the jury house but was unsure how their relationship would play out.

The next HOH game was called “Dead of Household”. For this one, the houseguests were prepped beforehand. First off, production scared the houseguests by setting up “zombies” in the windows and flickering the lights in the house. Second, the emergency BB system relayed instructions about the zombie outbreak. During the actual competition, questions were asked regarding those instructions. Each answer was either A or B.

Caleb was out on the first question. A couple rounds later, Donny and Victoria bowed out. Zach was the next person eliminated. The final three were Cody, Derrick, and Frankie. A few questions later, all three of them answered one wrongly, but were able to continue. In the next round, Cody was the only one to get the answer wrong. That meant Derrick and Frankie were the brand new HOHs.

The polarizing Rachel Reilly, winner of Season 13, was Julie’s guest towards the end of the show. She chimed in on this season, expressing surprise that the girls were clinging onto guys (she wanted to see “sisters before misters”). Rachel believed that the girls were intimidated after initial attempts at a girls alliance failed miserably. She loved Zankie (the Zach and Frankie bromance for the uninformed). She said Derrick was playing best game and would most likely win. Out of all the jury members, Rachel wanted to see Nicole come back with a vengeance.

Julie had some more big news to give to close the show. The upcoming week would have the last BOB competition. This meant that the double-HOH twist was about to end and we would see the return of the traditional one-HOH format. Also, the infamous Zingbot 3000 (a robot that torments the houseguests) was set make a comeback. But the biggest news was that Jocasta, Hayden, Nicole, and the to-be-determined fourth jury member would soon compete for an opportunity to win back a spot in the Big Brother house.


Written by T. Green

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