BB16: Nominations and Battle of the Block #3

Derrick was stoked about being HOH, but Nicole wasn’t quite so thrilled about it. She was content with staying under the radar, but being HOH might put “blood on her hands” (the phrase du jour).

Devin had a hand in creating the Bomb Squad and was now intent on tearing it down. He told Jocasta, Brittany, and Donny about the alliance, hoping that it would get them on his side. Devin asked Derrick to put him up, but Derrick wasn’t taking the bait. He knew Devin would have two shots to get himself off the block, so he didn’t want to afford him those opportunities.

With the Bomb Squad disintegrating, Christine could now focus her attention on her alliance with Nicole and Hayden. Hayden was actually flirting with Nicole at different points, but it was probably more of a friendly thing. For once, a Big Brother season doesn’t appear to have any “showmances” developing.

Derrick and Nicole hadn’t interacted much before, but as HOHs, they were willing to work together. Derrick’s ultimate goal was to get rid of Devin. His plan was to have Nicole put up Amber. Derrick would then put up Caleb and have Caleb throw the Battle of the Block so that Amber would be saved and Derrick would stay in power.

Nicole had a hard time figuring out what to do, so she went to Donny for advice. She told the HOHs’ tentative plan to him, figured she could trust him. However, Donny suggested putting up Christine, which Nicole obviously did not want. He also squealed about the HOH plans to Brittany and Jocasta. Amber overheard some of the conversation, and went back to Nicole. Now, Nicole had to add Donny into the nomination discussion because of the broken trust between the two.

That broken trust cause Donny to be put up, as Nicole went with him and Amber as her nominees. Derrick picked Jocasta and Caleb as planned. Devin knew the plan was for him to be backdoored, which is why he wanted to be picked. Nicole knew she had to nominate Donny for her own sake, but she still felt bad about it.

Frankie was still trying to keep the information about his famous sister, Ariana Grande, on the down low. Victoria was persistent in inquiring about his family though. Frankie tried to talk about Ariana as much as possible without revealing who she really was.

The first Team America mission was to convince three houseguests that another houseguest is related to a past Big Brother houseguest. The three houseguests would have to spread that rumor. This was quite the tough assignment, and they had just four days to complete the task. Frankie was confident they could pull it off though. He suggested saying that Zach was related to Amanda from Season 15.

The next Battle of the Block competition was called “Abraca-BOB-ra”. One person grabs puzzle pieces and relays them to his or her partner. The other person is attached to a cord that lifts them up to the portion of a wall where they have to place the pieces. The first team to complete the puzzle is safe for the week. The big question was whether Caleb would throw the competition or not. Caleb did end up throwing it, but also making sure to perform well enough to not make it look obvious.

With Amber and Donny winning, the HOH plan was successful. Derrick’s focus was now on making sure everyone didn’t find out about Caleb throwing the mission. Caleb was taking a risk by keeping himself on the block, but it was all for the goal of eliminating Devin.


Written by T. Green

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