BB16: Nominations and Battle of the Block #5

Everyone was happy to see Frankie win HOH because he was able to receive a picture of his recently deceased grandfather. But no one knew what to expect with the other HOH, Zach. He planned on going after Amber because he caught wind of her plotting to get the boys out of the game, with Zach at the top of her list.

The Detonators went to Caleb to see how he would feel about Amber being nominated. Caleb felt conflicted about it. He talked to Amber to let her know that Zach was onto her. On a more humorous note, Caleb finally got his date with Amber. Amber made an offhand comment that she would go on a date with Zach if he ate a pickle (which he hates). She didn’t think he would really do it, but he did. They then proceeded to have quite the awkward rendezvous in the backyard by the candlelight.

The HOHs wanted to nominate Christine and have her throw the BOB so they could backdoor Amber, but she refused to go along with it. Zach took it more personally than Frankie. He felt that Christine wasn’t doing anything to pull her weight in the Detonators alliance. Zach brought up Christine’s name while talking to Nicole, which set off alarm bells. Nicole was worried that Christine was playing her by aligning with other people. Christine was worried that Zach would blow her cover as a Detonator.

Even though Cody and Derrick were still going to support the Detonators, they understood only two houseguests could make it to the very end. They rationalized that Zach, Frankie, and Christine had certain attributes that made them not 100% trustworthy. Derrick and Cody decided to band together and call themselves The Hitmen.

Team America’s latest challenge was to cause two houseguests to get into a heated argument at the nomination ceremony or the veto meeting. The argument had to last for at least 20 seconds. They figured it’d be easy to get the hothead Zach involved. It was just a matter of finding a second person. Without any prompting, Zach was set on making a speech during the nomination ceremony and making fun of Christine.

Donny, Jocasta, and Victoria realized that they were the easy targets and were almost always going to be in danger of being put on the block. Sure enough, Frankie went ahead and put Jocasta and Victoria on the block. After that, Zach nominated Christine and Nicole.

Zach then proceeded to insult Christine, calling her a floater and comparing her to the infamous Jenn City from BB14. He also went after Nicole, sarcastically praising her super-fandom and running her down for not seeing her own nomination coming. Zach even called her a “fruit loop dingus”! Nicole was halfway between crying and laughing as she didn’t know what to think. Unfortunately for Team America, neither Christine nor Nicole argued back at Zach, so the team had to wait until the veto meeting to give the mission another go.

For the Battle of the Block, each duo had to assemble a giant wedding cake and stand on top of it together for three seconds to win. Some of the pieces were made of softer material while other pieces were firmer. Victoria had a hard time listening to Jocasta and communicating with her, so they had a rough go of it. Nicole and Christine worked much better together and were able to win BOB without much of a hitch.

Zach’s reign of terror as HOH was finally over, but the overall plan to backdoor Amber was still in place. However, due to Zach’s antics, he was on the bad side of the house. As the sole HOH, Frankie pondered the possibility of going after Zach if the house wanted his head on a platter.


Written by T. Green

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