Living In Reality: 2/20/14


Thomas’ Dilemma

Ex-Plosion is back, and Thomas is freaking out to the max. He and Jamie previously had the boyfriend/girlfriend tag, but all of a sudden, Thomas didn’t want that official label on their relationship. Needless to say, Thomas broke things off with Jamie after she refused to let him take away the boyfriend/girlfriend tag.

Jamie tried to go out on the town as a single girl looking hot and ready to mingle. But, she just couldn’t get Thomas out of her mind. She still wants to be with him, and doesn’t trust Hailey being around.

There was a weird bit when Jamie was on the phone with a friend from home. Thomas snatched the phone away and tried to plead his case to the friend. Jamie grabbed the phone back, but Thomas was the one who got indignant, even though he started the whole thing.

After having a serious talk with his dad on the phone, Thomas reinstated the relationship and decided to give it his best shot. Even though Jamie was pissed off at him earlier, she also was willing to give the relationship a go again. Thomas made it clear though that the “lovey-dovey” stuff was gonna have to be toned so as not to be disrespectful to Hailey.

Speaking of that, Hailey let Thomas know that she does get jealous when she sees him with Jamie. Thomas got uncomfortable with that, and that’s when we learned an interesting piece of backstory to Thomas/Hailey. When Thomas was a virgin, he wanted his first time to be with another virgin. Turns out, the big lie that Thomas kept talking about was Hailey lying about her virginity status (i.e. she wasn’t when he was led to believe she was).

Thomas is just having a difficult time handling his relationships. He wants to be the good guy, but he also wants to have his cake and eat it. There’s a saying about trying to please everyone but end up pleasing no one. He’s walking the proverbial tightrope now, and could fall completely off if he makes another misstep.

Opposites (Don’t) Attract
Brian is willing revisit a relationship with Jenny, but he gets turned off by her drunken antics. Jenny takes offense to Brian’s comments and suggests that he find a nice, quiet girl, cause she’s not going to change who she is. They continue to fight at the house, which leads to the knife-wielding Jenny referenced in the previous article. She never ends up getting close to him with the knife, but it certainly doesn’t assuage Brian’s fears of Jenny being too crazy.

A few of the girls had a conversation about keeping their men in line (with Jenny leading the charge during that convo). Certainly, the men of the house try to have their input too. But this particular exchange sure fed into the stereotype that women are constantly trying to mold and change their partners into their ideal men.
The Big Cliffhanger

Cory and Lauren were just fine hanging out for awhile. But with their past and their chemistry with each other, they couldn’t resist the urge to do the deed again. Even with that, they were still on uncertain terms with each other. A development towards the end of the episode is really set to further complicate things however…

Lauren started to feel nauseous at one point, and she decided to hit up the pharmacy to buy a pregnancy test. The test came up positive…Lauren was upset about her situation and told Cory that she wanted to go home. When Cory pressed her as to why, she eventually told him about her positive test. Cory had that “you’ve got to be kidding me” look on his face, and the episode ended right there.

Keep in mind that this is reality TV. I’m not doubting that Lauren may be pregnant. But there’s some reasons to believe that the situation might not exactly be what the previews want you to think it is. But, we’ll get more clarity on everything next week.


Written by T. Green

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