Living In Reality: 3/13/14

Dr Jekyll and Ms. Hyde?

Some of the original roommates were still not thrilled about the exes. Thomas, in particular, was irritated about Hailey being around. He wanted her gone, plain and simple. He tried to warn everyone that under that sweet, innocent exterior, bore a monster. Thomas felt like his relationship with Jamie was gonna remain awkward with Hailey around.

Hailey was becoming more and more frustrated about Thomas’ negative attitude towards her. She confided with one of the other girls about how her birth father wasn’t around (she had only met him once) and lived with her godparents. This perhaps gave us some insight into her male relationships. She also mentioned how her and Thomas had slept together right before Thomas came to San Francisco. This was not the greatest move, as Hailey rediscovered those feelings for Thomas.

One night, she got completely smashed while out. At the club, she was groping all over Thomas, which did not make Jamie a happy camper. At the house, Cory tried to play peacemaker as Thomas and Jamie were arguing about Hailey’s actions. Thomas was adamant that things were fine as long as he wasn’t receptive to her advances. Jamie hated the flirting out of general principle.

Meanwhile, Hailey was (almost literally) bouncing off the walls and falling over drunk. She started nonsensically rambling about Thomas, throwing in a couple shots at Jamie for good measure. Cory tried to get her to calm down, but she wasn’t having it. Thomas also tried to settle Hailey down, but that wasn’t happening. Eventually, Thomas went back to berating her, trying to goad her into a reaction. He even said “hit me again like you’ve done before”. Hailey didn’t take the bait at first, but after enough prodding, she backhanded Thomas right in the face. Jamie didn’t step in immediately. She wanted to sleep it off and deal with it later, plus, in a way she felt like Thomas was getting what he deserved.

Thomas finally snapped to the point of screaming at Hailey that he did want her to go home. After things had supposedly cooled down, Hailey continued to rant and rave, making veiled threats at Thomas and continuing to insult Jamie. She also hit Thomas a couple more times later on. Jamie finally had enough and was about ready to step to Hailey, but the roommates and security broke that up. Finally, Hailey calmed down a bit and called her mother. She contemplated leaving, but decided that she wanted to stay and make Thomas’ life a living hell.

On the Aftershow, Hailey, seeing the clips for the first time, said she didn’t remember anything (no kidding). She explained that she kept her feelings bottled up and didn’t handle the situation well. Thomas revealed that Hailey had hit him once in the past after he insulted her. Jamie was upset at Thomas because she saw scenes of him and Hailey comfortably conversing with each other. Jamie was led to believe that Thomas was completely over Hailey.

The Film Doesn’t Lie

Apparently production sends video clips to the cast from time to time. Jay was freaking out because one of them showed him and another girl at a club. He deleted the video, but that didn’t eliminate his problem. Jamie found out about it and decided to tell Jenna, Jenna. Jenna emailed production for the footage, and found out that Jay had kissed that girl.

When Jenna confronted Jay, he knew the gig was up. He copped to kissing the girl. He also admitted to having another girl on the side back home when they had first. started dating. Jenna felt betrayed and insulted that she had been lied to. She demanded that Jay show her the emails between him and the other girl. Needless to say, she did not feel any better after viewing them.

When Jenna spoke on the aftershow about her and Jay, she felt like she had wasted two years with this “relationship”. Jay explained that he took a different approach with this relationship because he wanted to protect himself from getting hurt again. Jenna felt foolish for getting with him; she heard he was a player, but thought she could change him. Jamie said she wasn’t out to get Jay when she told on him; she just wanted to have Jenna’s back and help her stand up for herself. Jay actually wasn’t mad at Jamie, just mad about the way things played out.

On a Lighter Note…

Jenny was frustrated because Cory and Brian had developed a bromance of sorts. They would go weightlifting, discuss potential careers together…Jenny didn’t want them to hate each other, but didn’t want them to have take each other’s sides either.

The bromance started to wane a bit though as the “OG’s” vs. exes divide started to come to the forefront again. While touring the city, Brian wanted to include himself in the photos with the original cast members. The originals didn’t exactly like Brian trying to ingratiate himself though.

When Thomas had the fight with Hailey, he actually lumped in all the exes as people he wanted to see go home. Brian took offense to that statement and called Thomas on it. At that point, Cory stepped to Brian and told him to chill out. Brian stated his case in a calm demeanor that only agitated Cory and Thomas. Jenny was secretly loving it because the Cory/Brian friendship was fading away.

On yet another note, we started seeing new Challenge commercials. With an April 10 start date, it’s coming up quickly. But we’ll get more into that when the time comes.


Written by T. Green

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