Living In Reality 3/20/14

Another One Bites The Dust

This week on The Real World, Thomas’ identical brother Stephen came into town to hang out. Even though Thomas was not on good terms with Hailey, Stephen was always cool with her, so at least she had a friend to support her for a couple days. The funny thing about the twins is that they tended to hate the other twin’s girlfriends. Stephen took a liking to Jamie however and said she was good for Thomas.

Thomas met with Hailey to reiterate that he wanted her to go home. He said they could still communicate but not be friends. Hailey wasn’t completely sure what to do. She didn’t want to miss out on the rest of this experience, but also wanted to keep her sanity.

Thomas finally felt bad for her a little, and they talked again. This time, he reassured Hailey that she should make the best choice for herself. Hailey was happy to hear that, but she still decided to go home. She felt that couldn’t handle the situation anymore and wanted to save the friendship between her and Thomas.

Baby Come Back

Jenna is ready to put on her most *ahem* revealing dress and hit up the clubs as a single woman. The girls have her back and are encouraging her to branch out. She still has some hesitations about completely moving on from Jay however. Part of it is because she’s already invested two years into this relationship. It’s sort of like poker. You know you have a losing hand, but you’ve already committed so much money to the pot that you feel like you have to put the rest in to see how the hand plays out. There’s always the off chance you could still win.

Jay, the self-proclaimed “flirt-a-holic” still continues to hit up waitresses, bartenders, anyone he can mack on. He admits that it’s a pride and ego thing. It’s almost like the older married person who tries to pull numbers just to prove he or she’s “still got it”. Really though, it’s probably just Jay being a player, and doing what players do. Even his fellow male roommates had some “what the hell are you doing?” reactions.

Jamie once again got involved when she fielded a call from some girl asking for Jay. She made sure to let Jenna hear about that. This time, Jay was more forceful in telling Jamie to butt out. Jenna starting crying, and Jay had to do his little apology bit again.

Jay sensed that this relationship was drifting away from him, so he tried to go outside his comfort zone to try and win Jenna back. He took her out on a dinner date and explained that he was trying to change his ways. He even gave her the official girlfriend tag! Jenna was skeptical, but decided to take him back anyways. She let Jay know that he still needed to prove himself to her though.

The Return of Smashley

Jenny called Original Ashley to come in and hang out. Jenny filled in Ashley on the goings on in the house since she left. They partied hard in the city and had some crazy confessionals back at the house. When everyone else came home, Ashley was greeted to a somewhat lukewarm response. Brian in particular was annoyed by them hanging out because he believed Ashley was a bad influence on Jenny.

Of course, they ended up getting into another one of their arguments. Brian was less calm than usual, as Jenny tried to egg him on. She dumped water on him and challenged his manhood. Jenny (not so) secretly was hoping that Brian would do something stupid and get himself kicked out of the house.

Later on Brian explained to Jenny that he didn’t appreciate her erratic behavior towards him. He mentioned that mother would do similar things when he was younger. She would be drunk and happy one day, which meant she was nicer to Brian. The next day, she would be bitchy towards him. Brian and Jenny did agree to keep their distance from each other. It is interesting that we get these family tidbits every so often when a castmate runs into a conflict.

There’s only two episodes left this season. We’ve already seen our share of explosive moments, so it remains to be seen if those events can be topped. It looks like the anticipated Cory/Brian confrontation is finally going to get physical next week.


Written by T. Green

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