Living In Reality: 3/27/14

Brian vs. The World

Brian has had a rough go of it from the start as the lone male ex in the house. Things were reasonable at first, but lately, he’s felt isolated from the rest of the boys club. The guys are running around, doing their hijinks. Meanwhile, Brian is stuck with no one to relate to. He still had plenty of unresolved issues with Jenny to deal with.

Jenny was speaking with her mom on the phone about her struggling financial situation. To help get some income, she tried out for a local go-go dancing outfit. Jenny made the cut, but Brian was not thrilled in the least about her new job.

Brian has a personal gripe with jobs of that ilk because his mother was a stripper. He played the “degrading yourself” card while confronting Jenny about it. For once, Jenny tried to be the bigger person throughout all this and ignore him. But Brian simply could not let the issue go. He believes that Jenny is ignoring his feelings and desires. Even though they aren’t actually together, Brian still feels attached to Jenny.

Brian continued to lecture Jenny at every turn about the go-go dancing. At the house, he increasingly raised his voice in the kitchen in front of everyone. Jenny was actually being calm, so it’s not like he was being provoked. At one point, Jay and Thomas stepped in and told Brian to cut it out. The last thing they wanted to see was yet another physical confrontation. Everyone was souring on Brian’s antics, especially Cory.

The Cory/Brian beef was at a low simmer at best for awhile, but soon it turned into a full boil. Brian did not like the attention Jenny was giving to Cory, paying him compliments, getting a bit touchy-feely. Brian thought that Cory was trying to move back in on Jenny.

Cory had his gripes with Brian as well. When they were at a club, a girl hit on Cory that he deemed to be a camera-whore. A few minutes later, Brian was hitting up the same girl. Cory was not impressed by Brian’s game, his back-and-forth stuff with Jenny, his propensity to yap, etc. The guys gathered in a bus after leaving the club, and that’s when Brian and Cory really started sniping at each other. Cory was tired of holding his tongue and was ready to throwdown. Eventually, he did make that first move and started to throw haymakers Brian’s way (of course, the show cuts to the credits before we really get to see the aftermath).

An Imperfect Relationship

The perception in the house was that Arielle and Ashley had the perfect relationship. While they were lovey-dovey in public, in private, they still had some problems to work out. Arielle said the reason she broke-up with Ashley in the first place was because she didn’t feel good about herself. She also didn’t believe she could make this relationship work while pursuing the career she wanted.

Arielle has aspirations of being a horror film producer. She’s made a couple of home flicks already (with Ashley playing a starring role in the first one). The roommates were very impressed by her movies and thought she could take this career a long way.

Arielle was able to find an opportunity to shoot a real film production in the city. It went well, and Ashley was thrilled for her. Arielle now has more confidence that she can have both passions in her life work together. It’s nice to see a relationship work itself out in a reasonable manner and not have to devolve into a trainwreck like other situations we’ve seen in the house.

Amusing Diversions

The roommates attended the Folsom Street Fair, an event that caters to almost every type of fetish you can imagine. Everyone dressed up in outfits of some sort, including the infamous bearsuits donned by the guys. The fair was quite the culture shock for most everyone, with all types of whips, chains, and body parts exposed. Not exactly everyone’s cup of tea. But, the cast enjoyed their experience well enough anyways.

Jenny wanted to class things up and get away from the usual drunken bar-hopping scene, so she set up a trip to Napa Valley for some wine-tasting and spa treatments. You sure don’t have to tell the roommates twice to go to a place that offers up alcohol! Everyone enjoyed their massages and foot rubs. The food was great there and the atmosphere was laid back. Unfortunately, Thomas got a tad too comfortable, as he morphed into a drunken, cursing fool. Everyone else was embarrassed, but luckily, it didn’t completely torpedo the experience.

Next Week: The Ex-plosion finale plus the S#!% show. The fallout from the Brian/Cory fight, plus the usual tearful goodbyes and plane rides home.


Written by T. Green

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