Living In Reality: 3/6/14

When people think of Armageddon, they usually refer to the biblical prophecy or the Bruce Willis movie. With me, especially considering the wrestling focus on this site, I think about the Armageddon pay-per-views that WWE ran for a decade. Appropriate, because there were some all-out wars taking place during this episode. Poor Arielle just wanted to eat her pizza in peace, but couldn’t because not one, but two separate fights were occurring in the house at the same time! This led her to declare that Armageddon had broken out.

Curtain Jerker

Hailey is ready to meet other guys in town. The problem is that Thomas is still watching her like a hawk despite being involved with Jamie. Thomas believes that it’s disrespectful for Hailey to talk to other guys in front of him. He’s still bitter over Hailey cheating on him in the past (with two other guys!), and is going to keep holding that over her head until the cows come home. Speaking of home, that is exactly where Thomas wished Hailey would go after he saw her flirting with a German guy at the club. He called her a bitch and yelled at her to go home. Hailey was upset and crying back at the house as she felt unfairly treated by Thomas.

The Undercard

With all the drama going on, Jay was thankful that he and Jenna were the only couple in the house that didn’t fight. They didn’t do the “I love you” stuff or even label themselves as boyfriend/girlfriend, but Jay was content with that. But secretly, Jenna wished he would express his feelings for her and make a bigger commitment to their relationship. Jenna kept quiet though, largely because her previous relationships ended badly after she spoke her mind.

Jamie, never one to resist sticking her nose in other people’s business, confronted Jay about it since Jenna wasn’t willing to speak up. Jay couldn’t believe that he got blindsided like this. First, by Jamie calling him out. Second, the fact that Jenna had different feelings about their relationship but never told him. He thought things were great before. He mentioned having commitment issues in the past, which was partly he was happy with his current arrangement (of course, he declined to mention feeling free to flirt with other girls, which he did earlier this episode). Jay was in a foul mood afterwards. He had likened his roommates to family and felt liked he was betrayed by them.

The Main Event

Brian knows he needs to tell Jenny about kissing a girl at the club the other night, but he’s stalling while trying to figure out how to approach her. Ultimately, he made a shrewd move by telling her at a restaurant. Jenny can fly off the handle at times, but even she wasn’t going to flip out in a public place. The problem for Brian was; eventually, they had to go home where Jenny would surely give him the business.

Throughout their Real World experience, Jenny and Brian have gone tit for tat with each other. Now, it was Jenny’s turn to be the agitator. She flirted with a German guy (the same one from earlier!) at the club and unapologetically made out with him. Cory had Brian’s back and tried to run interference on Jenny’s brief fling, but it didn’t matter. Jenny and Brian continued to verbally berate each other for the next couple days until things finally exploded.

Brian called Jenny a dumb bitch during one of their many arguments, leading her to fully rage out. She slapped him a couple times and added a roundhouse kick for good measure. Eventually, security stepped in and separated the two. Things were so heated that a producer asked Jenny if she wanted to stay overnight at a hotel. She declined, and finally made her way to bed. The next day, Jenny unceremoniously booted Brian out of her room by tossing his clothes out. Brian moved into Jay’s room, summing up the episode perfectly by saying “one problem solved a million more to go”.

Dark Match

Next week’s episode promises even more blow-ups, with the main attraction being sweet, innocent Hailey turning EVIL~! and going straight for Thomas’ neck.


Written by T. Green

is still waiting for that one special night when the Lions finally win the Super Bowl.

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