Living In Reality: 4/3/14

Ex-Plosion Finale

Before wrapping this season up, we have to see the last major fight play out as Cory and Brian get ready to throw down in the van. Cory makes the first move, lunging for Brian and taking swings at him. As Brian falls back, he manages to kick Cory in the face. Jay and Thomas have to physically restrain the two to keep things from escalating further. The producers also step in and make them ride in separate vans the rest of the way back to the house. In fact, the production staff kept Brian out of the house until Cory let off more steam and passed out.

Brian was eventually let back in. From there, he turned his anger towards Jenny. He threw scathing insults her way, mostly because of her relationship with Cory. Jenny tried to ignore him as best as she could, but he just would not shut up. Finally, she got pissed and dumped water in his bed so he would have to sleep elsewhere. The next morning, Brian and Cory exchanged more “pleasantries”, but they somehow managed to shake hands and agree to be civil for the last couple days. Of course, saying it and doing it are two different things…

As mentioned previously, Brian is still attached to Jenny. They had a conversation later on about their future. Brian still wants to make things work, while Jenny flat-out said it was over. Brian couldn’t take a hint, blaming Jenny for not responding to his needs. Brian was really in his feelings (as the kids say), and it got worse when everyone went out for the last time. He just could not stop irritating Jenny throughout the night.

When the cast came back to the house, Brian continued to make these nonsensical rants against Jenny. He went on to make a destructive mess of house, kicking things and tearing down Jenny’s bed. Cory likened him to “a gorilla in a cage”. When Brian got too out of control, Cory tackled him to the ground. Security had seen enough and finally stepped in. Arielle tried to calm down Brian, but she got knocked down for her troubles (she was still able to handle him after that though). Brian was also a bit too “handsy” with Jenny before that. Production ended up putting him in a hotel for the night. Jenny was distraught because the Brian she used to know was completely gone in her eyes.

Cory and Jenny talked about the situation later on. They both felt like they would’ve been closer had Brian never been in the house. Maybe not as lovers, but at least as friends. The truth was that Cory had stronger feelings for Jenny than he let on. They will both be in Los Angeles after leaving San Francisco, so there certainly is an opportunity for them to connect on a deeper level if it’s meant to be.

In less explosive drama news, Thomas and Jamie were facing the difficulties of a long distance relationship. Thomas was headed back to Dallas, while Jamie would be in Houston. Thomas wasn’t feeling confident in their long-term prospects. Jamie’s concern was that she didn’t see enough commitment from Thomas. Ultimately, Thomas decided to get over his hangups about his previous relationships and keep going forward with Jamie.

The O.G’s of the house went out one last time for breakfast, and reflected on their time in the house. Of course, we got the prerequisite “these roommates are like family to me” speeches. They also talked about the big exes wrinkle. Even though they mostly hated the exes invasion, they gave the producers credit for making that bold move. Arielle likened it to a prank, which was funny considering this episode aired the day after April Fool’s.

Finally, the day came for everyone to depart the Real World house. Brian left first, probably as punishment for his antics. He said he was over Jenny, but who knows of that’s really true. Everyone else had their sad goodbyes. They even bid adieu to the camera crew, who were shown on TV more than any other season of this show. Cory and Jenny were the last to leave. They did not have one last confessional hookup, but they did share their thoughts about having a great experience in San Francisco. And with that, another season of The Real World comes to a close.

The S#!@ They Should’ve Shown

A lot of things that go on these S#!@ shows are old hats. With that said, let’s look at a few of the more amusing moments that weren’t on the show proper.

5 (tie). Jay and Arielle participated in an “Air Sex” competition. Needless to say, Jay had a hard time keeping up. They won first prize though, and Arielle received a huge vibrator for her troubles.

5 (tie). When Jamie’s friend Hannah visited, they pulled a prank on Thomas by giving him a HUGE atomic wedgie. Of course, Thomas was passed out drunk, so he didn’t realize what had happened until he woke up the next morning with a pain in his ass.

4.  Battle of the Bulge: When the cast went to the Folsom Street Fair, Brian was left without a costume. So he went in nothing but his skivvies. On the bus ride there, he had to stand up in the aisle. His junk was hanging out in front of everyone, creating an uncomfortable situation for the unsuspecting general public. Finally, a passenger gave up his seat so Brian could sit and not have his manhood out in front.

3. Production Crew Hinjinks: As mentioned before, we saw a lot more of the camera crew than normal for a Real World season. Even though they couldn’t really speak to the cast, the camera crew were brought to laughs frequently because of the silliness of the roommates. One of the notable bloopers occurred when a crew member accidentally knocked over some glass bottles. Another funny scene happened when plunger-wielding Arielle had an impromtu sword fight with a crew guy (he was armed with a boom mic).

2. Jenny Da Rap God: Since the cast weren’t allowed to have any electronics, they made their own music using assorted appliances. Jenny took it a step further by creating a Wu-Tang-esque rap alter ego for herself. O.G. Ashley also had one, but she was more of a hypeman (woman?). The highlight was Jenny creating an elaborate Happy Birthday song for Brian that the whole house had to memorize.

1. Puck 2.0?: Speaking of pranks, Arielle pulled a fast one on the house. When Ashley left, everyone was waiting for the next roommate. So, this guy Kyle shows up. He’s not what you expect from a Real World cast member, especially not these days. He was hefty and unattractive, yet he walked around the house shirtless with his hairy chest exposed. He did some Puck-esque things like picking his nose and sticking his fingers in the peanut butter jar. He also tossed Ashley belongings all over the house. Turns out he was a friend of Arielle’s from back home. She let them know the gig was up sooner than she wanted because Cory was on the verge of beating the new kid up.

Up Next: The Reunion show (redundant with all the aftershows but oh well) next week plus The Challenge: Free Agents the following night.


Written by T. Green

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