Living In Reality: 8/1/13

The Challenge: Rivals II

The castmates head out to a nightclub where some new flings start to take shape. Jordan quickly moves on from the recently departed Sarah to Jonna while Nany becomes the latest girl to fall for CT.

Some drama ensues back at the house when Jemmye informs Nany that Diem did a rap about her, basically calling her a slut. Diem claims innocence, but Jemmye isn’t having any of that since she witnessed it. Since no further evidence of the rap is present, LeRoy and Johnny decide to pull a prank on Nany and write another one blasting her. Nany, who has flown off the handle before on previous shows, declines to take the bait this time.

A couple more people show interest in each other as LeRoy and Jemmye exchange friendlies. Despite the presence of her ex-boyfriend Knight, Jemmye doesn’t seem to be too concerned with him. In other news, Diem is self-conscious about her short hair, which came about as a result of her returning cancer. CT, who’s been with Diem through many of the ups and downs, encourages her to leave the wigs behind. When the cast goes back to the nightclub later on, Diem feels more comfortable and finally ditches the wig.

This episode’s challenge is “Stumped”, where the teams have to navigate through an elaborate bamboo maze while tied at the wrists to a 20-foot bamboo pole (20-minute limit) Emily and Paula get to pick the order of the teams and decide to have their main competition in Nany/Jonna and Cooke/Cara Maria go first for the girls.

The entire challenge is a painstaking process, but most of the teams eventually make it through. Jasmine and Theresa are the only girls team to DQ, which means they have to go into the Jungle. Jordan and Marlon win for the guys, sending a strong message that these rookies are gonna be no pushovers. Emily and Paula take home the girls’ crown yet again, frustrating their rivals even further.

The vibe back at the house is that Cooke and Cara Maria will get voted in. Cooke doesn’t accept that and tries to go around the house to persuade people to vote in Aneesa and Diem’s direction. Her efforts were in vain however, as they did get voted in almost unanimously.

Some more discussion about the potential LeRoy/Jemmye thing takes place. LeRoy even gives the camera a fourth wall-breaking look as he states his intention to bed Jemmye. Knight shrugs off the talk but decides to mess with Jemmye anyways, squirting ketchup (which apparently she HATES) onto her. She freaks out hard, even throwing a coffee mug at Knight. The drama has LeRoy reconsidering getting with Jemmye. Not even a day later, and he has his eyes now set on Theresa.

The scariest elimination round (in T.J.’s words) is set to take shape with “Who Can Take It?”. One player goes against an opponent to see who can hold onto a gurney jolted by 400,000 megawatts the longest. Once again, best two out of three wins. When Cara Maria asks “Is this safe?”, T.J. bluntly answers “I hope”.

Just as someone is about to get fried however, T.J. pulls out another SWERVE~! and says that all the girls are staying home with no Jungle to take place tonight. I’m presuming that because Sarah and Trishelle went home prematurely, there was no need for a girls’ Jungle. Whatever the reason, the other girls are pissed that everyone is now returning to the house.


Written by T. Green

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