Living In Reality: 8/29/13

Rivals II:

Jonna talks to her friend Frank about not being able to trust anyone, including him possibly. Frank starts griping about the new kids (um, isn’t this your second Challenge?) and how they have no loyalty. He mentions Nany, Jemmye and Knight by name, saying quite the malicious things about Jemmye in particular.

Jemmye overheard the conversation and complained to Knight about letting Frank slide.  Knight called her a moron, leading Camila to flip out at him. Johnny riles up the hornet’s nest by telling Knight not to listen to her. Camila, who tends to take Johnny’s words too personally, started to scream bloody murder at him and the rest of the guys. It escalated to the point where she had to be restrained.

Back to the actual competition; the next challenge is called “Swingers”. Each team swings from a 40-foot high trapeze and tries to grab onto another trapeze. From there, they drop to the water and swim to a buoy and back. Getting to the second trapeze bar is key to making the overall trip shorter and getting a faster time. Almost every team had some hiccups however.

-Cara Maria had a hard time breathing as she struggled to swim. Cooke helped her out to the finish line, but they finished with a slow time.

-Marlon apparently got caught in a current and didn’t bother with the rest of the race. Jordan was not amused with his partner quitting.

-Jonna had trouble with current as well.

-Preston’s took a hard fall reminiscent of the one he had on Battle of the Seasons. This time, he wasn’t able to finish the mission though.

-Paula actually finished ahead of Emily in their heat. Goes to show that Emily isn’t carrying her team 100%.

-Frank finished way ahead of his partner Johnny.

-Camila also took a hard fall, but used her strong swimming skills from being a lifeguard (which Jemmye’s also been) and finished quickly.

-CT and Wes finish strong and win overall for the guys.

-Neither Diem nor Aneesa made the second bar (no team had both members make the second bar, for the record), but still posted a fast time.

It was close, but Jemmye/Camila managed to beat out Diem/Aneesa, becoming safe from elimination. Cara Maria/Cooke are headed to the Jungle after their last-place finish. Cooke was still mad at her partner when they got back to the house. Cara Maria accepted the blame, but also opined that they would’ve been voted in anyway even if they didn’t finish last.

The way Swingers played out left Frank in an awkward voting situation. For once, he was upfront with someone, as he let Jonna know about the dilemma he had. Frank addressed the other female teams with his conflicting feelings as well. Johnny and Frank end up voting for Jonna and Nany as a self-preservation measure, which was enough to send them into the Jungle. Jonna was pissed but restrained afterwards, a nice change of pace from most of the other housemates and their hair-trigger tempers.

This Jungle is “Snapper”, another game we’ve seen before. The main gist of it is that players try to break sticks over their opponents while blindfolded. In the first round, Nany hung back and took a more defensive approach, but it backfired as Cooke won the round by going straight at Nany. In the second round, Jonna was a bit more aggressive, but Cara Maria broke her stick first, giving her and Cooke the win.

Nany and Jonna were upset about losing and being screwed over, but at least they left on friendly terms with each other. The remaining girls have a healthy fear of Cooke/Cara Maria and were not happy to see them return to the game.

Back at the house, Frank lamented to Diem about how his bad reputation still precedes him. Most of the time, Frank really is a Grade-A jackass. To be fair to him this time, voting for his friend Jonna was a valid move in my view (I’ll probably never be on Frank’s side again). With fewer teams left in the game, there’s inevitably going to be hard choices to make. Frank is too far in this game to make a misstep now, and like he said, he couldn’t hold Jonna’s hand forever.

More MTV Reality:

If the Miley Cyrus train-wreck wasn’t enough to dissuade you from watching MTV ever again, well, there’s some new reality shows coming down the pike!

One is Big Tips Texas, a show which chronicles employees at a Fort Worth-based “breastaurant”. Yes, a breastaurant. Safe to say, this show is going to implement a lot of the main reality TV staples, namely drinking, drama and dames. If you love Hooters, you’ll probably like this show too.

Another one is Nurse Nation, where young travel nurses are sent to a hospital in new city for 13 weeks. The show’s description takes the phrase “work hard, play hard(er)” to heart. Somehow, I suspect that many other nurses may not fall in love with those on the show chosen to represent their profession.

Finally, these aren’t new shows, but I’m noticing commercials for new seasons of Snooki  & JWOWW and Teen Mom 3. First off, how in the hell did Snooki and J-Woww (screw the all-caps) make it to a third season? Wasn’t this Jersey Shore thing supposed to be completely dead and buried ages ago?

Ok, so we’ll see more clips of Snooki raising her son and working off the pregnancy weight. What else comes after that? Are J-Woww and Roger married yet? Are they still even together? The old Snooki hijinks are played out…J-Woww brings zero WOWS to the table… I just can’t imagine this season going well.

Also, with Teen Mom, I feel like we’re long past the point of this program having an educational purpose and have to consider whether it has more of a negative effect on society. But hey, if these shows bring in the big ratings, what can I say?


Written by T. Green

is still waiting for that one special night when the Lions finally win the Super Bowl.

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