Living In Reality: 9/12/13

Rivals II:

The guys are relaxed because they’ve already qualified for the final challenge. It’s pressure time for the girls now, as the final regular mission and the final Jungle awaits them. We see more CT/Diem flirting, leaving Aneesa concerned about her partner’s emotional well-being. Johnny once again warns Diem about getting back with CT.

Cooke and Cara Maria feel they have to win the next challenge in order to avoid the Jungle. All the other girls teams have a pow-wow session about sticking together, but there is still uncertainty amongst the group. Paula is especially upset because she senses that friendships will be broken.

The final regular game is Color Correction. Teams run across a mile-long beach course while chained together. At one stop, colored lights are flashed in a particular order. Teams must memorize the color order and run to the final stop, where they put colored plates on a pole in the correct order. The top two teams in the first round compete in the second round for the automatic qualifying spot in the Final. The last place team goes straight into the Jungle.

Paula/Emily get out to a big lead in the first round, while Jemmye struggles and holds her team back. Things are evened up at the color station, but Diem/Aneesa run into major communication issues again and end up finishing last. It’s Jungle time for those two. The second round comes down to Cooke/Cara Maria and Emily/Paula. Cara Maria has been the weak link on her team throughout the show, but she steps up here and figures out the color situation, giving her and Cooke the win and a spot in the big final.

The girls alliance is ticked off about Cooke/Cara Maria winning. Diem is extremely angry about Cooke making it, as she believes her to be arrogant. The politicking starts pretty much the second the game is over, with Johnny asking Diem if she wants Jemmye/Camila in the Jungle. Camila doesn’t take too kindly to her name being put out there, but drops the issue for a moment.

The guys vote doesn’t affect their status in the game at all, so it’s all about personal stakes for them. Diem wants to avoid Paula and especially Emily in the Jungle. CT doesn’t feel like giving in to her wishes though, as Emily/Paula did nothing to help his team.

Paula/Emily plead with Marlon/Jordan to not vote for them, with Paula adding the waterworks for extra persuasion. Marlon and Jordan are very tempted to return the favor and pay back Paula and Emily for voting them in twice. Jemmye laughs at Paula’s blatant begging.

Camila is offended that Diem seems to dismiss her as a competitor and calls her out. Jemmye comes in for the kill and gets Diem for being fake and falling for (alleged) cheater CT. Cooke also takes her pound of flesh from Diem. Aneesa ends up having to calm the situation down.

The final vote is upon the group. CT/Wes vote for Emily/Paula and Johnny/Frank vote for Jemmye/Camila. In a surprising deciding vote, Jordan/Marlon go with Jemmye/Camila. Their vote is made more out of principle and respect, as they felt like Emily and Paula deserved to make the final based on their huge success in previous challenges.

Even though Diem got the opponents she wanted, she is still upset about being used by CT. CT and Diem confront each other, but luckily, it doesn’t turn into a complete blowup. In the end, the two competing girls teams are shown gearing up to go for the final Jungle.


Former Challenge host Johnny Moseley returns to help the cast dissect the previous episode. Business picks up as Diem, Jemmye, Camila and Cooke are on the couch right away. They discuss the final girls challenge and the fact that Cara Maria/Cooke had a traget on their backs.

Diem doesn’t like the way Cooke plays and didn’t like that she was gifted a strong partner in Cara Maria. She also accuses Cooke of using her sexuality for votes. Jemmye thinks Diem is good at putting on a sweet girl act. Cooke doesn’t think Diem should’ve bothered trying to be her friend. Camila thinks Diem is calculating.

The girls address the CT/Diem drama. CT comes out, downplays the relationship in relation to the game, and points out that him and Wes had a little alliance with Camila and Jemmye. CT still jokingly woos Diem.

They show a CT hookup montage. Diem admits it’s something she didn’t want to see as his ex-girlfriend. CT/Cooke rumors are addressed. They claim it was relatively innocent. CT doesn’t kiss and tell about Anastasia either. The other girls seem to “know” that they did it.

Moseley previews the final girls’ Jungle. Diem says making the Final would mean everything to her. She was two weeks out of chemo when she came on Rivals II and went crazy because she put too much pressure on herself. Jemmye and Camila say that’s why they came on the Challenge, to compete for a chance at the Final. A preview of the final Jungle is shown, plus a clip of the other competitors celebrating upon learning their mystery location for the Final.


Written by T. Green

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