Living In Reality: Big Brother 16 Premiere

It’s been quite some time since I checked out Big Brother. I always liked the show when I watched it, but just happened to miss a bunch of seasons for whatever reason. Anyways, I’m back in, and excited to see what this new group has to offer. Speaking of them, let’s check out the new cast! For the first episode, only eight of the 16 participants enter the house.

Amber: 26-year-old model from Knoxville, TN. Describes herself as a country girl who loves activities such as rock climbing and shooting guns. Is also an esthetician.

Cody: 23-year-old former pro soccer player from Howell, NJ. Works in sales currently, single, says that he is very flirtatious.

Devin: 26, from San Antonio. Former minor league baseball player who is a single father to a two-year-old daughter, People say he looks like The Rock (he says he’s better looking). Also works in sales.

Donny: 42-year-old school groundskeeper from Albermarle, NC. Huge beard. As the oldest person who doesn’t leave his town much, he feels like a fish out of water.

Frankie: 28-year-old who was a Broadway performer from New York. Now, he’s a big Youtube personality with over one million followers. Also of note is that he’s the brother of actress and pop star Ariana Grande. Believes he would be better off keeping that fact a secret to everyone else.

Joey: 27, makeup artist from Seattle. She is an extreme liberal with blue hair who hopes to find a nice, liberal guy in the house.

Nicole: 21, Ubly, MI, recent graduate of nursing school. Obsessed with Big Brother, willing to lie on the show despite her parents telling her not to. More of a quiet personality.

Paola: 27-year-old from Astoria, NY. She is a DJ, and is willing to manipulate the guys to advance in the game.

Host Julie Chen promises that this will be the “most twisted summer ever” on Big Brother (so much so, that she repeats it numerous times). Per usual, the cast will be cut off from the outside world. The grand prize is a cool $500,000. The first eight players were onstage with Julie as she gave the rundown. After that, Cody, Amber, Donny, Joey were the first people to enter the house, with Paola, Brittany, Devin, and Nicole following a bit later.

Due to the setup of the house, it didn’t take long for everyone to figure out that more people were on the way. Sure enough, Julie informed the group that the remaining eight contestants would soon join them. The original eight called a house meeting to discuss the idea of sticking together. They deemed themselves the “Crazy 8” with the intention of having each other’s backs when the other housemates came in.

Other mini-alliances started to take shape, however. Devin sought out Donny to align himself with. He figured no one would expect that those two would be partnered up. Meanwhile, the four girls were tired of watching the guys do well in past Big Brothers, so they decided to band together and call themselves “El Cuatro”.

There were a lot of single people in the house, and they sure liked most of the eye candy on display. Paola in particular was loving the shirtless guys in the house. She had a keen eye on Cody, but kept herself in check because she didn’t want some “showmance” to ruin her game. Paola also suspected that Frankie and Cody were in cahoots with each other.

Julie dropped the first bombshell on the housemates. For the first time ever, the head of household, would no longer be automatically safe. The cast was far from thrilled to hear this news, as they seemingly had no more safety net to strive for. Nonetheless, the first HOH game was about to begin.

The first competition was “Go Fly A Kite”. The goal was to maintain balance on a rotating beam. If a player fell off or let go of his or her line, their kite would drop and destroy their sandcastle on the ground. After a couple people were eliminated, sunscreen was dumped on the remaining players, making the beam more slippery. After a few more fell, the beam changed direction. The final two were Amber and Frankie, but Amber decided to let go on purpose because she figured the HOH might not be safe. Of course, she could’ve done that a long time ago, but maybe she wanted to show everyone else her abilities first.

So Frankie became the first HOH of the season. His joy was short-lived though, as Julie dropped more rain on the parade. She informed the house that one person from the second group of housemates would also be a HOH. The catch was that only one HOH would be left standing end of the week. Julie just left it at that, leaving the house to ponder the rest of the details. That concluded the cast involvement for this episode.

But wait, there’s more! Julie turned her attention to the viewers watching at home. She told us about the interactive voting portion of Big Brother 16 called Team America. At, viewers can vote for the house guest they’d most want to form an alliance with. Ultimately, three people will win the vote and thus become part of a secret alliance. That alliance will take part in secret missions that are sure to change the game in a huge way. The first secret alliance member has already been determined, but we won’t find out until the next episode.

Next episode: The second part of the two-night premiere sees the other eight players join the house.


Written by T. Green

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