Living In Reality – Free Agents Week 10

At the house, the players were discussing the Cara Maria injury situation. Laurel was indifferent, saying she didn’t care if she came back or not. The guys were not down with Laurel’s attitude and basically told her to check herself. Laurel was upset as she felt like she was being ganged up on. Meanwhile, as Cara drifted away from Laurel, she started becoming friendlier with Theresa.

Laurel finally sat down with Cara to work out their differences, but didn’t take the step of apologizing. Cara wasn’t feeling what Laurel had to say and walked away. As of now, their friendship is on the rocks.

Cara also had another thing to worry about: her injured hand. The doctors said it was fractured, which put her run on this challenge in jeopardy. When it came time for the next event, Cara was expecting to hear the bad news from TJ. But surprisingly, he said the doctors would let her compete. It was Cara’s choice to continue on or not, and as the fighter she was, she opted to keep going.

The new game is Crossover, which is done in guy/girl pairs. Both players swim (or wade) across a lake to a sandbox. There, one partner digs up a chest filled with puzzle pieces and brings the pieces back to the other side. After that, the other partner digs up the other chest and brings the pieces back. The first team to put all their puzzle pieces together wins. The teams are: Theresa/Zach, Johnny Bananas/Nany, CT/Cara Maria, Johnny/Devyn, and LeRoy/Laurel.

This turns into one of the more competitive missions, with different teams taking the lead at various points. Eventually, Zach and Theresa pull away and gather all their pieces first. But they have a difficult time solving the puzzle, giving everyone else a chance to catch up. Sure enough, Johnny Bananas and Nany was the team that caught up and won. LeRoy/Laurel and Devyn/Johnny brought up the rear and were therefore subject to the draw. The others would be put up to a vote.

Everyone went out to a nice place afterwards for food and drinks. Theresa was moseying up to Nany to try and gain some favor for her. Cara believed that Theresa was being a snake by sucking up to everyone. Cara was worried that she would get voted into elimination as an easy target because of her hand. She was hoping that Nany would go the other way and keep a “weakened” player around as an easier opponent.

Back at the house, LeRoy and CT were stressing over the next elimination. If LeRoy picks the wrong card, he’ll have to go against CT or Zach. CT was pondering what game would be next for the draw. He also was wondering where Bananas’ head was at.

Bananas and Nany were strongly looking at picking Cara for the girls. For the guys it was dicier. They sat down with CT and discussed things. CT wasn’t going to play Bananas’ mind games, so he simply brushed the whole conversation off. Zach was concerned about the CT/Bananas relationship and the fact that he voted for Bananas in the past.

The pair ended up selecting CT as the guys’ rep. The girls vote stood at a standstill however. Bananas voted for Cara. But Nany was wavering on following suit because of the emotional aspect. She didn’t want to be an asshole and pick a player who was hurt, so she went with Theresa. TJ implored them to try again, but the results stayed the same. Finally TJ gave Nany and Bananas last chance, saying that if they couldn’t come to a consensus, they would be the ones going into the elimination. Finally, Nany relented and picked Cara. There was a bit of a squabble afterwards as Cara accused Theresa of politicking.

It’s time for another crucial draw. Each guy and girl has a 50/50 shot of having to compete in the elimination round. The guys went first, and LeRoy pulled the unfortunate skull and crossbones. For the girls, Devyn went first and pulled the blank card, setting up the ultimate clash: Laurel vs. Cara Maria. But sadly, that’s where the episode ended, as the show cut to the credits.

What we do know is that the elimination round will be the wall challenge, which may put Cara at a big disadvantage. Also, the remaining competitors will head to the Andes Mountains in preparation for the big final.


Written by T. Green

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