CardBored: Breaking a Pack of 1994 Collector’s Edge Football Cards and 1995 Bazooka Baseball

I found out that apparently I’m losing page views with each CardBored article so as we move on to my first football pack it’s time for a pack that today’s kids can relate to! This pack is edgy, it’s “in your face.” You’ve heard the expression “let’s get busy”? Well, this is a pack that gets “biz-zay!” Consistently and thoroughly.

I’m not really familiar at all with Collector’s Edge but appears their specialty seemed to be an excessive amount of insert cards and parallel sets. This was the inaugural edition which had six standard insert sets but each insert set had three or four parallel sets as well. This pack that I have is actually a parallel set to the standard Collector’s Edge set from that season, this being the Pop Warner Commemorative edition. Why they decided to do a Pop Warner edition, I have no idea. The pack is also confusing as it has “BOSS SQUAD” prominently featured on it which I originally thought was the name of the pack but Boss Squad is just another insert. Also within the Pop Warner set there was another parallel set of 22K Gold helmet cards that were inserted into these packs. Collector’s Edge is basically the Russian stacking doll of football cards. That being said this is by far the least worthless pack I’ve opened to date as I had three cards cracking the $1 barrier.

Now there were only seven cards in this pack which I didn’t think warranted a full article so I’m also including a bonus baseball pack. Scroll down to find out which one it is and likely be disappointed. Also at the end of the article I’ll be listing the upcoming worthless basketball packs.

Terrell Buckley 94Edge
Card Value: $0.05
1994 Stats: 16 GS, 5 INT, 48 TKL, 8 AV

‘94 was the third and final year for Buckley in Green Bay where the former #5 overall pick was viewed as a bust although he went on to play 12 seasons. He pissed off the Packers with his diva like attitude and lackluster play, they essentially traded him for nothing (“past considerations” was the term) to the Dolphins after the season.

Dan Marino 94Edge
Card Value: $2.00
1994 Stats: 16 GS, 62.6 CMP%, 4453 YDS, 30 TD, 17 INT, 15 AV

Marino was coming off a torn Achilles injury the previous season but returned in ‘94 to have one of the better seasons of his career. In Week 12 he’d pull off the famous fake spike play in a comeback victory over the Jets.

(scroll to the 5:00 mark)

Renaldo Turnbull 94Edge
Card Value: $0.05
1994 Stats: 16 GS, 45 TKL, 6.5 SK, 7 AV

Turnbull’s name is spelled wrong on this card. He’s a bull, not a ball.

#175 (22K Gold Helmet Parallel)
Natrone Means 94Edge
Card Value: $1.25
1994 Stats: 16 GS, 1350 YDS, 3.9 Y/A, 12 TD, 13 AV

This was by far Means best year. He was selected to the Pro Bowl, made the cover of Sports Illustrated, and helped lead the Chargers to surprise Super Bowl run. Also unlike several of the ’94 Chargers he’s not dead.

Craig Erickson 94Edge
Card Value: $0.05
1994 Stats: 14 GS, 56.4 CMP%, 2919 YDS, 16 TD, 10 INT, 9 AV

’94 was Erickson’s best season but that wasn’t saying much. He was though thought of as some sort of an up and coming QB prospect following this season, or at least the Colts did as they would give up their ’96 first round pick for him after the Bucs drafted Trent Dilfer. Erickson would lose his new starting gig to Jim Harbaugh just two games into the ’95 season.

Boss #20
Tim Brown 94Edge
Card Value: $0.50
1994 Stats: 16 GS, 89 REC, 1309 YDS, 9 TD, 11 AV

Parallel of an insert set, this being the Boss Squad Silver instead of your standard Boss Squad insert. Obviously this card was “sabotaged” by Bill Callahan as it lists Brown as a running back. In ’94 he set then career highs in receptions, yards, and touchdowns but he’d top those numbers a few more times in his career.

Boss Rookies #21
Heath Shuler 94Edge
Card Value: $1.00
1994 Stats: 8 GS, 45.3 CMP%, 1658 YDS, 10 TD, 12 INT, 4 AV

Yet another parallel of an insert, instead of Boss Rookies this is a Boss Rookies Green card. How in the world is any Heather Shuler card worth a $1? It’s a green see through piece of plastic featuring one of the worst QB draft busts of the last 25 years. I don’t even think his Mom would pay a $1 for this card. Speaking of which maybe I’ll give this card to my Mom for Mother’s Day then.

B-b-b-b-b-b-b-b-onusssssssssss Pack!

The first and likely only bonus pack is a 1995 Topps Bazooka pack. There were only five cards in the pack along with a nearly 20 year old piece of Bazooka gum. The set was targeted towards younger collectors as there was a little game you could play on the back of the cards.

Kenny Lofton 95Bazooka
Card Value: $0.20
1995 Stats: 529 PA, .310/.362/.453, 110 OPS+, 4.1 WAR

This was the fourth of five straight years that Lofton lead the league in steals. In Game 1 of the World Series against the Braves, in the 1st inning he became the first player in over 70 years to steal two bases in the same inning of a World Series game (box score).

Jose Canseco 95Bazooka
Card Value: $0.30
1995 Stats: 450 PA, .306/.378/.556, 137 OPS+, 2.6 WAR

Fuck him.

Raul Mondesi 95Bazooka
Card Value: $0.20
1995 Stats: 580 PA, .285/.328/.496, 123 OPS+, 4.8 WAR

On August 10th of ’95 against the Cardinals, Mondesi was the part of the last forfeit to date in MLB history. Let’s have Craig Kilborn tell the story.

Kirby Puckett 95Bazooka
Card Value: $0.50
1995 Stats: 602 PA, .314/.379/.515, 130 OPS+, 3.1 WAR

Although no one knew it at the time, this would be Puckett’s final season. During Spring Training the following year he suddenly developed blurred vision in his left eye which would be diagnosed as glaucoma and end his career.

Rico Brogna 95Bazooka
Card Value: $0.10
1995 Stats: 540 PA, .289/.342/.485, 119 OPS+, 2.3 WAR

This was Brogna’s first full year in the Majors and the only decent year of his career.

Next Week: We move on to bouncy ball packs and holy shit do these look even more worthless than the baseball and football ones. Which one should I open first?

1989-90 NBA Hoops, 1990-91 Skybox (Series 1), 1990-91 Skybox (Series 2), 1990-91 Fleer, 1991-92 Fleer, 1991-92 Upper Deck, 1992-93, Topps 1993-94 Upper Deck, 1994-95 Topps Stadium Club, 1995-96 Skybox (Series 1), 1995-96 Skybox (Series 2)


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  1. Fun read as always.

    Looking forward to the basketball column. I actually have a box of the 89 Hoops unopened sitting here myself. I would pull for the 1995-96 Skybox, as I think that is the only set I personally cannt recall having any of. If you work Series II you could go for either a Garnett or BIG COUNTRY rookie, which also means the first Raptors/Grizzlies cards.

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