Through the Booking Glass: UWF August 1987 Week 1

For those of you who enjoy reading these every week, real life has gotten in the way the past few weeks which is why these haven’t gone up.

August 1987, Monday, Week 1

There are a lot of contracts expiring at the end of the month. I’m not exaggerating either. Among those contracts that are due up at the end of the month: Black Bart, Ted DiBiase, Joe Savoldi, Ken Mantell, The Fantastics, Iceman King Parsons, Buddy Roberts, Chris Adams, Toni Adams, The Missing Link, Sid Steele and Shane Douglas. I’ve been told only Douglas and Chris Adams are being offered extensions, although in DiBiase’s case they want him back and DiBiase flat out said he will not miss any Japan dates so he won’t negotiate under the current schedule.

The prestige of the company has taken a hit as the ratings for the SportsChannel America airing of Power Pro Wrestling are still well below the regional average in every area it airs. The current deal with KWTV is out this month and while negotiations are ongoing many do not expect it to be renewed. The company did make a profit in July and most of the people they’re letting contracts run out for are being done to cut costs as well as freshen up the rosters, as negotiations are underway for a number of new talents, mostly coming from Jim Crockett Promotions.

Attendance for Power Pro Wrestling was around the average, coming in at 3,299.

Just when it appeared he might be ready for a push, Shaska Whatley wound up failing a recent drug test and fined his purse from last night.

August 1987, Tuesday, Week 1

Longtime NWA World Junior Heavyweight Champion Nelson Royal announced his retirement last night, effective immediately.

Tommy Rogers has signed a deal with Continental Championship Wrestling, so he will not be out of work when his UWF contract expires at the end of the month.

August 1987, Wednesday, Week 1

Expect the UWF Tag Team Title to change hands on TV this week as Tim Horner has signed an exclusive contract with Jim Crockett Promotions that will begin next week. Also signing an exclusive contract with JCP is Marcus Laurinaitis (Fury), although nobody will miss him.

Ken Mantell is opening a company called Wild West Wrestling that will be running Texas and the surrounding states. He has already issued contract offers to several UWF stars although I hear he doesn’t have the finances to sign any exclusive offers so the damage to the UWF should be minimal.

Shane Douglas has signed a one year contract extension.

August 1987, Thursday, Week 1

Longtime journeyman wrestler Bill Anderson and Rodney Anoai have signed deals with the UWF. Both are expected in enhancement roles. Anoai, the nephew of Wild Samoans Afa and Sika, will be working as Samoan Kokina.

August 1987, Friday, Week 1

Chris Adams has signed a contract extension.

Also being signed to a deal is Ron Simmons, a former All-American football player for the Florida State Seminoles who is said to have a great look.

As if the WWF needs any more momentum, they announced earlier today that Superstars of Wrestling will be expanding into Canada, debuting on TSN in September.

Jim Crockett Promotions and TBS announced that World Championship Wrestling will be returning to TBS in September after a three month absence. This was only a matter of time as TBS’ station average dropped considerably when the show was dropped at the beginning of June.

August 1987, Saturday, Week 1

Stan Lane of the Midnight Express is coming in. I’d expect Bobby Eaton and Jim Cornette to be right behind him.

August 1987, Sunday, Week 1

Bad news for the negotiations for Power Pro Wrestling to get renewed by KWTV, as we’re told ratings fell for last night’s replay, although I haven’t heard what the current ratings are.

Ron Garvin and Jim Cornette are coming in. Cornette will be managing Stan Lane to nobody’s surprise. Negotiations are ongoing for Bobby Eaton but he still hasn’t signed a deal. Eaton has agreed to work for Ken Mantell’s new Wild West Wrestling promotion.

Power Pro Wrestling live coverage (August 1987, Sunday, Week 1)

Live coverage of SportsChannel America’s “Power Pro Wrestling” from what appears to be the new home of the UWF, the Prather Coliseum in Natchitoches, Louisiana.

Word going around is that Chris Adams is not in the building but I don’t know anything beyond that at this point.

Eddie Gilbert joined Jim Ross at ringside for commentary.

In a rematch from a few weeks ago, Barry Windham and UWF Western States Heritage Champion Chavo Guerrero went to a 30-minute time limit draw. Another great match between the two but Windham probably should have gone over here.

In a match that had an average crowd reaction and some decent in-ring action, The Sheepherders defeated Lightning Express in 7:34 when Butch Miller defeated Tim Horner by pinfall with a Battering Ram. The Sheepherders win the UWF Tag Team titles. This result shocked absolutely nobody. After the match, the Sheepherders beat Horner down for several minutes until he was a bloody mess. That writes Horner out.

Jimmy Garvin defeated Vladimir Petrov in 13:19 by pinfall with a Bombs Away. Way too long for a Petrov match but Garvin did a good job carrying the match.

That’s the entire show, which is what happens when one match gets over half the show.





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