Classic Wrestling Review: Beach Blast ’93

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Beach Blast

July 18, 1993

Mississippi Coast Coliseum

Biloxi, Mississippi

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Beach Blast returns for a second year, but this is the last time they would use this name. (They would change it to Bash at the Beach in 1994.) This time the main event is a tag team match that pits Sting & Davey Boy Smith against Sid Vicious & Big Van Vader. Sid returned at Slamboree and almost immediately resumed his old feud with Sting. WCW decided to combine the Sting/Sid and Davey/Vader feuds into one big match and they promoted it with another one of their glorious mini-movies. The movie centered around Harley Race and Col. Parker offering Sting & Davey tickets to any retirement community they wanted if they backed out of the match. Sting & Davey refused, so Sid & Vader, who called themselves the Masters of the Powerbomb, crashed Sting & Davey’s beach party. (It was quite amusing to see Sid & Vader in their ring gear and flip-flops.) They made the offer again and Sting feigned taking the tickets before saying, “Nah!” However, little did they know, Cheatum the Midget planted a bomb on their boat. Davey narrowly saved Sting by clotheslining him into the water before the explosion. (The mini-movie was hilariously bad. It even featured a brief cameo by Diana Hart-Smith. I shared a link to it on the Facebook page.)

Meanwhile, Ric Flair’s no-compete clause is over, so he will finally get his shot at Barry Windham’s NWA Title. They’ve built this match for months, but it’s a shame that it’s for a title that won’t mean much for long. (More on that in my next WCW review.) Also, the new and not-so-improved Horsemen will take on the Hollywood Blonds for the Tag Team Titles. The Blonds appeared on A Flair for the Gold and mocked Arn Anderson for being old. Since Flair is going for the World Title, Arn will tag with new Horseman, Paul Roma, to take on the Blonds. I know this might seem odd, but this new incarnation of the Horsemen are surprisingly babyfaces. (It doesn’t feel right.)

The show opens with the same intro as last year. (Come on, WCW! That’s just lazy!) The narrator says championships and pride are on the line. He also talks about iron men, young lions, and trash talkers before saying that Ric Flair will make history by attempting to walk the aisle one more time. (Was Ric having trouble walking? Why would walking be history-making for him?)

Eric Bischoff then welcomes everyone to the Gulf of Mexico and Beach Blast. He’s with Missy Hyatt, who is apparently wearing hair extensions. (I know her hair didn’t grow that quickly since Slamboree.) Both of them are standing on the entrance set, which is decorated like a beach. (I would imagine that sand was a pain to clean up after the show.) Eric is looking particularly dorky in a backward cap. He says this is what they’ve been waiting for, but Missy says she’s been waiting to have a piña colada with Eric. (This show is already driving Missy to drink! Also, I’ve heard Bischoff’s comments about her and I doubt they went drinking together.) Bischoff then talks about the card and says it will be a tremendous night of hard-hitting action.

Then, they go to Tony Schiavone, who is supposed to be with Jesse Ventura. (Tony looks even sillier than Bischoff.) Tony can’t find Jesse until someone tells him he’s on the stage. Ventura is at a grass hut with some ladies. He’s reluctant to leave, but he eventually agrees as long as the women can join him. Tony suggests that they keep the ladies and send Jesse to the back. (I agree!) Jesse finally arrives and implies that he’s going to have sex with the ladies after the show, but he tells Tony he’s not allowed to ask about it.

TV Title Match: Paul Orndorff (c) vs. Ron Simmons

Orndorff won the TV Title in a 16-Man Tournament and then used every cheap tactic and short cut he could to retain it. He faced Simmons already, but he got himself disqualified. Therefore, WCW decided that he would lose his title if he got disqualified again during this rematch. This bout was supposed to take place on the Clash of the Champions, but Orndorff had an injury. It was moved to this PPV. Before the match, the fans chant, “Paula,” at Orndorff. He becomes so angry that he rips up a fan’s pennant. The cameraman then shows us a sign where Orndorff’s head is pasted onto Missy Hyatt’s body and it says, “Paula: WCW’s new first lady.” (That’s horrifying.) They also show a sign that says, “What’s up with the butt tape?” (Do I even want to know!?)

Orndorff stalls to start the match, so Simmons attacks and throws him into the ring. Ron then hits a back elbow and a dropkick, so Paul regroups again. Orndorff tries to fight back, but Simmons keeps going after his arm until Orndorff grabs a sleeper hold. Paul stops a reversal attempt, but he misses a flying knee. Simmons pounces on Paul’s leg and tries a Figure Four, but Orndorff makes it to the ropes. He regroups and Simmons follows, but Paul rams him into the announcers’ table and wears Ron down with a chinlock. Orndorff keeps cutting off Ron’s comebacks and wears him down with more holds until Ron hits a surprise powerslam. He also hits a sunset flip, clothesline, back elbow, and a suplex. However, Orndorff goes to the eyes and attempts a piledriver. Ron counters by back dropping him over the ropes, but that causes a DQ. (I hate that rule!) Simmons keeps wrestling until the ref has to inform him the match is finished.

This match was slow and never found a rhythm. It also had a lame finish. This feels like a demotion for Simmons after his World Title run and Orndorff already seems to have lost that fire he had at SuperBrawl. I didn’t care for this match and the crowd didn’t seem to either. This was not a good way to begin the show.

Winner: Paul Orndorff (by DQ) (11:15)

After the match, Orndorff tries to hit Ron with the belt, but Simmons ducks and punches Paul out of the ring. Simmons then grabs the belt and poses with it, but the ref tells him he’s not the champion. Meanwhile, Tony tries to talk about the rest of the card, but Jesse makes fun of the zinc oxide on Tony’s nose. (It’s the wrong color and makes Tony look like Humpty Hump.)

2 Cold Scorpio & Marcus Bagwell vs. Tex Slazenger & Shanghai Pierce

Slazenger & Pierce are the future Godwinns. They aren’t hog farmers in WCW. They’re generic outlaws and Pierce (Henry Godwinn) is wearing a mask. (They should have put the mask on Tex/Phineas/Mideon. Henry is the better looking of the two.) Scorpio & Bagwell dance their way to the ring and Cappetta calls Bagwell the rookie of the year. (That was two years ago. They need to get over it!) Then, Slazenger & Pierce enter and Tony says they’re out of place on a beach. Jesse then starts rambling about them stepping in horse manure and it squishing between their toes. (What is he blathering about now? Is he drunk?)

Shanghai and Bagwell start and Marcus can’t take him down with shoulder blocks, but he does hit a cross body. Tex enters the match, so Scorpio & Bagwell double team him and send both men outside the ring. Scorpio attempts a dive off Bagwell’s back, but the cameraman nearly misses it. (It’s a good thing because he botches it. Slazenger & Pierce try to cover by immediately attacking him.) He recovers and hits a springboard cross body, so Tex demands that Scorp legally tag into the match. He does, but Tex back drops him so high that he nearly lands on the ropes! Scorpio blocks a top rope move and answers with a flying cross body, dropkick, and an arm drag before Bagwell joins him for some double teaming. Pierce enters the match, but Bagwell hits a hip toss and an arm drag. He does the same to Tex until Pierce surprises him with a knee in the back. Then, Pierce & Slazenger use frequent tags and double teaming to control the match. They also use ref distractions and cheating before Shanghai hits a nice gut-wrench powerbomb. Scorpio breaks up the pin, but the beating continues until Pierce misses a corner charge. Bagwell makes a hot tag and Scorpio nails a flying splash, but the match becomes a brawl. However, Scorpio & Bagwell send Tex out of the ring and Scorpio hits a 450 splash for the win.

This was a pretty fun tag match. Scorpio took a couple of scary bumps, but he was fine. I was also impressed with the future Godwinns. I guess the gimmick holds them back in the WWF because they were a lot more interesting here. They used some good heel tactics in the match and kept it interesting. Plus, the heat segment was just the right length. The crowd was also into the match, which helps. I was worried they would be dead after their weak reaction to the first match.

Winners: Scorpio & Bagwell (12:48)

Missy is with Paul Orndorff and a man that Tony says we haven’t seen before in WCW. However, Missy knows his name. She calls him, The Equalizer. (He is the future Dave “Evad” Sullivan, which is Kevin’s kayfabe dyslexic brother. He will eventually morph into the character overnight without any explanation, but now he’s simply Orndorff’s heavy.) Missy says it looked like Simmons almost beat him for the title, but Orndorff says that’s wrong. He calls himself the John Wayne of pro-wrestling because he plays by the rules. He also says that Simmons ought to be fined and kicked out of WCW for throwing him over the ropes. Then, he calls Simmons a choke artist, just like Florida State. Missy then tells Paul that other people want a shot at his title, like Ricky Steamboat. Paul calls him old and gray and accuses him of dyeing his hair. He starts to ramble, so Missy ends the segment. (The Equalizer spent the whole interview swatting at the air like he was being attacked by invisible elves and squirming around like he needed to pee. Maybe he already is playing Dave Sullivan.)

Lord Steven Regal (w/ Sir William) vs. Erik Watts

This is the WCW PPV debut of one of my favorites, Lord Steven Regal. I’ve always been a fan of Regal. His facial expressions and mannerisms are some of the best. He’s playing the character of a snooty English aristocrat and he’s with Sir William. (William is former wrestler, Bill Dundee, playing an English butler.) Unfortunately, he’s facing Erik Watts, who comes to the ring and hands out little American flags. (They’re trying their best to make the fans cheer him, but it’s not working. The fans reacted with apathy.) However, they react well to Regal. They boo him and chant, “USA.” (Also, I love that they announce Regal’s weight in stones. That’s a nice touch.)

Both men trade arm wringers, monkey flips, and armbars. Regal bridges, flips, and kips up out of the holds and then they trade pin attempts. Regal keeps finding ways to take Watts to the mat, but Watts also finds ways to counter him. Then, Regal changes his tactic and goes after Erik’s leg. That doesn’t work, so Regal nails him with European uppercuts, but he misses a knee-drop. Watts immediately goes for the STF and locks it in, but William hits him with his umbrella. Watts makes the mistake of chasing him, so Regal hits a forearm and rolls up Watts with a handful of tights for the win.

This was short, but Regal did his best to make Watts look good. They had some great counters and holds. It was obvious that Regal was far better, but he gave Watts enough to make him look decent for once. Sadly, the crowd didn’t react to it because it was different from what they’re used to seeing. Also, I get that Regal is a heel, but it kind of makes me sad that he has to cheat to beat Erik Watts. They probably should have put Regal in there with someone else.

Winner: Lord Steven Regal (7:31)

Next, they advertise a new PPV for WCW, Fall Brawl: War Games. War Games has found a new and permanent home and the show will take place on September 19th.

Then, Jesse is with Lord Steven Regal and Sir William. He says it’s his pleasure to interview a blue-blood. Regal calls Jesse an honorable mayor and says that Schiavone is an imbisonic fool. He also claims he didn’t break a sweat beating Erik Watts. (He’s clearly dripping with it.) Then, Regal addresses Paul Orndorff and says he’s been sent on a mission from the Queen to win the TV Title. He quotes Winston Churchill about fighting on the beaches and in the trenches. He says nowhere is safe when the Queen has sent him on a mission. He finishes by telling Sir William that he better have the crumpets toasted and the two of them leave. (This was great stuff from Regal. It was a good mix of dry humor and good intensity.)

Bischoff then recaps the Maxx Payne/Johnny B. Badd feud. They show a clip from Clash of the Champions where Payne shot Johnny in the face with one of his Badd Blasters. Eric says it caused severe injuries to Badd’s face. (I guess getting shot with confetti is devastating.) To his credit, Badd did take an impressive fall off the stage.

Johnny B. Badd vs. Maxx Payne

The gist of this feud is that Payne stole Johnny’s Badd Blaster and then shot him in the face with it. It was a cool visual, but it’s a bit laughable to think it caused Badd any harm. Payne makes his entrance while playing his guitar and Tony hopes that the sand will cause a short circuit. Jesse tells him to shut up and compares Maxx to Jimmy Hendrix. Then, Badd enters and he’s wearing a ridiculous mask to cover his injuries. However, Jesse is more impressed by Johnny’s feather boas.

Badd immediately hits a takedown and a cross body, but he misses a corner charge and tumbles to the floor. Maxx brings him back inside and hits a suplex and a hammerlock slam before they trade punches. Maxx then answers with a back elbow and starts working Badd’s arm. He breaks up any comeback attempts with a thumb to the eye and then hits a backbreaker. Then, he goes for the Payne Killer (Fujiwara Armbar), but Badd reaches the ropes. Payne follows up with another suplex and goes back to the arm, but Johnny responds with a sunset flip. However, Maxx catches him on a cross body and slams him, but he misses an elbow drop. Badd fires back with a dropkick and Payne has to comically bump over the ropes a second later. (The fans boo it for how bad it looks, but they cheer when Johnny hits a slingshot cross body.) Payne manages to ram Badd into the post, but he collides with it when Johnny moves. Badd then sends Maxx back inside and hits a flying cross body for the win. (He has to try twice because Payne was out of position.)

This was a better match from Payne than the last one we saw. Who would have guessed that Johnny B. Badd could drag a decent match out of him? It was short, but they did enough to keep it interesting. Maxx was still a bit sloppy, but he’s improving. Sadly, the crowd was kind of dead again. They reacted well to some spots, but they haven’t been very lively.

Winner: Johnny B. Badd (4:50)

Tony and Jesse try to talk about the rest of the card, but Jesse keeps trying to touch Tony’s nose. Jesse also spends the whole segment eating something. (You can tell Jesse is starting to become unmotivated.) They talk about the Tag Title Match and Jesse keeps talking about Tony’s nose, so he begs someone to get the hook for Jesse. (I agree.)

Tag Team Title Match: The Hollywood Blonds (c) vs. Arn Anderson & Paul Roma

The Blonds already faced the Horsemen at the last Clash of the Champions. They faced the team of Flair & Anderson, but the match ended in DQ. Now, they face the team of Anderson & Roma because Flair is occupied with his title match. Arn & Roma enter wearing custom airbrushed t-shirts. (They’re kind of lame, but that’s fitting for this incarnation of the Horsemen.) Also, Jesse claims that the Blonds are Sylvester Stallone’s favorite team, but Tony doesn’t believe him. Before the match starts, a fan gets under the skin of Pillman and Austin has to calm him.

Austin and Roma start the match and grapple to a stalemate, so Austin taunts him. Roma answers with punches and Austin regroups before tagging Pillman. He teases getting an object from his tights, but he doesn’t do it. (Jesse claims he was just adjusting himself, which leaves Tony speechless.) Arn enters the match and the Blonds look to have the advantage until he sends Austin to the ramp. Steve feigns a handshake, but Arn kicks him and double teams Austin with Roma. Pillman can’t get the advantage either and Arn hits him with a hotshot before catapulting him into a Roma punch. Pillman then tries feigning a knee injury to lure Anderson to the floor, but Brian ends up crashing into the guardrail on an attack. Roma then makes a blind tag and does a flying sunset flip, but he falls victim to double teaming and cheating. Roma tries a missile dropkick, but Pillman counters with his own dropkick—that misses. (That was awkward.) Arn finally makes a tag and cleans house. He gives Pillman a DDT, but Austin hits a flying axehandle. Then, Arn falls victim to double teaming for a while. They attack him in and out of the ring and Austin goes for a Stun Gun, but Arn counters it into one of his own. Arn finally fights off both Blonds and tags Roma, but the match becomes a brawl. Arn hits the spinebuster, but Pillman breaks the count. Roma then does an O’Connor Roll on Austin, but Pillman attacks and Austin reverses it with a handful of tights for the win.

I know this match gets a lot of praise and it was quite solid, but I thought it dragged at times. It followed the usual WCW pattern. It had the two long heat segments and the four-way brawl that leads to a chaotic ending. I feel like that formula is overused. It also didn’t help that this crowd is terrible. I would call this match good, but it fell short of great for me. (On a side note, word got out that WCW had filmed TV with Roma & Anderson as tag champs, so they changed the finish to thwart spoilers. Tony even makes a snarky remark about people being surprised that the Blonds won.)

Winners: The Hollywood Blonds (26:14)

Eric and Missy talk about the last match and Eric asks if she’s going to join the Blonds on a plane to Hollywood. She says she hates Hollywood, but she loves the Blonds. Then, Eric asks her about the upcoming Iron Man Match for the U.S. Title. Missy says that two men for thirty minutes sounds like a dream. Eric tells her to forget about that and then he plugs Fall Brawl.

30-Minute Iron Man Match for the vacant U.S. Title: Dustin Rhodes vs. Ravishing Rick Rude

The controversy I discussed in my last WCW review led to the U.S. Title being vacated. Now, the two men involved in that controversial match will face each other in an Iron Man Match to determine the new champion. Rude makes his entrance and grabs the mic. He tells everyone to shut their mouths, open their eyes, and pay respect to the new U.S. Champion. (That’s not his usual spiel. Why isn’t he talking about sweat hogs?) Rhodes then makes his way to the ring and Ventura complains it’s taking too long. He says he doesn’t want to listen to Dustin’s music. The bell then rings, but they spend a few moments yelling at each other.

Both men grapple around the ring in a circle a couple of times and the ref has to separate them. They trade forearms and kicks until Dustin back drops Rude and whips him around the ring. Then, Rhodes focuses on Rude’s back and mocks his hip swivel, which disgusts Ventura. He starts jumping onto Rude’s back, but Rick raises his knees into Dustin’s crotch. Rude then returns the favor and works Dustin’s back. He locks him in a bear hug and turns it into a belly-to-belly when Rhodes tries to escape. Dustin eventually powers out of a rear chinlock and hits an electric chair drop, but Rude raises his knees on a splash. Dustin almost fights back, but Rude rakes the eyes, hits a backbreaker, and then hits the Rude Awakening for the first fall. (Rude 1-0) Rude continues attacking a groggy Dustin and wears him down some more. Dustin can’t get the advantage until he reverses a Tombstone. However, Rhodes flies out of the ring on a missed lariat. Rude then hits Dustin with suplexes and axehandles before yelling, “You ain’t shit, Rhodes!” (Tony apologizes for it.) He then locks Rhodes in a sleeper for a while, but Dustin eventually hits a jawbreaker. They fight back and forth until Dustin fakes Rude out on a punch and hits a bulldog for a fall. (Tied 1-1) Dustin continues with a flying bionic elbow, a piledriver, multiple clotheslines, and a sleeper, but he can’t score another pin. Time is ticking away and Rude hits a jawbreaker. Then, he goes for a dive, but Dustin ducks and hits a DDT. However, time expires and the match ends in a draw.

The first half of the match was slow and plodding. It picked up towards the end, but the finish was disappointing. I don’t mind a draw, but it needed to be a more exciting match to make up for it and it wasn’t. The match was solid, but it wasn’t thrilling and the fans hated the ending. This was a bit of a letdown after the great Iron Man Match from the previous year.

Winner: Draw (1-1) (30:00)

Tony and Jesse talk about the remaining matches and Tony recaps the Flair/Windham feud. They show clips of Flair and Windham brawling at the Clash of the Champions. Then, they show footage of them brawling on Worldwide. They also show them brawling in the parking lot.

NWA World Title Match: Ric Flair vs. Barry Windham (c)

WCW has been building this feud for months. It was mostly because they had no choice, but it is nice to see long-term booking. They’ve brawled with each other multiple times in and outside the building. Plus, it makes sense that Flair would want to get back the title he never lost. It’s simple storytelling. However, the NWA Title is on its last legs in WCW. The other promotions in the NWA started complaining that WCW was monopolizing the belt, so WCW would soon sour on the entire NWA partnership. Then, if that wasn’t bad enough, Ric Flair’s music cuts off in the middle of his entrance. (There are bad omens around this match. It’s not going to go smoothly, is it?) However, Windham makes his entrance without incident. Jesse says this could be Flair’s last hurrah if he doesn’t win. (That’s funny in retrospect.)

They immediately trade chops and punches, but Windham answers with a lariat. Flair fires back with more chops, so Barry regroups. He then returns fire with a shoulder block and whips Ric into the corner for a Flair Flip. Barry follows him to the floor, hits a clothesline, and suplexes Ric back into the ring, but Flair counters with a thumb to the eye. Then, Flair grabs a sleeper hold, but Barry rams him into the corner and Flair flops. Windham then hits Flair with a Samoan Drop, powerslam, leg drop, and a lariat. Flair answers back with some punches, a jackknife pin, and some hard chops. He also hits a cross body that sends Barry over the ropes, but Windham pulls Ric out of the ring and slams him. (Some random fan yells that Ric is too old and needs to leave wrestling.) They return to the ring and Ric counters ten-punches in the corner, but Barry fights back and hits a superplex. He doesn’t cover. He attempts a flying elbow instead and misses, but Barry is up first. Ric tries to fight back, but Windham whips him to the corner for another flip. However, Ric runs down the apron and goes to the top—before hitting a flying cross body!? Oh, wait, Windham reverses it. Then, they collide and Flair hits a back suplex before locking Barry in a Figure Four. Barry tries to reach the ropes, but the ref counts his shoulders down for a three-count. (Both the ref and Barry seem surprised, but the ref calls for the bell. Was that botched?)

This was nothing like their matches from the 80s. It was solid enough, but it felt kind of paint-by-the-numbers. Also, it didn’t help that the finish was awkward. This was very underwhelming for a Flair/Windham match. It’s nice to see Ric regain the Big Gold Belt, but the NWA Title means little now. (It will mean even less by the next PPV.)

Winner: Ric Flair (New Champion) (11:15)

Jesse is with the new NWA Champion, Ric Flair. He says he had his doubts that it could be done ten times, but Flair proved him wrong. He compares Flair to George Foreman. Ric replies that he beat a great champion in Barry Windham, but it’s time to style and profile. Then, he tells every wrestler in the world that he’s back. He tells them to read what they want to read and believe what they want to believe, but they have to go to bed knowing there’s only one world champion and it’s the Nature Boy. Then, Flair says he doesn’t care if they’re young or old, he wants someone to prove that to be the man, you’ve got to beat the man. (He mentions babies, children, and adolescents. Is Ric challenging babies to a match??)

Eric and Missy then talk about the main event. Bischoff asks Missy what’s on her mind and she says Vader & Sid will stomp the pants off of Sting & Davey Boy. (I think I’ll leave that one alone. It’s too easy of a joke.)

(The Super Powers) Sting & Davey Boy Smith vs. (The Masters of the Powerbomb) Big Van Vader & Sid Vicious (w/ Harley Race & Col. Parker)

Vader & Sid make their entrances and high-five each other. Vader also gives Sid a little nudge, which seems to annoy him. Sting & Bulldog enter next in matching jackets and they get a great reaction. (Where was this energy from the crowd earlier?) Vader & Sid try to meet them on the ramp, but they back away and let them enter. Before the match, Sid has to fix Vader’s mask because it’s already coming loose.

Sid and Sting start the match and Sid shoves him, but Sting responds with a tackle and some facebusters. Sid immediately responds with a chokeslam and Sid & Vader double team Sting in their corner. They end up sending both Sting & Davey to the floor, but they return to hit flying clotheslines from the same turnbuckle. (Hey, they must have watched the Steiners/Headshrinkers match from Mania!) Sid & Vader regroup before Vader and Bulldog enter the match. Davey fights off double teaming and reverses a suplex, but Vader answers with an avalanche attack. Sid also comes in and wears Davey down with holds until Vader returns and hits another avalanche. He then takes off his mask and taunts Sting. Davey attempts a sunset flip and Vader attempts to sit on him, but both of them miss. Then, Sid returns and locks Bulldog in a nerve hold. Davey fights back and slams Sid, but he hurts his back. This opens the door for Vader and Race holds Bulldog for an attack, but Vader accidentally hits Harley. Sting makes a hot tag and takes out both men. Sid comically teeters in the ropes and Vader misses a corner splash, but Sid recovers and attacks Sting. Sid & Vader double team him and Vader hits a flying avalanche before attempting a superplex. Sting blocks it with biting, but he falls victim to more double teaming. Sid eventually misses an elbow, so Sting tags Davey. However, Sid cuts off his attack. Vader then hits Davey with a Samoan Drop and a Vader Bomb, but Sting breaks up the pin. Sid and Sting fight to the ramp, so Vader goes to the top and hits a moonsault!! Sting spots him, so he flies into the ring to break up the pin and Bulldog surprises Vader with a crucifix pin for the win.

This was a really fun match. They kept it exciting from start to finish and busted out some great spots. I always love seeing Vader do his moonsault. It’s so impressive. It also helps that this was the only match that got a good reaction from the crowd. I guess they let Davey get the win because they’re still building his feud with Vader, but I think Sting looked more impressive in this.

Winners: Sting & Bulldog (16:44)

After the match, an angry Vader throws a fit and bops Tony on the shoulder. (Tony practically no-sells it. I’m guessing Vader wasn’t supposed to do it.) Tony and Jesse then recap the night and Jesse says he’s going to grab the girls and head to New Orleans. Tony ignores that comment and says goodnight.

The Good:

– The main event was fun.

– The Scorpio & Bagwell tag match was good.

– It was nice seeing Regal.

The Bad:

– The other matches were either bad or underwhelming.

– The crowd was dead for much of the show.

– Erik Watts is still around, for some reason.

Performer of the Night:

I’m going to give it to Vader. He was impressive as always and I always love seeing him do the moonsault. Plus, I got a good chuckle from Vader randomly smacking Tony Schiavone after the match.

Final Thoughts:

This show was below average. Most of the card was unimpressive and lackluster. The main event was fun, but it didn’t feel important. This was another PPV where the WCW Title was treated as an afterthought. (Vader is still champion, but he was in a tag match.) It wasn’t a terrible show, but it was underwhelming.

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