Classic Wrestling Review: Halloween Havoc ’94

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Halloween Havoc

October 23, 1994

Joe Louis Arena

Detroit, Michigan

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News & Notes: After Fall Brawl, some new twists were added to the Hogan/Flair storyline. We already knew they would face each other in a cage with Hogan’s career on the line. But, it was announced that Mr. T would be the special referee. This seemed to favor Hogan until someone captured footage of Mr. T leaving Michael Jordan’s restaurant in Chicago with Ric Flair. Also, Hogan’s new buddy Dave Sullivan goaded Flair into putting his career up for stakes in the Cage Match as well. Now, the loser of the match must retire. WCW constantly told fans that this would be the last time we see these two men fight, but I think we all know better.

In other news, Sting is on this show, but he doesn’t wrestle. I don’t believe he was injured. I think WCW wanted the focus to be on Hogan/Flair. So, they didn’t put Sting in a match. They know he’s still seen as a top star in the company. I can understand WCW not wanting to overuse him, but I get the feeling Hogan might have pushed for this. I doubt he wanted to be overshadowed. Don’t quote me on that. It’s just a hunch.

Halloween Havoc opens with clips of Flair and Hogan talking trash to each other. There apparently isn’t room for the two of them in this town and Hogan is going to tear Flair limb from limb. The audio is mixed with a funky beat that doesn’t quite fit the tone. It sounds like they’re competing in a dance-off instead of a Cage Match.

Tony Schiavone welcomes everyone to Detroit while they show Muhammad Ali in the crowd. Tony is with Bobby Heenan and Mean Gene. Their names appear on screen with some Halloween-themed graphics. They’re rather derpy-looking—pumpkins? Yeah, let’s go with that. Heenan is still wearing his neck brace, but he’s upgraded to a nicer one. Heenan sings the praises of Detroit’s music and sports history, but he calls the Lions the pussy cats. Gene then makes reference to Nancy Kerrigan before Bobby claims Hulkamania ends tonight. Gene responds by accusing Heenan of using his neck brace as an insurance scam. Gene also plugs his hotline and promises to explain why Sting isn’t wrestling tonight.

Next, they introduce T. Graham Brown to sing the national anthem. WCW must have improved their budget since Fall Brawl because they booked a much more successful country star this month. He does a pretty good rendition while they show everyone’s favorite Hulk Hogan fan staring intently at the American flag.

TV Title Match: Johnny B. Badd (c) vs. The Honky Tonk Man

Notes: The Honky Tonk Man joined WCW in September and immediately said he was gunning for the TV Title. I guess being Hogan’s buddy gives him that privilege. He’s facing Johnny B. Badd, who is wearing some plastic vampire teeth. Tony says, “My goodness, he’s got fangs on!” Tony also rags on Honky for being unable to sing or play guitar like T. Graham Brown. Heenan responds by calling Badd a show-off and an impersonator. He made me realize this match is essentially an Elvis impersonator facing a Little Richard rip-off. Before the match, Honky tries to grab the TV Title from the ref, but Nick Patrick is too quick for him.

The Match: Honky does some stalling and they trade holds until Badd ruffles Honky’s hair. Then, they trade punches and knees until Honky takes control and tries to slow down the match with chinlocks. He uses lots of chinlocks in this bout. Badd fights back with slams and a sunset flip. He also blocks a Shake, Rattle, & Roll attempt. But, Johnny misses a corner charge. Time ticks down, but Honky keeps returning to rest holds and Heenan doesn’t understand why. There is less than a minute left, and Badd misses the Kiss that Doesn’t Miss, so I guess that name is a lie. Honky responds with a suplex and they scramble for a pin, but time expires.

Thoughts: I don’t quite understand the story they were attempting. Honky looked foolish for slowing the pace with holds. Even Heenan didn’t understand his lack of urgency. It was a slow match and mostly consisted of punches and chinlocks. Badd had almost no offense. If you’re going to do a draw, then the closing moments should be frantic, but we didn’t get that. This was bad, and the fans rightfully booed it.

Winner: Time Limit Draw (10:00)

After the match, Honky sneaks behind Badd and tries to give him an atomic drop. But, Badd no-sells it and sends Honky packing. He then celebrates while Heenan claims Honky would have won if it went a few more seconds. Next, Tony introduces a video package that recaps the Hogan/Flair feud. They show the masked man attacking Hogan. Gene claims Hogan walked the two blocks back from the hospital for his match with Flair. Can Hulk not afford a driver? Also, they show clips from Main Event where Hogan tries to unmask the attacker, but it was a decoy. The real masked man attacks from behind. Finally, Gene dishes a little dirt by showing footage of Mr. T and Ric Flair leaving Michael Jordan’s restaurant in Chicago. Tony questions whose side Mr. T is on, so Heenan realizes he has nothing to worry about. Also, I’m sure Heenan wrote down the line “Whose side is he on,” for later use.

Tag Team Title Match: Pretty Wonderful vs. Stars & Stripes (c)

Notes: Stars & Stripes won the Tag Team Titles from Pretty Wonderful on an episode of Main Event. Bagwell kept his streak of winning titles on free TV alive. The poor guy can’t seem to get a big moment on PPV. Now, they are defending those titles in a rematch.

Stars & Stripes traded their patriotic theme music for some generic rock. I guess Hacksaw Jim Duggan declared only he is allowed to use John Philip Sousa music! They enter the arena, and we get a good look at the entrance. It’s filled with styrofoam headstones. One of them says Crockett on it. I’m pretty sure Jim Crockett is still alive. I’m unsure how he feels about that. Also, during the match, Heenan jokes he thinks the Patriot is Al Gore because they’re both from D.C.

The Match: The match quickly becomes a brawl and spills to the floor. Soon, they return to the ring and Stars & Stripes use quick tags to take turns working on Roma’s arm. Orndorff gets the same while Tony and Bobby argue about tags. Then, Pretty Wonderful attempt some double teaming, but Stars & Stripes regain control. However, Bagwell ends up in trouble once more. Pretty Wonderful double team him. Bagwell attempts a cross body and a sleeper, but neither work. The Patriot eventually has enough and ignores the ref to enter the match illegally. The ref is distracted by the Patriot while Bagwell nails a bridging Fisherman’s Suplex. So, Roma uses the opening to land a flying elbow and Pretty Wonderful get the win.

Thoughts: This was another surprisingly good match with these teams. It wasn’t quite as solid as their last one, but I enjoyed it. There was some good tag team psychology and Bagwell played his part well. However, Patriot looked a bit foolish again. This is twice now he cost his team a match because he ignored the ref. They’re not doing a good job of making him look smart.

Winners: Pretty Wonderful (New Champions) (13:47)

Mean Gene is backstage with Ric Flair and Sensuous Sherri. Gene doesn’t know if Sherri can keep a lid on it, but Flair assures him she can. Ric promises the greatest celebration when Hogan is no longer with them. He says it all comes to an end courtesy of the limousine-riding, jet-flying, wheeling-dealing, son of a gun. He also tells Hogan not to watch any tapes or videos before saying, “Your butt! My butt! It’s all on the line!” Then, Flair calls Sherri the Queen and asks if she’s ready to go. She screams for a bit and repeats what Flair says, so he screams too and both of them woo. This promo was all butts and screams. It was great. Tony brings up the fact that Flair said the price is right, so he still thinks Mr. T sold out to Ric.

Tony also says it was Dave Sullivan that goaded Flair into putting his career on the line, which transitions to a recap of the Sullivans feud. On WCW Saturday Night, Kevin berated his brother Dave for accepting gifts from Hulk Hogan. Dave said Hulk told him he was a man, and he has something for Kevin. He asks Dave what it is. It turns out it’s a slap to the face. Later, Kevin responds by attacking Dave during Hogan’s match.

Dave Sullivan vs. Kevin Sullivan

Notes: Kevin Sullivan finally had enough of his brother Dave being a Hulk Hogan mark. Hogan gave Dave presents, including the boots he wore when he wrestled Andre the Giant. Hulk referred to them as magic slippers. This infuriated Kevin, so he stepped up the abuse of his brother. Hogan then encouraged Dave to fight back, which led to this match.

Dave enters the arena with his new theme music. It is possibly the most ridiculous theme in the history of wrestling. It’s called, “I Want to Be a Hulkamaniac” and it includes a chorus of children singing. The song was featured on Hogan’s album. Yes, Hogan released a CD. It was named “Hulk Hogan and the Wrestling Boot Band” and it was every bit as bad as you’d think. They show children in the crowd during Dave’s entrance, but they don’t seem impressed. Perhaps they can’t understand why Dave does the ear cupping with his hand backward. It’s because he’s dyslexic. Get it? WCW apparently thinks that’s how it works.

The Match: Kevin jumps Dave and they brawl to the floor a couple of times. Dave blocks and reverses getting rammed into the corner. But, Kevin runs Dave into the post on the floor. Kevin then follows that up with a running knee attack on the ropes and a couple of double stomps. However, Dave slams Kevin off the top rope and hits a big boot. Kevin senses he’s in trouble and tries to dupe Dave into thinking he wants peace. Dave falls for it and Kevin attacks until they spill outside again. Kevin sends him into the post a second time, but Dave manages to roll inside the ring before the ten and Kevin is counted out of the match.

Thoughts: This was mindless punching and kicking. The fans barely seemed to care, and some were even yelling insults at Dave. This wasn’t interesting, but at least it was kept short. This is the blow-off. Normally I’d dislike such a weak ending, but I’m just glad it’s done. Kevin is about to move on to other things, but we haven’t seen the last of Dave Sullivan.

Winner: Dave Sullivan (by Count Out) (5:17)

Heenan visibly grimaces at Dave Sullivan’s music before blaming Hogan for the Sullivan situation. Then, he mocks Hogan for his bad leg. Next, they recap the Dustin Rhodes/Arn Anderson feud. They show everything that has happened so far, except for Fall Brawl. The video consists of Arn’s heel turn and his attack on Dustin, but War Games isn’t mentioned.

Dustin Rhodes vs. Arn Anderson (w/ Col. Parker & Meng)

Notes: It’s a bit strange they would do a one-on-one match between these two after War Games. It felt like that was the blow-off to the feud. They’re doing things a little backward. I think even they realized that because they ignored the events of Fall Brawl before this bout.

On a side note, I have to point out something I forgot during my Fall Brawl review because it’s too funny to ignore. Dusty Rhodes told an amusing story about War Games in interviews. Apparently, Col. Parker soiled himself during the War Games match. Heenan even pointed it out on commentary. I’m unsure how I missed it. It doesn’t help that Parker was wearing white pants.

The Match: They grapple and trade holds until Arn complains of hair-pulling. Tony rightfully points out he has barely any hair. Dustin blocks a kick and nails a lariat. But, Arn crotches him on the ropes and attempts a superplex. Dustin blocks that and gives Arn a flying clothesline. They fight back and forth and brawl on the floor until Arn collides with the post on a missed clothesline. So, Dustin focuses on Arn’s arm as revenge for his attacks. However, Dustin flies out of the ring on a missed lariat. Next, they brawl back and forth and Dustin reverses a DDT attempt into a Stun Gun. Heenan calls Rhodes a copy cat for stealing that move. Arn tries to respond by pinning Dustin with his feet on the ropes, but the ref catches him. They argue, so Dustin uses the opening to roll up Arn for the win.

Thoughts: This was very solid, but I’m unsure the intensity matched the feud. It’s a shame WCW had a no blood policy because this could have used some. These two are supposed to hate each other. The post-match antics show the rivalry isn’t over, so it’s not completely disappointing. But, I felt like it could have been more than it was.

Winner: Dustin Rhodes (9:50)

After the bell, Arn gives Dustin a DDT and attacks him. The officials arrive to stop it, but Parker continues yelling at Rhodes. Cappetta announces Dustin as the winner, but Heenan says he doesn’t look like one.

Meanwhile, Mean Gene is backstage with Hulk Hogan, Jimmy Hart, and Brother Brutai. The latter is the former Brutus Beefcake. They call him Brutai because the WWF owned the Beefcake name. Gene calls Brutus the big brother. I’m pretty sure he’s younger than Hogan and he’s certainly not larger. I have no idea what Gene means. Gene asks Hogan about tomorrow, but Hogan wants to talk about the previous night. Hogan says he tried to sneak into Detroit in camouflage. However, he says Brutai only acted like he was camouflaged. It’s no wonder Brutus does what he does with little jabs like that! Hulk then talks about Hulkamania running wild and anti-Flair signs. He also compares his match to slamming Andre. Next, Gene asks about Mr. T and casts doubt. However, Hulk claims he trusts T because he looked him in the eyes. Mr. T claimed he would call the match fairly, but Hogan warned him to watch Flair. Hogan says he’s afraid Ric might try to suck—sucker Mr. T. Whoa! It’s not that kind of match, Hogan! Gene also brings up the celebrities, but Hogan says he doesn’t care about them. I’m sure they loved that. Hogan talks strategy and asks Flair what he’s gonna do when he retires him. Brutus never said a word during this promo. He stood in the back and made faces, which distracted Gene a few times.

Next, Tony recaps what happened to Steve Austin at Fall Brawl. They show all 30-seconds of the match. I didn’t want to be reminded of that.

U.S. Title Match: Hacksaw Jim Duggan (c) vs. Stunning Steve Austin

Notes: Tony says Austin had the shortest U.S. Title reign of all-time. He might be correct. I haven’t looked. Tony also says Detroit is Duggan’s town because it’s where they make American cars. Tony then claims he drove by the factories earlier in the day, so Heenan mocks him for being boring. He says Tony does nothing but drive by empty buildings. Tony doesn’t defend himself. He almost seems to agree. However, their conversation is ended when Austin jumps Duggan before the bell.

The Match: Duggan answers with clotheslines and a slam before grabbing a sleeper hold. Austin returns fire by attacking Jim’s leg until Duggan shoves him into the corner. He rolls up Austin with a handful of tights, and I saw more of Austin’s ass than I ever wanted. However, Austin attacks the leg again only for Jim to shove him to the floor. Steve calls for timeout and even offers a handshake, but Duggan doesn’t buy it. Jim throws punches that cause Austin to seek solace with the ref. Steve uses the opening to kick Jim low, but Nick Patrick has none of it. He warns Austin and pulls him away by the hair. Austin drops some elbows until he misses one and then bounces around like a pinball for Duggan. Then, Duggan attempts the running clothesline, but Austin back drops him over the ropes for a DQ.

Thoughts: This was a fairly entertaining match until the lame finish. Austin might have hated the situation, but he made the best of it. He bumped his ass off to make Duggan look good. I was disappointed to see the match end like that. They could have gone longer, and I wouldn’t have minded it. They would have a rematch. However Austin, unfortunately, suffers a knee injury that would put him out of action for a few months.

Winner: Jim Duggan (by DQ) (8:02)

Austin continues his attack after the match, but Duggan grabs his 2×4 and makes Steve retreat. Cappetta announces the result, so fans cheer and tell Austin he sucks. It’s refreshing to hear a heel get some actual heat. Austin was great at making fans hate him during this period.

Next, Gene is in the aisle plugging the hotline while Austin and Duggan walk behind him. Gene then introduces Sting for an interview. Sting arrives looking like a bleached-blond James Bond, and says he’s going to park himself ringside to see who will lead wrestling into the 90s. Someone needs to remind Sting they’re already four years into the decade. Sting heads to his seat, which Gene says is next to Muhammad Ali. So, Gene sends it back to Tony and Bobby. He throws in a weasel reference, which annoys Bobby. Heenan also seems bothered by something a fan yells.

Then, Tony talks about the next match between Vader and Guardian Angel. They show clips from their previous matches, except Spring Stampede. I guess they don’t want to acknowledge The Boss character. They also show Vader and Race attacking Angel on WCW Saturday Night. Vader gives Angel a Vader Bomb and a moonsault while Heenan calls Angel donut breath. Later, Angel handcuffs Race to the ring post and tries to hit him with a chair, but Doug Dillinger stops him.

Big Van Vader (w/ Harley Race) vs. The Guardian Angel

Notes: They have to keep Vader warm until it’s time for his feud with Hogan, but it feels like this is the rivalry that never ends. Vader and Angel have had numerous matches. They’ve been fighting since February.

Angel walks to the ring with some members of the Guardian Angels, but they don’t remain in his corner. Heenan jokingly refers to them as a Boy Scout troop. Vader then enters the arena while they show Sting whispering to Muhammad Ali, who appears to be asleep. Then, Vader pays respect to Ali. He seems amused, but Ali’s grandson is looks frightened. Vader and Race then enter the ring, but Angel attacks both of them and knocks Harley to the floor.

The Match: The two men trade slaps and hard strikes before Vader nails multiple short-arm clotheslines. They brawl to the floor, but Angel reverses Vader into the rail and goes after Harley. Angel takes him into the ring and slams him, so Tony says Angel has broken bad. Huh? Did Angel start making meth?? Then, Angel slams Vader onto Race and gives Vader some headbutts. The match becomes a slug-fest until Angel catches Vader off the ropes with a slam. Angel also hits a flying headbutt and a dropkick, but Vader responds with a clothesline and sells that his arm is hurt. Next, Vader nails a Vader Bomb for two. He attempts another, but Angel raises his knees. Angel then tries a spinebuster and the Boss Man Slam, but Race distracts him. Angel chases Race and suplexes him into the ring. However, this leaves Angel open for a Vader splash, and Vader gets the win.

Thoughts: This was another fun hard-hitting match between these two, but I think I’m done seeing this. It wasn’t different enough from their previous bouts. It would be good for them to move on from this rivalry. Vader needs to move on to bigger things, but that doesn’t leave Angel with much. I think he needs this feud more than Vader.

Winner: Vader (8:17)

Next, Gene plugs the hotline again and they show Jimmy Hart talking with Chris Cruise and Mike Tenay. Gene then welcomes boxing great, Thomas the Hitman Hearns. He has a look on his face like he’d rather be elsewhere. Gene compares Hogan vs. Flair to Hearns’ fights with Sugar Ray Leonard. Tommy blandly agrees and claims he’s looking forward to the match. Gene talks about the retirement stipulation. Hearns says both men can’t think about anything but win win win. Gene then thanks him for his time before sending it back to Tony and Bobby.

Tony talks about the next match and recaps the Nasty Boys/Funk & Buck feud. They speak about Meng and the Stud Stable attacking the Nasties after Fall Brawl. They show footage of Dusty recruiting the Nasty Boys and the aforementioned attack. Meng absolutely clobbers a shirtless Knobbs in the locker room. I honestly wondered if Knobbs owed Meng money. The Nasties return the attack to Funk & Buck on Saturday Night, but Parker holds back Meng.

The Nasty Boys vs. Terry Funk & Bunkhouse Buck (w/ Col. Parker & Meng)

Notes: Funk mutters and yells on the way to the ring while they show some kids booing them. One kid apparently stuck his tongue out long enough that it remained that way. Meanwhile, the Nasties bring a jack-o-lantern to ringside, but Heenan claims it’s a likeness of Sags. He places it in the corner of the ring. Knobbs also throws a Beavis & Butthead mask into the crowd. Heenan surprisingly recognizes it, despite the camera never getting a good look. I wouldn’t have taken Heenan for a fan of that show. Then, the Nasties attack Funk & Buck and a dazed Funk starts punching his own partner before they calm him.

The Match: Knobbs and Funk brawl, so Funk tries using a chair. Sags responds by rubbing his ass in Terry’s face and then rubbing Funk’s face in Knobbs’ arm pit. The Nasties refer to that as the Pit Stop or Pity City. Funk is so disgusted he calls Sags a son of a bitch, but the Nasties respond with clubberin’. They send Buck & Funk to the floor and Terry recovers the only way he knows how—by bashing himself in the head with a chair. Funk & Buck finally take control when they attack Sags on the floor, but Sags eventually hits a double facebuster. Knobbs enters the match and Buck trips him. Then, Buck tries using an object. The ref catches him, but that was the plan. Meng uses the distraction to interfere and accidentally hits Funk. The Nasties capitalize and Sags piledrives Funk onto the jack-o-lantern to pick up the win.

Thoughts: This was good fun. It was no technical marvel and it wasn’t even long, but it was entertaining. Funk was great and I hate saying it, but even the Nasties were good. Will I have to change my opinion of the Nasty Boys? I think only time will tell. I kind of doubt it.

Winners: The Nasty Boys (7:56)

Tony and Bobby then talk about the main event before Tony speaks about Muhammad Ali’s charity. Proceeds from Halloween Havoc went to a donation for the foundation. They go to the ring for a presentation. Gene is with WCW President Bill Shaw, Eric Bischoff, and Muhammad Ali. Shaw calls Ali the greatest and presents him with a check. Then, Gene introduces Bischoff and reminds the crowd that he’s from the area. The fans give him mild applause while Bischoff presents Ali with a plaque.

Then, Tony and Bobby speak more about the main event. Tony says he’s known Flair a long time, but he sings Hogan’s praises. He keeps interrupting Heenan, so Bobby becomes hot. He yells that Flair will win the title the 12th time and tells Hogan to take a hike. A small Hogan sucks chant started while Mr. T enters the arena.

Steel Cage Retirement Match for the WCW Title: Hulk Hogan (c) (w/ Jimmy Hart) vs. Ric Flair (w/ Sensuous Sherri)

Notes: Buffer does the introductions and says Flair is unaccustomed to the role of challenger. Flair is an 11-time champion. I’m pretty sure he’s quite accustomed to it. Then, Hogan enters, and Brother Brutai nearly trips over the entrance set. Buffer calls Hogan the King of Hulkmania. That’s not a typo. Michael doesn’t know it’s Hulkamania. Buffer also tries to introduce Mr. T, but he keeps getting interrupted by Hogan’s posing. You can see Michael smirk. He finally gives his signature line, and the cage lowers over the ring. It looks rickety as they secure it in place. This isn’t the high-quality cages the WWF uses. Also, there are no escape rules in this Cage Match. It can only end by pin or submission.

The Match: Hogan quickly resorts to eye-rakes, choking and even biting. Mr. T admonishes him and stops his cheating. Then, both men take turns ramming each other into the cage. Flair keeps attacking Hogan’s knee, but Hulk shakes off some of his moves. Whenever Flair is in trouble, he climbs the cage and Hogan crotches him on the ropes twice. But, Ric finally takes control and focuses on Hogan’s leg. He locks Hulk in the Figure Four until Hogan reverses it. Then, Hogan fights back and accidentally wipes out Mr. T with a shoulder block. Sherri attempts to interfere, but Jimmy Hart pulls her down from the cage and rips off her skirt in the process. Hart is so startled by what he did he runs into a cameraman. Then, the Masked Man arrives and stops Sting and Hart from helping Hogan. Flair, Sherri, and the Masked Man attack Hulk and cuff Mr. T to the ropes. Flair then suplexes Hogan, but he no-sells it and fends off both Flair and Sherri. Hogan shows no shame in beating a woman before shaking off Ric’s chops. Then, Hogan hulks-up and hits the leg drop for the win.

Thoughts: This was a highly entertaining match. I enjoyed it. The crowd was absolutely hot, and they structured the match just right. I thought Hogan even gave Flair a surprising amount of offense. They had to throw in a bit of bells and whistles, but that’s okay. It’s a Hogan. It needs a little extra. Also, Heenan was great on commentary. He did a good job of showing his hatred for Hogan and injecting some emotion into the match.

Winner: Hulk Hogan (19:25)

The cage raises and Hogan celebrates with Mr. T after Doug Dillinger unlocks the cuffs. Heenan starts crying while Hogan hugs Ali. He says he hopes the fans are happy. Hogan poses for a while, but the Masked Man returns. He tries hitting Hogan with a pipe, but Hulk catches him. He knocks the man down with a punch and motions he’s going to remove the mask. He succeeds and reveals—

Brother Brutai! Hogan turned to pander to the crowd, so he doesn’t see his face until he turns. Hogan reacts with shock while Heenan yells, “He’s butchered a friendship!” That line sets up Brutus’ new name, The Butcher. Hogan demands an answer, but Kevin Sullivan arrives. Also, Tony says the building is rumbling like an avalanche. He says this because the former Earthquake has arrived. WCW calls him Avalanche because they can’t use the Earthquake name. Avalanche gives Hogan a powerslam and then nails the Avalanche Splash. Gene joins the commentary booth as Sting arrives and attacks Sullivan and Avalanche. He drives them away from the ring and checks on Hogan.

If you’re wondering why Sullivan was involved, it’s because he orchestrated the attack on Hogan. Sullivan, Butcher, and Avalanche would form a group named The Three Faces of Fear. I’m unsure Brutus Beefcake is fearsome, but the other two make some sense. Avalanche joined WCW after leaving the WWF. He had a disagreement with Vince over his creative direction and decided it was time to go. He would then contact Hogan about getting a job in WCW, and they were happy to sign him.

Gene, Tony, and Bobby talk about what happened. Gene says Butcher was like a brother to Hogan. Heenan responds he wasn’t a good brother. I’m sure Gallows & Anderson would agree he’s no good brother. Gene then says he’s shocked while Sting aids an injured Hogan. Everyone recaps the end of the match and Bobby cries again. He accuses Hogan of always keeping Brutus behind him and he’s not really wrong. Finally, Gene says he respects Ric Flair and will miss him. Tony thanks everyone involved with the show and says goodnight, but Heenan interrupts him with his crying.

The Good:

– The Tag Title Match was good.

– Vader/Angel was fun.

– The Nasties/Funk & Buck was entertaining.

– The Main Event was done well.

The Bad:

– The Sullivans Match

– The opener

– The finish of Austin/Duggan

Performer of the Night:

I’m giving it to three people. First, I want to commend Steve Austin for bumping like a boss to make Duggan look good, despite his frustrations. Second, I want to give Flair credit for crafting a fun match with Hogan. Finally, I want to praise Heenan’s commentary. His hatred of Hogan made the main event even more fun.

Final Thoughts:

This event was hit and miss. There was some good stuff, but it was mixed with some disappointment and a couple of bad matches. I think it was overall decent, but a step down from the previous shows. This year started so well, but it’s starting to take a downturn, and that will continue.

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Written by Paul Matthews

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