Classic Wrestling Review: SuperBrawl V

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SuperBrawl V

February 19, 1995

Baltimore Arena

Baltimore, Maryland

News & Notes: At the January Clash of the Champions, Hogan & Savage faced Kevin Sullivan & The Butcher. Vader sat ringside for the match and taunted Hogan. Then, he attacked him after the bout and gave him a powerbomb. He has been on a rampage ever since. If that weren’t bad enough, Ric Flair also reappeared. He promised to attend SuperBrawl, but he claimed to be an innocent bystander. After all, he is retired—right? We all know how long those last in wrestling.

Meanwhile, Sting’s issues with the Three Faces of Fear added a new wrinkle. The Guardian Angel was the special ref for a Sting vs. Avalanche match at Clash of the Champions. Sting had Avalanche in the Scorpion Deathlock and he seemingly submitted. However, Angel refused to call for the bell. Another ref arrived and ended the match, so Angel snapped. He attacked the ref and Sting before leaving. Gene interviewed him to get an explanation. What he got instead were a few expletives. Angel had an amusing line where he said, “That referee wasn’t even supposed to be in the riiiiiiiing!” Then, Angel said he was tired of standing for law and justice. He was going back to his roots and wanted to be called by his old moniker. Big Bubba Rogers returned. Bubba ditched the beret and t-shirts for suspenders and dress shirts and a nice hat. Now, he will team with Avalanche to face Sting & Savage.

I also have one side note before I begin. When this PPV aired live, the first ten minutes were a black screen due to technical difficulties. I remember this from when I watched it in the 90s. A full version existed because of home video, but the WWE Network had the clipped version for a while. Thankfully, WWE fully restored the PPV on the network.

The show opens with Vader and Hogan talking lots of trash. Hogan says Vader is focused on destruction, but Vader wants to talk about fear. He calls fear a demon. Hogan believes the only thing to fear is fear itself. He also says he’s focused and will cut Vader down to size. Then, Hogan says his usual catchphrases while Vader simply screams SuperBrawl over and over.

Tony Schiavone welcomes everyone to SuperBrawl Sunday. Wait, SuperBrawl Sunday!? Can they even afford to pay Tony? I DON’T KNOW!! What I do know is Tony is with Mean Gene and Bobby Heenan. Gene calls Hogan vs. Vader a dream match, but he says he has second thoughts about it. He’s worried because Vader wants to put Hogan out for good. Heenan talks about Vader going berserk and says Hogan is in deep deep—trouble. Then, Tony says they have footage of Vader going berserk.

A limo arrives, and the door opens for a moment. Tony claims he saw Flair inside. The door closes again before Vader emerges and threatens the cameraman. Another limo pulls up, and Vader thinks it’s Hogan. Schiavone informs everyone it was his limo. Why did Tony get a limo? Did Heenan or Gene get one? Vader proceeds to harass the limo driver and grabs him by his tie. Gene claims he has the guy by the tongue. Vader then says he smells Hogan. He tries opening the door before smashing the window with his fist. He thankfully didn’t pull a Goldberg. Schiavone has enough and exits the limo, so Vader leaves. Later, Vader appears on Main Event. He shoves Eric Bischoff and attacks Stars & Stripes after their match. He powerbombs everyone and tells Hogan he can run, but he can’t hide. Finally, the footage ends and Gene plugs an interview he will have later with Ric Flair. I’m surprised he didn’t plug the hotline too.

Alex Wright vs. Pretty Paul Roma

Notes: The story here is that Roma was jealous of the female attention Alex Wright was getting. I guess art imitates life. Roma was jealous, but not for that reason. I will explain more after the match. Tony and Heenan talk about Roma’s jealousy while they show some of the women who like Alex Wright. It consists of a grandmother and a blonde with 80s hair. I don’t think Roma has any reason to worry. However, Wright does because Roma attacks him while he dances.

The Match: Roma press slams Alex and mocks his dancing, but Wright catches him in some arm drags. Alex keeps working the arm, but Roma looks more bored than anything. He cares so little he argues with fans instead of selling. Then, Orndorff arrives at ringside. I’m guessing someone backstage sent him to tell Roma to be professional. It didn’t work. Roma takes control with elbow drops and backbreakers. He also blocks a slingshot sunset flip and barely cooperates on some pin attempts. Paul attempts slowing down the match with chinlocks. After an escape, Wright misses a dropkick and Roma decides to make the match about him. He leaps to the top rope and nails a flying elbow, but he pulls Alex up before the three-count. Alex fights back with uppercuts only for Roma to sandbag him on a hip toss. Next, Wright does a flying cross body and they land near the ropes. Orndorff puts Roma’s foot on them. Roma continues his attack, but he stops to talk with Orndorff. Wright uses the opening to dropkick Roma into him and rolls him up for the win. The only problem is, Roma kicks out at the three-count and complains it was two.

Thoughts: This match was a mess. Paul Roma no-sold most of Wright’s offense and barely cooperated with him on the rest. Roma has admitted in interviews that he purposefully tried to sabotage this. He didn’t think Wright deserved his push and did everything he could to make him look bad. WCW would thankfully fire Roma because of his behavior. So, it backfired on him. You could see the frustration on Alex’s face. I felt bad, but I thought he did well enough despite his lack of experience.

Winner: Alex Wright (13:21)

Heenan wants a replay of the finish, but they refuse to show one for obvious reasons. They go instead to Mean Gene with the Tag Team Champions Harlem Heat, and Sister Sherri. Gene says the titles will be on the line against the Nasty Boys. Sherri responds the Nasties went crying to everyone but her to get an opportunity. So, she says there will be no punches pulled, and the Nasties will be the losers. Then, Gene turns to Stevie Ray and calls him Booker T. Stevie corrects racist Mean Gene. He also says you smoke or get smoked and there ain’t nothing to it but to do it. Next, Gene turns to Booker who says, “One thing the Nasty Boys need to remember. Three things!” Um—what? The one—three things are they have the belts, they’re the baddest thing in WCW, and they have Sister Sherri. Finally, Booker says they better be big and bad enough to get some because they have a new move. It will be a Harlem Hangover. I like Harlem Heat’s intensity, but this promo was both absurd and hilarious.

Hacksaw Jim Duggan vs. Bunkhouse Buck (w/ Col. Parker & Meng)

Notes: There isn’t much build for this match. It exists to set up a feud and give Duggan something to do. You can tell how little the commentators care. Tony spends most of the entrances plugging the hotline. They even show Savage speaking with Mikey Tenay. Heenan makes fun of Duggan a little, but they don’t start talking about the match until Buck tries to attack. Duggan fends him off while still holding the American flag.

The Match: They trade punches until the fight spills to the floor. Duggan rips Buck’s good shirt, so Bunkhouse sends him into the post. Duggan barely sells the attack and soon has Buck in a chinlock. He even works on Buck’s arm. This is the most wrestling I’ve seen from Duggan. It doesn’t last long. The match returns to brawling and Jim rams Buck into the turnbuckles. Buck finally takes control by using a rope on Duggan’s throat and they brawl to the floor again. Some female ring attendants are scared by the fighting and I swear Duggan copped a quick feel. They do some more brawling and keep returning to chinlocks as they ran out of ideas. Duggan even returns to working the arm. Then, Duggan clumsily falls over the ropes while trying to punch Col. Parker. You couldn’t tell he got the better of the exchange. Buck is as confused as the rest of us, so Jim uses the opening to hit the running clothesline for the win.

Thoughts: This was awkward and terrible. It was mindless punching, and kicking mixed with nonsensical rest holds. They looked lost half the time. Also, the finish was poorly executed. It shouldn’t have gone over ten minutes. They clearly didn’t have the material for that long.

Winner: Jim Duggan (11:58)

After the bell, Meng enters the ring and gives Duggan a Savate kick. He then places a nerve hold on Jim while the officials try stopping him. They finally convince him to release the hold and Cappetta announces Duggan as the winner. Heenan says Meng is one of the most dangerous men, but Tony replies he’s just a bodyguard. This segment was done to set up a feud between Meng and Duggan because Meng is ready to return to the ring.

Next, Mean Gene is with the Nasty Boys. They’re wearing some custom airbrushed jackets that they show off for the camera. Gene says they’ve smelled the roses and asks them about their battle plan. Sags says it’s hard to think. I don’t doubt it. He then claims they’ll take Harlem Heat to Nastyville one last time and take what belongs to their waists. They’re taking some fat? Oh, he meant the belts. He also tells everyone to get ready for the nastiest time of their life. Then, Gene brings up Sherri. Knobbs threatens to punch her in the face. That’s lovely. He screams about putting up or shutting up and Nasty Boulevard. I mean that seriously. Knobbs yelled so loudly and intensely that I thought his head would explode. I worried about him. Gene tries to wrap it up, but the Nasties keep yelling, “Bring it on!”

Kevin Sullivan (w/ The Butcher) vs. Dave Sullivan

Notes: Dave Sullivan cost Kevin his match at Starrcade. So, Kevin retaliated by cutting up all the gifts Hogan gave to Dave. Then, the Butcher cut off Dave’s hair. I thought he had dropped that gimmick. I guess not. Hogan unsurprisingly didn’t bother helping Dave. Also, Dave no longer has his Hulkamaniac song. I’m glad about this, but it seems like they stripped all Hogan-related aspects of Dave’s gimmick. I guess Hogan realized he didn’t want to be associated with Dave Sullivan in any way.

The Match: Kevin attacks immediately, but Dave slams him multiple times. He also sends Kevin to the floor with the weakest elbow ever. Dave continues his attack by ramming Kevin into turnbuckles and back dropping him. However, Butcher trips Dave. Butcher and Kevin then use ref distractions to their advantage. Dave answers with light choking and even biting, but he falls victim to Butcher’s interference again. Dave makes another comeback with a choke-lift he can barely perform. Then, Kevin accidentally crotches himself on the ropes and Dave rams him into the turnbuckles again. Butcher attempts to stop the attack by distracting Dave. So, Kevin rams Dave into Butcher’s head and rolls him up with a handful of tights.

Thoughts: This PPV is dying a death in the first hour. It desperately needs a good match. This bout was nearly unwatchable. Dave Sullivan cannot wrestle. Almost all his moves look weak. The problem is they had Dave control much of the match. Kevin couldn’t make Dave’s offense look good. This dragged, despite the fact it was only around seven minutes.

Winner: Kevin Sullivan (7:18)

After the match, Butcher writhes around on the floor in pain. He overdoes it. You can see the look of annoyance on Kevin Sullivan’s face. Heenan mentions the plates and screws in Butcher’s face from his parasailing accident. I’ll give Bobby credit for trying to bring sense to this. Butcher was acting like he was dying. Sullivan acts like he’s helping Butcher backstage, but he decides to walk away instead.

Then, Tony tries introducing WCW’s Spanish announce team. Heenan has his back to the camera because he can’t work out how to turn his chair. Tony gives up on Bobby and presents Pedro Morales and Miguel Alonzo. However, Heenan would rather get word from the back about Vader.

Meanwhile, Gene is with Avalanche and Big Bubba Rogers. They will be facing Sting & Savage later. However, Gene would rather reexplain Butcher’s injury and plug his interview with Ric Flair. He finally turns his attention to the two men beside him. Avalanche says don’t worry about Butcher. He wants to talk about Sting & Savage. He says Savage stuck his nose in his business and tells him he’ll feel the Avalanche. Next, Gene tells Bubba not to be a potty mouth again and asks for his thoughts. Bubba complains about people’s expectations of him. He claims he doesn’t live in the shadow of public opinion anymore because he’s a grown man. He then corrects himself to say he’s an overgrown man like Avalanche. He also promises to finish Sting & Macho in front of people all across the COUNTRYYYYYYYY!! I’m unsure why he dragged out the word that way. Bubba then compares their opponents to puppy dogs before leaving. Gene takes the opportunity to poke a little fun at Bubba for his weird promo.

Tag Team Title Match: Harlem Heat (c) (w/ Sister Sherri) vs. The Nasty Boys

Notes: Harlem Heat defeated Stars & Stripes on an episode of Saturday Night to win the Tag Team Titles. They even successfully defended the belts against them at Clash of the Champions. However, WCW announced the Nasty Boys would get a title shot at this PPV. I guess their DQ win at Starrcade was enough. The two teams did brawl after another Harlem Heat/Stars & Stripes match.

The Match: Knobbs and Booker trade arm wringers and slaps until Booker hits the ropes on a missed side kick. Sags then attacks Booker and launches an assault on his—midsection. However, Sags gets caught in the Harlem Heat corner. The Nasties answer with clubbering and begin working on Stevie’s leg. Harlem Heat retakes control by attacking Sags on the floor with Sherri’s help. This control doesn’t last long because Sags doesn’t feel like selling much. Sherri even slaps Sags. Harlem Heat then realizes chinlocks are the only thing working and use them endlessly. Booker also uses an axe kick, but Sags answers with a powerslam. He finally makes a hot tag and Knobbs cleans house. The match becomes a brawl and Sags throws Booker over the top rope. Sherri attempts interference, but she accidentally hits Stevie and Knobbs rolls him up for the win. Or does he? Randy Anderson arrives and tells Nick Patrick about Sags throwing Booker over the ropes. So, Patrick reverses his decision.

Thoughts: This match was awkward. Sags selling was inconsistent. He would quickly shake off attacks that should have kept him down longer. It hurt the story they were trying to tell. I don’t know if the Nasties were unhappy with Harlem Heat and didn’t want to cooperate. It could be Sags is just bad at selling. Either way, it was a slow and strange match. Then, that lame finish happened. I hate that over the top rule. They are selective when they enforce it. I know they want to continue this feud, but there are better ways to do a DQ. On a side note, didn’t Booker promise to debut the Harlem Hangover? I guess he forgot.

Winners: Harlem Heat (by DQ) (17:07)

Tony and Bobby talk about the upcoming match between Sting & Macho and Avalanche & Bubba. Heenan says Avalanche will destroy Macho and then pesters Tony. He tries speaking, but Heenan keeps repeating, “Believe me!” I don’t know why, but Tony and Bobby seem extra annoyed with each other on this show.

Next, Gene makes a bunch of golf analogies about the city of Baltimore before introducing Randy Savage and Sting. Savage immediately says, “I’M NOT TALKING!” I’m pretty sure that’s exactly what he did. Sting shows off a welt on his chest and says it’s because Savage chopped him. He says Randy bloodied him while they were discussing the match. Then, Sting asks Savage if he wants to talk, but Randy reminds us he’s not talking!! Sting explains Savage is out of his mind and afraid of what he might say. Savage once again claims he’s not talking. Next, Sting says, “Big Bubba! Law order and justice. No more? You’re gonna be no more!!” After that, Sting threatens to drop Avalanche on his head! He then asks Savage if he wants to talk, but Randy yells, “NOT TALKING!!!” Sting decides he doesn’t want to talk either and leaves. This show might be lacking in good matches, but it has had some absurdly entertaining promos.

They go back to Tony and Bobby and Heenan looks rather annoyed. I’m guessing he had an argument with Schiavone during that promo. Tony reminds him they’re on camera and then plugs a new PPV for WCW called Uncensored. He says it will be uncut, and there will be no rules. Then, they talk about the Dustin Rhodes/Blacktop Bully feud. Heenan gives a basic explanation, but then he says, “I’m not talking.” They show a recap video that is a mix of the build and some of the Bully’s debut vignettes. We have seen the Bully before in the crowd, but now he’s a full-fledged character. As I mentioned before, he’s the former Demolition Smash/Repo Man (Barry Darsow). Now, he’s playing a truck driver with an attitude.

The Blacktop Bully (w/ Col. Parker) vs. Dustin Rhodes

Notes: The Blacktop Bully continued showing up in crowds and pestering wrestlers. Then, he attacked Dustin Rhodes. He was arrested for his actions, but Col. Parker paid $75,000 for his bail. The Bully became part of the Stud Stable, and Parker ordered him to take the 75 grand out of Dustin Rhodes’ hide. They would have a few confrontations and the Bully even threatened to turn Dustin into roadkill.

The Bully uses an air horn during his entrance. Tony calls him the loudest and most obnoxious man he’s met since Heenan. Parker and Meng accompany Bully to the ring, but Bockwinkel says Meng isn’t allowed. Nick threatens to suspend Parker if Meng doesn’t leave. It takes a while, but Parker finally complies. It’s okay. I noticed there was a Meng doppelganger sitting in the front row. They could use him instead.

The Match: They immediately brawl and scramble around the mat. Dustin nails a lariat, but the Bully answers with a chop block. Rhodes never removed his jacket, so Bully pulls it over his head and punches him. Then, Bully misses a corner charge. Dustin capitalizes by working on Bully’s arm and shoulder. He keeps cutting off Bully’s comebacks and continues the attack. Even the ref stops a Bully rally. He kicks his hand away when Bully tries blocking a sunset flip. That makes no sense. Finally, Bully sends Dustin to the floor, and Parker attacks him. Bully then controls the match with lots of forearms and basic suplexes. He also ducks when Dustin attempts a cross body and Rhodes tumbles to the floor. However, Dustin rams Bully’s leg into the post and gets revenge for the shirt-based offense earlier. Next, Dustin has to wait for Bully to turn and nails the bulldog. He covers, but Parker puts Bully’s foot on the ropes. Dustin responds by suplexing Parker into the ring and knocks Bully to the apron. He attempts bringing Bully back inside only for Parker to trip him and hold down his leg for a pin.

Thoughts: This match was slow and oddly structured. Bully spent much of the early match fighting from behind. Rhodes was the one taking cheap shots early. Halfway through the match, they finally switched to Bully playing the heel. By then, the fans cared even less than they already did. It also didn’t help that Bully’s offense was slow and mostly punches and kicks. The crowd was dead by the end of this.

Winner: Blacktop Bully (16:10)

Tony and Bobby recap Vader’s chaos from earlier before sending it to Gene for an interview. Gene says he’s reluctant, so Vader throws a chair at him. Vader then gives a shout out to his son before saying it’s Vader time. He tells Hogan he can run and hide no more because the demon of fear is there. Gene asks Vader who was in the limo. Vader tells him it doesn’t matter because Hogan wasn’t in it. He claims he would have ended it there if he was. Then, Vader talks about his dream of a broken bloody Hogan telling him he’s the man. Vader screams who’s the man and then leaves, so Gene calls him nuts. I always love a good shouty Vader promo.

Tony and Bobby discuss the fact they haven’t heard from Hogan. Heenan claims it’s because Hogan is scared. Tony then speculates if Flair was in the limo before sending it to Gene again.

Gene must have run to the arena after his Vader interview. He’s in the aisle and welcomes Ric Flair. Ric takes a moment to look at himself on screen. Gene then asks Ric if he was in Vader’s limo. Ric asks why he would be there. He says he’s in town for the party because WCW is what’s happening. He says it’s because Savage, Sting, and Hogan are all there. However, he predicts Hogan will lose. Then, Gene asks where Flair will be sitting. Ric says he will be in the front row with five women. Gene asks him where he got the women. Ric doesn’t answer that, but he does say there’s a party at the Marriott after the event. Gene nearly drops his mic at the news and says he knows the manager. Flair then walks to his seat and trash talks with a fan. I have to point out the women never arrive. Either Flair lied or Gene got to them first.

Sting & Macho Man Randy Savage vs. Avalanche & Big Bubba Rogers

Notes: Bubba & Avalanche enter together. Heenan is astounded at their combined weight. He says they’re nearly half a ton and claims that’s more than the dandruff on Gene’s shoulders. Unlike their opponents, Sting & Savage get separate entrances. Savage has a remix of “Pomp & Circumstance”. They added a bit of electric guitar to it. I know I’m probably in the minority, but I think I prefer this version. Meanwhile, they show Flair in the front row, but they also show The Great Muta. He’s sitting next to Sony Onoo. Get used that name. We will see quite a bit of him in the future.

The Match: Avalanche shoves Sting around the ring and flexes his massive muscles. Sting responds by attempting to knock over Avalanche. He fails. Bubba grabs Sting from the apron and takes over until Savage stops him. This opens the door for Sting to land a superplex. Then, Savage & Sting pinball Bubba. Next, Savage angers Avalanche with a slap. Savage gets what he wants, but he fails to slam him. Sting then returns and attacks Avalanche’s legs before putting him in the Scorpion Deathlock. However, the match becomes a brawl. Sting nails Stinger Splashes, but Savage is distracted by Flair. He confronts him and has to pull a security guard into position because the man forgot his spot. Meanwhile, Sting and Avalanche fight back and forth until Sting slams him. Bubba interferes and it backfires, so Sting makes a hot tag. Savage cleans house and everyone enters the ring. Randy even lands the flying elbow, but the ref tells him he’s covering the wrong man. So, Sting does a flying clothesline and pins Avalanche. Wait, Savage was the legal man. The ref still didn’t get it correct!

Thoughts: Other than the ref goof, this was a fun match. Finally, we got something good on this show! There were no lulls in this. It was straight action from start to finish. It also had some great spots. Everyone was entertaining in their own right. I love Avalanche’s flexing. Bubba was yelling random nonsense from the apron. Savage was a madman. And, Sting brought the energy. It also woke up the crowd. This show nearly killed them.

Winners: Sting & Savage (10:18)

Tony and Bobby recap the night and hype the hotline. Then, they talk about Hogan and Vader. Heenan interrupts Tony to tell Hogan to come out of hiding and stop being scared. Tony tries justifying why it took so long for this match to happen, but Heenan isn’t buying it. Bobby then claims it’s all over. They show a recap video, including footage of Vader destroying multiple opponents. They also show the confrontation from Starrcade. Vader says there’s no comfort zone or safe place for Hogan. Next, they show Vader powerbombing Hogan at Clash of the Champions.

Gene is with Hulk Hogan and Jimmy Hart. He hypes the match and calls Vader a loose cannon. Hogan goes into brother overdrive. I swear he said it at least thirty times. He says Baltimore is electric. Hogan then speaks about Vader running rampant. He calls this match the final test of his immortality. Hogan tells Vader he will have to bury him six feet under to steal the trust love and devotion of all his Hulkamaniacs. Then, Gene claims he’s concerned for Hogan. Hulk admits even his family advised him to walk away from the match. However, he tells Gene it would be an understatement to say he’s not ready. He tells Vader the power lies in his hand and starts threatening to use dirty tactics again. Next, Hogan mentions Ric Flair and sarcastically jokes it would be a shame if he got involved. Jimmy Hart even gets a chance to speak and says it’s not Vader time. It’s Hulkster time, daddy! Hogan then proceeds to repeat Jimmy’s line, but he says it’s marked in stone. He brings it home with all the usual catchphrases and then adds, “Vader, you’re mine!” I had to watch this promo a few times to take notes. All I could hear the first few attempts was the word brother.

WCW Title Match: Hulk Hogan (c) (w/ Jimmy Hart) vs. Vader

Notes: Vader enters the arena by himself. Harley Race isn’t with him. Vader is wearing his old white cloak, but he appears to give it to a fan. During Hogan’s entrance, Heenan tries explaining some of the boos by claiming they’re saying who. They also say that Hogan got more attention than anyone at the ESPYs after-party. I’m sure ESPN loved that. Michael Buffer does his introductions and still cannot say Hulkamania. He’s doing it on purpose at this point!

The Match: Vader absorbs and shakes off much of Hogan’s offense early in the match. Hulk answers with slaps and a clothesline, but Vader ignores that too. Since that didn’t work, Hogan attempts some mat wrestling to the shock of the commentators. Vader responds with short-arm clotheslines and avalanche attacks, so Hogan regroups. Vader follows, but Hogan whips him into the rail and nearly onto Flair’s lap. However, Vader returns with more clotheslines and Hogan says he’s too strong. Vader then lands the Vader Bomb for a two-count. He follows that up with a moonsault attempt, but he misses. They brawl to the floor, and Hogan uses a chair. The ref sees it and does nothing. Then, they return to the ring where Vader nails a chokeslam. He also does a suplex, but Hogan begins hulking-up. He successfully hits the big boot and leg drop—but Vader kicks out at one!! Hogan is in shock and complains, so Vader attacks from behind. The ref is wiped out in the melee. Vader uses the opening to give Hogan a powerbomb, but there’s no ref. Flair then jumps the guardrail and counts his own three-count before attacking Hogan. The ref recovers as Vader lands a splash, but Hogan hulks-up again. He sends Vader to the floor, but Flair attacks again. The ref finally has enough and calls for the bell.

Thoughts: The finish was a little disappointing, but the rest of the match was great. I was surprised by how strongly they booked Vader. Having him kick out at one on the leg drop is huge. This might be the most giving we’ve seen Hogan in a long time. However, I’m well aware that doesn’t last. Hogan claims he wanted to put over Vader clean here, but WCW had other plans. I take that with a grain of salt, but this is one of the few times I almost believe it. I think it would have been a better idea. They could have had Vader win, and Hogan chases the title again in an almost Rocky-esque storyline.

Winner: Hulk Hogan (by DQ) (15:09)

After the bell, Vader and Flair continue attacking Hogan. Ric attacks Hulk’s leg and puts him in the Figure Four. Vader climbs the ropes, but Savage and Sting arrive to help. Vader and Flair bail and retreat before Savage and Sting can touch them. Then, Vader and Flair high-five. Tony is absolutely convinced it proves Flair was in the limo. Tony demands answers. He’s so upset that he messes up his plug of Uncensored. He calls it Incensored.

The Good:

– The main event was good.

– The Sting/Savage vs. Avalanche/Bubba match was fun.

– There were some entertainingly absurd promos.

The Bad:

– Most of the show was awful.

– Paul Roma’s behavior.

– Another Sullivan Brothers match.

– Some of the finishes were poor.

Performer of the Night:

I’m giving it to Vader. He looked strong and had a good match with Hogan. I would have liked to see him win, but I don’t think he was hurt by the DQ loss.

Final Thoughts:

Only the final two matches were good. That’s not enough to save this show from its abysmal first half. This was not an easy watch. There were times I wanted to turn off the PPV. If you want, watch the last two matches and avoid the rest.

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