Classic Wrestling Review: The Great American Bash ’95

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The Great American Bash

June 18, 1995

Hara Arena

Dayton, Ohio

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News & Notes: The Great American Bash returned after a two-year hiatus. I’m still not sure the exact reason they dropped it from the schedule, but it would remain until the end of WCW. WWE would even use the name after purchasing WCW. However, it is a bit strange WCW now has back-to-back events with the word bash in the title. 

WCW wanted the focus of this event to be Randy Savage vs. Ric Flair. Hulk Hogan and Vader got the night off, but they would appear on the program to hype their rematch. Savage wanted revenge for his father after Slamboree. He almost got his chance during the U.S. Title Tournament when he and Flair reached the semifinals. Unfortunately, the match turned into a backstage brawl before it could begin. Flair escaped in a limo during the melee. 

Meanwhile, another storyline is brewing. They don’t appear in this event, but the Dungeon of Doom is forming. After Slamboree, Kevin Sullivan heeded the call of The Master. It led him to a cave in the jungle. There, the Master promised Sullivan the power to end Hulkamania. Kevin drank from a smoking goblet and transformed into The Taskmaster. By that, I mean he donned a red and yellow tracksuit and put some face paint on his forehead. They would soon add more members, but I’ll elaborate in the next review.

The show opens with the narrator telling us the flag waves for glory across America. Summer has arrived and WCW is in Dayton, Ohio. It’s the birthplace of aviation! He tells us about all the matches and informs everyone the Renegade is hot as a firecracker. He may have a crush. Meanwhile, the Nasty Boys are apparently seeking independence from the British. Also, Randy Savage wants revenge for his father against Ric Flair in an explosive finale. It’s the Great American Bash!

Tony Schiavone is back from his neck surgery. He isn’t wearing a neck brace, but he does have a new haircut. He’s with Bobby Heenan. Tony says it’s apropos the day is Father’s Day because of Randy Savage’s quest for revenge. Heenan thinks Flair went too far, but he also says Savage should have beat up Angelo years ago for being his dad. Tony looks scandalized by the comment. Then, Tony discusses what occurred on Main Event. There was a confrontation between Hogan and Vader and one between Harlem Heat and the Stud Stable. Tony and Bobby don’t waste time. They’re ready for the first match and Tony introduces our ring announcer, Dave Penzer. You may wonder where is Gary Michael Cappetta. He left the company. WCW brought in Michael Buffer to do the main events and started paying Gary less. They also didn’t negotiate a new contract with him. He could see the writing on the wall. Flair convinced him to stay another year, but eventually, he left.

Alex Wright vs. Flyin’ Brian

Notes: Brian Pillman returned from injury in early ‘95. He had a new gimmick. Brian wanted to pursue acting on Baywatch. They gave him the nickname California Brian, which thankfully didn’t stick. There were vignettes of him on set, but I don’t think he appeared in an episode. Don’t worry. WCW will appear on Baywatch soon enough. However, what did stick was Pillman’s new theme song. It was gloriously cheesy and told us all about his love for blonde women. The gimmick change also brought Brian a new attitude. He would slowly drift toward the heel side over the next few months.

The Match: They trade holds, reversals, and head scissors to start the bout. Then, they take turns using submissions. Wright attempts a surfboard and botches it, so Pillman chops him in frustration. Alex responds by sending Brian to the floor. He pulls Alex out with him and chops him so hard Wright doesn’t know what hit him. The hard strikes go back and forth until Pillman gains control for a while. Wright eventually fights back with multiple crossbodies and missile dropkicks. Pillman even crashes into the guardrail on an axehandle attempt. Alex capitalizes with a flying crossbody, but it’s not enough. Pillman seems fatigued and collapses on Irish whips, but it’s a trap. He dropkicks Wright out of the air. Wright answers by crotching Brian on the ropes before they reverse through a German suplex. Finally, Pillman attempts a sunset flip only for Alex to sit on him for the pin.

Thoughts: This was a fun opening match. I liked the story they told of both men becoming frustrated. You could see the edge developing in Pillman. They also set a good pace. It started slow and built to a frenzy. There were a couple of shaky moments, but it was otherwise quite solid. This was a hot way to open the show. Let’s see if they can continue the momentum.

Winner: Alex Wright (15:42)

Next, they show a recap of Diamond Dallas Page’s recent antics. There is footage of him winning arm-wrestling contests mixed with soundbites of DDP’s catchphrases. He dares someone to stop him and tells everyone to zip it. He also calls everyone at home stupid nose-pickers. Then, he says the person who beats him will win a date with his prize possession, The Diamond Doll. Finally, we see DDP defeat Van Hammer with the help of Max Muscle. That was a nice callback. Hammer previously won Jesse Ventura’s arm-wrestling competition. I’m surprised WCW remembered that. 

After the video, Gene is with Dave “Evad” Sullivan. He’s holding his pet rabbit, Ralph. Gene informs him if DDP wins, he gets to put Ralph into a stew. Dave is horrified by this and covers Ralph’s ears. Gene then asks if the Diamond Doll is enough to motivate Dave. He says yes and claims Ralph told him he could win. Gene ignores that bit of nonsense and asks if Dave is dedicating this match to his dad on Father’s Day. Dave answers he will win it for Daddy Sullivan. Gene wants to know the first name, but it’s apparently also Daddy Sullivan. So, his name is Daddy Sullivan Daddy Sullivan? What a terrible name! Next, Gene says he can’t believe the stakes in this match, but Dave assures him the rabbit is okay with it. It appears WCW turned Dave Sullivan into a complete Looney Tunes rip-off. They’re not even subtle about it.

Arm Wrestling Contest: Dave Sullivan (w/ Ralph) vs. Diamond Dallas Page (w/ The Diamond Doll & Max Muscle)

Notes: DDP started doing an arm-wrestling gimmick in ‘95. He claimed to be a champion and apparently amassed 13 million dollars in winnings. He would challenge random wrestlers with the promise of a date with The Diamond Doll (DDP’s real wife, Kimberly) as the prize. However, he would continually win with the help of his bodyguard, Max Muscle. He looks every bit what you’d expect from someone with such a nickname. Eventually, Dave Sullivan became smitten with Diamond Doll and brought her gifts. She even returned the favor and bought him a pet rabbit. This angered DDP, so he challenged Dave to an arm-wrestling contest for the PPV. The usual prize of Kimberly would be on the line, but Dave also had to wager Ralph.

The Match: DDP gives Dave a chance to leave, but he doesn’t take it. Dave turns his hat backward and steps up to the table. I guess he watched Over the Top before this segment. Dallas then stalls a few times, so Dave fires up the crowd. Finally, they lock arms and struggle back and forth. Max even gives DDP some extra leverage. However, Dave scores a surprise victory. The camera missed the finish. The commentators scramble to explain what happened. Eventually, they show a replay. Kimberly stumbled into Max and he bumped Dallas. Tony and Bobby trip over themselves trying to describe the action.

Thoughts: I didn’t have a problem with this. It was kept short and did its job. The crowd reacted well enough to it. It helps build DDP’s character and sets up dissension between him and Max. If they insist on using Dave Sullivan, I’d rather see this than his wrestling. I don’t want to see him at all, but I’ll take what I can get.

Winner: Dave Sullivan

After the match, DDP shoves Max. They argue until Max explains it was Kimberly’s fault. They hug and DDP yells at the Diamond Doll instead. He then meets Mean Gene in the aisle. Gene says DDP lost and the Diamond Doll will go on a date with Dave. DDP disagrees. He says it was a travesty and wants a do-over. He also tells Kimberly they’ll have a long talk. Gene turns to Max for his thoughts. DDP asks him if he won the match. All Max says is, “Absolutely.” Then, DDP calls Dave Sullivan a loser and leaves. Gene ends the segment by subtly mocking Max’s promo abilities.

Tony tries talking about cameras getting footage of Dave Sullivan’s date, but Heenan keeps interrupting him. Then, Tony talks about Sgt. Craig Pittman. He was supposed to face Marcus Bagwell, but Bagwell is injured. Now, he’ll face Jim Duggan. Heenan jokes Pittman will take Duggan’s 2×4 and shove it somewhere.

Hacksaw Jim Duggan vs. Sgt. Craig Pittman

Notes: Sgt. Craig “Pitbull” Pittman was a legitimate Marine Sargent. He was also an accomplished amateur wrestler. WCW gave him the gimmick of a brutal drill Sargent. He’s a PG version of the character from Full Metal Jacket. He was supposed to face Marcus Bagwell in this match. However, Bagwell’s calf implants ruptured and became infected. Yes, I’m serious. That epitomizes Buff Bagwell. Also, Pittman already wrestled on Main Event. He wanted to wrestle twice in the night to show his toughness. The fans don’t care. They mock Pittman by calling him, Gomer. Meanwhile, Tony informs everyone Pittman broke the arm of the man he wrestled in the preshow. Heenan says big deal. The kid can always use his other arm.

The Match: They shove each other, and Duggan starts a USA chant. I’m not sure how that would faze an American marine. Pittman responds by doing some pushups. Craig attempts controlling the match with arm holds until he flies to the floor on a missed clothesline. He clears the ring steps and almost lands on his feet. Craig takes control again with a punch to the throat. Then, he rips off Jim’s knee pad and rams his leg into the post. He continues working Duggan’s leg with a Spinning Toe Hold, but Jim shoves Pittman to the floor. Jim rallies with multiple clotheslines, including his finisher. However, Pittman shakes it off and puts Jim in the Code Red (Cross Armbreaker). Duggan reaches the ropes. Pittman refuses to release the hold. The ref has no choice but to call for the DQ. 

Thoughts: This match was awkward. I’m unsure Duggan was a good fit for Pittman. Bagwell probably would have been better. It also doesn’t help that Pittman is still green. The finish made Pittman look vicious, but it didn’t save the rest of the bout. I like what they’re doing with his character. I didn’t like the match.

Winner: Jim Duggan (by DQ) (8:13)

After the bell, Duggan grabs the 2×4 and swings at both Pittman and the ref. I guess Jim has to get back his heat. Isn’t Duggan supposed to be a babyface? Pittman bails and retreats to the back while Jim celebrates in the ring.

Mean Gene is backstage with the Blue Bloods, Lord Steven Regal & Robert Earl of Eaton. Regal interrupts Gene talking to Eaton. Then, Steven compares the Nasty Boys to Hitler and Goebbels blowing it in World War II. Hasn’t anyone told Regal you automatically lose an argument when you invoke the name of Hitler? I know the Nasty Boys are annoying, but calling them Hitler is a bit much. Gene reminds him they ambushed the Nasties at Slamboree. Regal says violence gets attention in America. He also mocks the rest of the WCW tag teams for being unable to defeat the Nasty Boys. Then, Gene accuses Regal of monopolizing all the interview time. Eaton didn’t get to speak. 

Next, they air footage from Main Event. Harlem Heat and Sherri confronted Dick Slater, Bunkhouse Buck, and Col. Parker. Harlem Heat was looking for a match. Sherri called Parker a fried chicken, Slater a wannabe cowboy, and Buck greasy. Parker replied he’s an American legend. He also said Sherri was yearning for the companionship of a fine southern gentleman. He promised to fix it and kissed her. So, Sherri punched him.

Harlem Heat (w/ Sister Sherri) vs. Bunkhouse Buck & Dirty Dick Slater (w/ Col. Parker)

Notes: This match was added during the preshow. However, it’s the beginning of a long feud between these teams. They will face other opponents, but WCW keeps returning to this well. Also, what’s WCW’s obsession with the nickname Dirty Dick? Now, Slater is using it too. We haven’t seen Dick Slater on this blog in a while. He replaced Terry Funk in the Stud Stable and will team with Buck for some time. 

The Match: Everyone brawls to begin the bout and Buck & Slater regroup. Booker lands a sidekick and a bicycle kick before Harlem Heat double-team both Buck & Slater. Stevie slows the match with some holds. Booker misses an elbow, but he recovers with a Spinaroonie. Eventually, Buck & Slater take control. They send Stevie to the floor and ram him into the post. Buck returns him to the ring and covers Stevie. The problem is, he has to help Stevie kick out because he nearly forgot. Booker returns and cleans house until Slater breaks up a pin attempt. The match then becomes another brawl. The ref is distracted by the chaos and doesn’t see Booker roll up Buck. Both Parker and Sherri take turns reversing the pin until Booker is on top. The ref then turns and makes a three count.

Thoughts: This wasn’t a great match. It never found any momentum and was mostly rest holds. With that said, I did enjoy the finish. Stevie Ray also amused me again. I don’t know what happened with the pin. He didn’t appear to be dazed. I guess he simply forgot to kick out, and Buck had to improvise. Stevie is becoming entertaining for all the wrong reasons.

Winners: Harlem Heat (8:39)

Then, they recap Vader’s actions from Main Event. Erich Bischoff was interviewing Nick Bockwinkel when Vader arrived. He yelled, “I’m tired of your shit!” Vader roughed up both Bischoff and Bockwinkel while saying he’s tired of Hogan. He’s not alone. Hogan then attacked Vader with a chair and they brawled until wrestlers stopped the melee. I also want to point out Vader put on his singlet backward. It’s not the last time it happens. He seems to have issues with that.

After the video, Schiavone interviews Bockwinkel. Nick says everyone wants a rematch between Vader and Hogan. He also says beating up old wrestlers and ripping suits won’t make Vader a champion. He has to face Hogan. Bockwinkel announces there will be a rematch at–what is the next PPV called? He forgot. After a moment, Nick remembers it’s Bash at the Beach. He says Hogan will face Vader in a Steel Cage Match. I thought Bockwinkel was supposed to be well-spoken. This is the second time he flubbed a promo on PPV. In fact, this botch would lead to WCW soon ending his role as commissioner. 

Next, Mean Gene interviews Ric Flair. He says he’s on top of the world, and Vader got what he wanted. Flair says Savage won’t be a factor in the Vader/Hogan match because Ric will end Randy’s career tonight. Gene then claims Savage is either steaming mad or he’s smoking a cigar in his locker room. Maybe he’s in there with RVD. Gene also points out it’s Father’s Day. Ric replies he told Savage he took his wife in ‘92 and took his dad at Slamboree. Whoa! I don’t think he meant it to sound that way. I hope. Ric follows that startling revelation by promising to dance and prance and win. I’m surprised they referenced a WWF storyline in that promo. I’m sure Vince loved that.

TV Title Match: The Renegade (w/ Jimmy Hart) vs. Arn Anderson (c)

Notes: I feel bad for Arn Anderson. He has the daunting task of making Renegade look good. WCW is still determined to push him, so they gave Renegade a TV Title Match. It speaks to Arn’s professionalism because many wrestlers would have scoffed at doing this. I’d also like to point out this is the PPV debut of the new TV Title design. Someone finally pointed out the old one looked too much like the WWF’s Intercontinental Title. The new design would remain until the end of WCW. I prefer this look.

The Match: The Renegade gets the early advantage with horrible looking clotheslines and a long headlock. He keeps screaming for no reason while Arn attempts taking control. He finally puts Renegade in an abdominal stretch, but Renegade reverses it. Arn gives Renegade an enziguri, but he absorbs it. Then, they awkwardly collide and trade sleeper holds. Arn reverses into a back suplex and wears down Renegade with a chinlock. He even nails the spinebuster, but it’s not enough. Next, there’s another miscommunication and a collision. Renegade trips Arn on the top rope and lands a Samoan Drop. He follows with a flying splash and gets the win. 

Thoughts: This was awful. Arn did his best, but Renegade is too limited. All he did was mimic the moves Arn did. The flying splash was his only original move. The Renegade was constantly out of position and lost in the ring. He was clearly not ready for TV or this push. 

Winner: The Renegade (New Champion) (9:07)

The Renegade celebrates with fireworks and poses on the turnbuckles. Then, he gestures toward someone in the crowd. The camera pans to show the Giant. He stands and stares at the Renegade in silence while Tony and Bobby marvel at his size. They still haven’t properly introduced or named him. He shows up in crowds and stares at Hogan and his crew. Jimmy gets too close to the rail, so the Giant reaches for him and glares before leaving.

Then, they recap the Nasty Boys/Blue Bloods feud. There’s footage of the teams fighting and the attack before Slamboree. The two teams had a non-title match that ended in chaos. Sags whipped Eaton with a cable while Dusty Rhodes yelled, “He’s whippin’ him with a stension cawd!” Harlem Heat also appeared and joined the fight because they still want a rematch.

Gene then interviews the Nasty Boys about their match with the tea-sipping Blue Bloods. Knobbs screams everybody wants their titles but they’re not scared. He also reminds the Blue Bloods it’s the Great AMERICAN Bash. Sags claims the fans will chant Nasty. He won’t allow anyone from England to take what they want. Gene restates all the patriotism, so Knobbs interrupts him and dedicates the match to his nasty dad. Sags doesn’t do the same. I guess his dad doesn’t matter. Finally, Knobbs calls the Blue Bloods geeks and the Nasty Boys leave. 

Tag Team Title Match: The Nasty Boys (c) vs. The Blue Bloods

Notes: The Blue Bloods look properly scandalized by everything they see, including their own entrance video. Heenan claims Regal traced Eaton’s ancestry back to England. He also says Bobby’s parents are aristocrats. Tony can’t believe that’s true because they’re from Alabama. The Nasties then enter the arena and pose in the corner until the men start brawling.

The Match: The fight spills to the floor and Sags whips Regal with his coat. Then, they clubber him and give Regal the Pit Stop. He reacts with the greatest facial expressions. Eaton gets the same, so the Blue Bloods regroup. The ref loses control of the match as the Nasties double-team Regal. Sags uses a weapon and Knobbs drops Eaton on a chair. Knobbs eventually flies out of the ring on a missed clothesline and Regal lands a surprising Cactus Elbow. He then isolates Knobbs in his corner and the Blue Bloods control him with hard strikes and holds. They also use a ref distraction to throw Sags over the ropes. Eaton follows up with a flying knee, but Regal misses an attack. Knobbs returns and cleans house until the match becomes another brawl. So, Harlem Heat arrives to interfere. Booker nails a Harlem Hangover while the ref is distracted. Unfortunately, he knocks Eaton off the top rope as he leaves. Sags uses the opening to land a flying elbow and Knobbs covers for the win.

Thoughts: I thought this was an enjoyable match. It dragged a little at times, but there was some good stuff. Regal’s facial expressions were amazing as always. They told a good story. The Blue Bloods even adapted their style to more brawling than usual. I also liked the finish. It’s a good way to keep multiple storylines going in the tag division. It needs it because there’s not much depth.

Winners: The Nasty Boys (15:03)

Then, they recap the U.S. Title Tournament. We see the paths of Sting and Meng on one side of the bracket. On the other side, Savage and Flair headed for a showdown. Randy even helped Flair advance to insure he would face him. However, the two men brawled backstage before the match began and were both eliminated. 

After the recap, Gene is with Meng and Col. Parker. Gene says Parker has had a long hot night. Parker agrees and says he didn’t cross the Mason-Dixon to Ohio to leave with nothing. He guarantees Meng will beat Sting. Parker tells Sting to get his doctor and chiropractor friends after the match. Gene talks about Sting’s championship history, which annoys Meng. Parker says Meng will take Sting down hard. Then, Gene asks if the heat will take its toll on Meng. Parker says it will affect Sting more and claims Meng knows nine types of martial arts. Meng shows it off with some kicks at the camera. 

Tony then points out a weasel chant to Heenan’s chagrin. Bobby tells him to talk about something else, so they plug Bash at the Beach. They show a commercial where Hogan promises to draw hundreds of thousands to the event. I kind of doubt that. It wouldn’t matter anyway. WCW is holding the event on an actual beach for once. That means none of the fans will pay for tickets. They sacrificed the gate money for a cool visual. That is typical WCW.

Mean Gene is with Sting. He brings up Parker’s comments, and Sting says he traveled a long way too. He talks about spending years in WCW paying his dues. He lists the titles he won. He also asks Parker and Meng if they know what to expect. He doesn’t know, but they will find out right now. Sting kept his promos short on these last few shows. He didn’t say much, but there was good intensity.

U.S. Title Tournament Finals: Sting vs. Meng (w/ Col. Parker)

Notes: This was originally the semifinals. There were two brackets for the tournament. The other semifinal was Savage vs. Flair, but they were both eliminated because of their backstage brawl. Meng tore through his bracket with some decisive victories. They did a good job making him look like a threat.

The Match: Meng controls the match early with hard strikes. He shakes off Sting’s offense and sends him to the floor. Then, Meng gives Sting a sit-out powerbomb and a shoulderbreaker. He follows them with a double nerve hold. It’s a wonder Sting is still alive! Meng also uses a ref distraction to let Parker attack. He keeps cutting off Sting’s rallies. A sunset flip and a collision off of the ropes aren’t enough. Meng rises first and nails a diving headbutt. However, Sting finally floors Meng with a jumping clothesline and a facebuster. Next, both men tumble over the ropes on a clothesline. Meng clearly gets knocked out on the landing. You can see Nick Patrick tell Sting to stall for time. He chases Parker until Meng recovers. Meng crashes into the post on a missed attack. Sting sends him into the ring and uses the Scorpion Deathlock, but Meng breaks free. Sting then lands both a flying clothesline and a flying splash. Neither of them works. He finally gets the win by nailing a jumping DDT.

Thoughts: This was a good match. It did drag slightly, but it made Meng look like a beast. I like the story of Sting struggling to take him off his feet or do damage. The finish kept Meng strong because Sting had to throw everything at him to win. I enjoyed this match. It’s nice seeing Sting win a title again, but it’s a shame he fell down the card. 

Winner: Sting (New Champion) (13:34)

After the match, they show the winner of the WCW Father’s Day Look-Alike Contest. Fans sent in pictures of their fathers dressed as wrestlers. The winner is Billy Ray Helms, who looks a lot like Big Bubba Rogers. The camera then pans to the side to show a beautiful woman and Heenan sounds quite flustered.

Then, they recap the Randy Savage/Ric Flair feud. We see Flair in drag attacking Savage and WCW reinstating Ric. They also show what happened at the end of Slamboree. Flair and Anderson attack Angelo Poffo and try to break his legs. Next, they show Savage helping Flair advance in the U.S. Title Tournament. He explains his actions to Alex Wright by saying he wanted revenge for his father. Finally, we get footage of the backstage brawl between the men.

Mean Gene welcomes Randy Savage for an interview. He begins by congratulating the Renegade and Sting on their wins. He says WCW is on fire, but it’s nothing compared to fire in him. He also claims inspiration makes him tick. Then, he speaks about the particular day of Father’s Day. Randy says it takes place in a particular world called Eart. What planet is that!? I’ve heard of Earth, but not Eart. I always suspected Savage was from a different world. He wishes his dad a Happy Father’s Day, wherever he is. I’m pretty sure he’s there at the building. He accompanies Savage to the ring! Randy then promises to take down Flair because he’s too hot to handle and too cold to hold. 

Ric Flair vs. Macho Man Randy Savage (w/ Angelo Poffo)

Notes: Dave Penzer does the introductions. I guess they didn’t pay for Buffer since this isn’t a title match. I’m fine with that. It’s a welcome change. Savage takes his time entering the arena. Tony and Bobby sound worried until he appears. Angelo Poffo joins him. I’m glad Savage located him, but is it smart to bring him to ringside with Flair? Heenan is worried and warns Flair to be afraid of Angelo. 

The Match: Savage chases Ric and gains the advantage. He whips Flair around the ring and gives him axehandles and back drops. Ric tries taking control by whipping Randy into the rail and the steps, but Savage is relentless. He slams Flair off the ropes and sends him into a Flair Flip. However, Ric uses the opening to attack Angelo. It’s a trap. Flair attacks Savage’s leg and puts him in a Figure Four. He uses the ropes for leverage until Randy finally reverses the hold. Randy sells he’s hurt, but he continues attacking even from his back. They trade punches and Flair does another flip. Savage finally lands the flying elbow. He covers only to lift Flair before the three. We then see Savage is bleeding from the face. It doesn’t stop him from grabbing a ring bell. The ref stops him while Flair rolls outside. Savage attempts a flying axehandle instead. He crashes on the guardrail. Then, Flair goes after Angelo. This time, Poffo chokes Ric with his cane. Ric shoves him to the mat and takes the cane. He then nails Savage with it while the ref is distracted and gets the pin.

Thoughts: This was great. It had an incredible intensity and Savage’s selling was top-notch. I loved how Randy was scratching and clawing even while on his back. They told a really good story. I know the blood was unintentional, but it added to the drama. For once, it wasn’t Flair who bled in a big match. Plus, Savage losing on Father’s Day gives him sympathy for the rematch. This was a perfect mix of wrestling and storytelling. 

Winner: Ric Flair (14:42)

Flair leaves victorious and Tony says he survived. Heenan agrees, but he says this isn’t over yet. Bobby then mocks Angelo Poffo for barely being able to stand. Angelo finally gets to his feet and helps Randy out of the ring. Heenan jokes he should have brought a wheelbarrow. He also has a good laugh at the replay of Flair using the cane. Tony and Heenan recap the night and plug Bash at the Beach. Heenan predicts it will be the biggest gate in the history of the sport. He rambles, so Tony asks him if he knows what the wrap-up sign means. Heenan responds by throwing his headset at him and leaving.

The Good:

  • The main event was great.
  • The opener was really good.
  • The Tag Title Match was fun.
  • Sting/Meng was solid

The Bad: 

  • The Renegade.
  • Duggan/Pittman
  • Harlem Heat/Buck & Slater was disappointing

Performer of the Night: 

I’m giving it to Randy Savage. He put on a masterclass in selling and drama. You could feel the intensity in his performance.

Final Thoughts: 

I thought this show was solid. It wasn’t remarkable, but it was definitely an improvement over Slamboree. There was enough good to outweigh the small amount of bad stuff. The last two matches elevated it to a pretty good event. I like that they put the focus on Savage and Flair. It was refreshing not to focus on Hogan. 

Thank you for reading. My next review is–oh. Oh, no! No no no! NOOOOOOOO!!!! It’s King of the Ring ‘95. Look for it next Saturday and pray for my sanity.



Written by Paul Matthews

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