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  Presented by Sean Oliver and Kayfabe Commentaries

 Marty sounds drunk, so we are off to a good start.

 Jannetty makes a joke about how the guy Verne Gagne accidentally killed in a nursing home should have learned how to take a bump.

 Most guys would look at the WWF booking sheets and try and add up how much money they would earn – Marty and Shawn would start prepping for what women to bang.

 They kept a tablet with women’s names and how far they got sexually so the good ones could be revisited. 

 Both guys banged over a 100 different girls a year. Marty scooped up Shawn’s left overs at bars since the women flocked to Shawn.

 The ladies liked Marty more because Shawn was a prick.

For the record Marty’s not drunk, he just talks like a slurring rambling guy who has fried his brain with drugs and drink.

Marty became “addicted” to sex at age 5(!) – he won’t elaborate on what exactly happened – but he traded a sex act for a sandwich at that tender age.

He lost his virginity when he was 12 – it was to a family member…

Marty doesn’t see being addicted to drugs and sex as a “problem”.

Jannetty’s mom was using drugs when he was a kid – then Marty says his brother will be pissed at him if he tells this story, so he says he was “kidding”.

He came from a broken home and his family suffered from his brother being murdered.

His father was a psychologist.

Marty grew up in the south when race tensions were still very high.

Jannetty jokes around about slipping women date rape drugs – he says it was never used for sex.

Brooklyn Brawler had to drug women to get any intercourse.

Bret Hart offered to help Marty have his seriously messed up ankle fixed.

Damien Demento is apparently in the room (?) and Marty keeps joking around with him.

Marty climbs on the table to show off his ankle.

Shawn refused to help Marty with his ankle woes. Marty felt betrayed. Now he thinks Shawn wouldn’t help because it would hurt Shawn too much emotionally to see Marty in pain.

Marty and Shawn double teamed women on occasion.

Jannetty rambles in circles to try and avoid bashing Shawn – even Sean looks baffled.

Oliver nicely tells Marty to get to the point.

The Rockers got way underpaid compared to other wrestlers in a WWF toy commercial – Shawn threw a fit and they gave the WWF their notice.

They stayed and Marty thinks Shawn was promised a singles push to not leave.  Marty feels he got screwed over since Marty was the one who called and gave their notice.

Shawn got cold feet about quitting and thought Vince would have simply have offered them a pay raise.

Marty developed a pain pill addiction from his injuries. The WWE refuses to pay for Marty’s $60,000 ankle surgery he needs.

Thanks to Shawn’s recent DVD releases, Marty received a royalty check that showed the WWE made over a million dollars in one quarter from Rocker related merchandise.

Jannetty suggested that Brock Lesnar “break” his ankle on RAW and then the WWE would have an excuse to fix his ankle.  WWE told him that it would set a bad precedent.

Shawn refused to go to bat for Marty’s idea.

Marty’s party persona is “MJ” and he comes out after a few beers.

Oliver asks Marty and his entourage if Marty is always a rambling wildman like his demeanor during his interview shows.  Marty knows he tends to tell 20 stories at once.

Jannetty contemplated suicide at one point but he wanted to go out with a giant mound of cocaine – not just hanging himself or something morbid like that.

Marty prayed for help and Shawn called with an offer to participate in a bible related retreat.

Shawn baptized him and Marty felt good – then in a week he got bored and went back to partying.

RF Video’s Rob Feinstein accused Marty of stealing merchandise. Marty denies any sinister intentions – but he does admit he took a picture without the intention of paying for it.

Marty tries to talk about RF’s child enticement charges but they bleep him out.

Feinstein pissed Marty off by taping a story Marty was telling without Marty’s permission – then adding it to Marty’s shoot interview that was released through RF Video.

Matt Bourne is the person Marty would most like to have one last dinner with.

Final Thoughts: I apologize for the brevity of this review but Marty took each question and rambled on in all directions for minutes at a time – occasionally actually staying on point. There were some compelling stories here but I found myself frustrated by trying to keep up with Marty’s mind more than absorbing whatever it was he was attempting to say.  Best part of the shoot is that it further reaffirmed my belief that Shawn Michaels is a giant piece of human excrement.


Written by Andrew Lutzke

The grumpy old man of culturecrossfire.com, lover of wrasslin' and true crimes.

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