Kayfabe, Lies and Alibis: New Jack Shoot Interview Review

New Jack fires off on Paul Heyman, The Dudleys, Mass Transit, Vic Grimes and others

Presented by RF Videos
Taped July of 2004.

We open with an indy match taking place in some tiny gym. I have no idea who the poor schmoe is that Jack is facing. It takes all of a minute for Jack to take a big blade intended for chopping large bushes and smashing it in the guy’s head. He’s covered in blood fast. Jacks sells for a minute and ends up bleeding himself. New Jack next takes a stapler to the geek’s head and then wraps a chain around his throat and chokes him. The goof gets a chair and abuses Jack briefly. Jack gets the chair and leaps off the top rope, cracking the bum in the head. This earns him the pin at around 5 minutes. Total garbage wrestling. No talent needed.

New Jack kicks off by talking about how he is not signed by anyone, so he’s going to let loose.

Paul Heyman ran an ECW PPV in Canada, then claimed the money from the show was taken by the Border patrol because they thought it was drug money. No one got paid.

Heyman lost ECW’s TV contract, then claimed he was heading to Hollywood to strike a new deal. Paul got himself a role in the movie “Rollerball” instead.

Jack then describes how he’d like an animal to butt rape Heyman.

Paul E. messed with Jack by telling him a fan was claiming she was raped by Jack, among other head games.

“Call me “spare tire” – you only take me out when you need me.”

He starts screaming about Heyman losing 17 grand gambling in Atlantic City the same night he shorted the ECW roster on payoffs for a house show.

New Jack claims Heyman signed a deal with the WWE with a $52,000 salary because that is the most he can make before a court can force him to pay out lawsuit money he owes to debtors .

The Dudleys were given a gimmick that others in ECW were already using, and they took it over and stole the others’ fame. Bubba stole the “missile dropping” sound from Jack’s music and used it for his WWE theme. Jack says “fuck” about 200 times and then wishes the Dudley’s children to be born deformed.

Vic Grimes landed wrong on Jack at a show and permanently maimed him. Jack was blinded in one eye among other things. Jack made it a point to work with Grimes in XPW in order to get revenge. They fought on a scaffold and Jack intentionally tried to throw Grimes onto the ring post in order to kill him. He missed…

XPW owner Rob Black was another lowlife. He owes Sabu and others A LOT of money.

Black was also behind having indy wrestler “Messiah” being attacked in his home – this included having his thumb cut off.

Rob Black also owned a porn company, so Jack rips on the quality of the pornos as well.

RF asks about Jasmine St. Claire’s claims that Jack does cocaine. New Jack goes on a rant about what a dirty hoe she is and reveals he heard she had sex with nearly 400 men in one day for a porn video. Jack thinks cocaine is nothing compared to being a whore.

After doing some jobs on PPV for Bam Bam Bigelow, Jack refused to put him over at a house show. This leads to a story about Jack missing a house show where he was scheduled to face Bigelow, but a snowstorm stranded him. St. Clair then spread word that Jack double booked himself and intentionally missed the show. Jack rants about her again and questions whether her husband the Blue Meanie likes it when she wears a strap on and does him in his butt.

“I hope their kids are born with cancer, I hope Meanie dies of AIDS!”

Honky Tonk Man started the guitar gimmick, but New Jack perfected it. Jeff Jarrett stole it from him. This leads to a lot of insults towards Jeff.

Jack claims that he’s the most imitated man in wrestling, as every indy has a hardcore warrior like him.

The Dudley’s apparently mentioned New Jack’s name in a song (?) and Jack snaps about it and pisses and moans about how they ripped him off for royalties.

The “Mass Transit” incident is asked about. (This was where an untrained teenager lied about being a worker and ended up facing Jack in the ring. Jack then taught him a serious lesson by  giving him a blade job that was long and deep.) Jack ended up being sued for the “assault” but the courts let him off. Jack celebrates now that the kid recently died.

WWE contacted Jack to work some matches with the Dudleys. They wanted the rights to his name and Jack flat refused.

Tommy Dreamer and Raven are not “hardcore”. Carrying around a trash can is not “hardcore”. Dreamer is a pretty boy and now he’s a WWE office bitch.

Teddy Long’s angle with Rodney Mack was a rip off of New Jack.

Abby the Butcher was trained by the “Original” Sheik, that makes him a “nigga” Sheik.

Jack claims Abby had surgery to have his forehead look so scarred and he really isn’t “hardcore”.

New Jack is having his brain scanned for damage from all his head shots. Jack claims he’s going to quit working soon because he knows his brain is fucked.

We next see an up close of Jack’s hand, which reveals he has at least three knuckles that are permanently messed up.

The disability checks Jack gets for being half blind are big enough that Jack will be able to retire and be financially ok.

Hollywood success remains a goal for Jack. He’s appeared in a “B-movie” as well as an episode of “Early Edition”.

Mustafa is an idiot. He wanted to split up the Gangstas because New Jack was getting more over than him.

The only thing Jack misses about ECW was all the hoes who would come party and fuck him. He claims the girls would pay for his drugs and if he knocked them up, they’d pay for their own abortions.

Jack’s ankle is messed up. He also has to walk around with a knee brace.

“I hope the Dudley’s children are run over by a car!”

He blames Heyman for Louie Spicolli, Bobby Duncum Jr and other ECW stars who died from drug abuse and other related things.

The only reason Jack wants Heyman to live longer is so he has to suffer through watching his parents die.

Missy Hyatt was hanging out with Jack, and at one point she got so messed up that she went to the police and reported herself missing. The cops asked her if she was on drugs and she proceeded to dump all her pills out on the counter.

He compares Hyatt to an AIDS patient. Jack would like to run her over and over until nothing is left but her “big duck lips.”

Hyatt claims Jack kidnapped her and tied her down for three days. Jack says that can’t be true because he wouldn’t touch that hoe.

Taz was all gimmick, he’s not really a tough guy.

Gypsy Joe was a very old worker who Jack infamously shot on during a match. Jack explains that Joe stiffed him and pissed him off. Plus the crowd was using racial slurs. Jack ended up taking an aluminum bat that was wrapped in barbed wire and cracked Joe with it.

We end the video with some more New Jack indy matches. I’ll pass.

Final thoughts: If you like trash talk and smack talk, this is the video for you. Amusing perhaps only due to listening to Jack’s ego explode and to see how far he’ll go in wishing ill on others.


Written by Andrew Lutzke

The grumpy old man of culturecrossfire.com, lover of wrasslin' and true crimes.

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