Kayfabe, Lies and Alibis: New Jack Shoot Interview

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New Jack starts things off on a high point by teasing Rob Feinstein about his pedophile past.

Feinstein starts off by asking Jack about Terri Runnels and he goes off the rails right away as they had dated and split horribly.

Terri was at a show where Jack shared drugs with Buddy Landell. Terri apparently was given some too and she started texting Jack.

They arranged a late night “date” at Terri’s house. Jack started the night by sticking his finger in her vagina at the front door and proceeded to bang her brains out.

Terri became smitten, but Jack says he just stayed around because he was entertained by how racist her family was. Terri ended up cutting a bunch of her family out of her life over their racism.

The “Marlena” character was nothing like Terri.

Runnels goal was to straighten Jack up so he could take care of her and Dustin Rhodes’ daughter Dakota.

“Bitch, I gots (sic) like 11 kids I don’t claim, why the fuck would I take care of yours?!?!”

Jack’s pills started disappearing. Terri claimed she was flushing them to help clean him up, but Jack investigated and found out Runnels was ingesting them.

Taking his drugs was the last draw and Jack dumped her.

Terri took it poorly and once Jack started spreading shit about what Runnels was like, she responded by suing him for defamation of character.

Runnels had the same agent as comedian Steve Harvey. He tried to sign New Jack as a client because Terri was a drunk and couldn’t function professionally.

Terri would get out of bed at 5 am and start hitting the bottle.

New Jack was kept out of some of Terri’s circles because she wanted to hide her dark side, and being with a black man would help expose her pill and booze addictions.

They tried to work some indies together, but Terri expected to be paid more than him, and Jack wasn’t having any of that.

Runnels tried to get New Jack to move in with her, but her house was being foreclosed on and Jack wasn’t going to save the day for her.

Terri kept Dustin’s last name for marketing purposes. Jack takes joy in knowing that dating her for a year and a half tarnished her image as a wholesome mother.

Jack would bang Terri while she was on her period.  Runnels liked to blow him right after and suck all her blood off his knob.

Terri also enjoyed eating out Jack’s butt hole. She’d get ass drippings all over her face, wipe off and dive in for more.

Runnels only has four of her own teeth left in her mouth. Jack figures if he had taken her to a desert that she’d melt because of how much plastic is in her body.

She thought Jack was going to sell nudes of her, so that lead to a court case too.

Terri thought Jim Ross and Vince McMahon wanted to bang her.

Brock Lesnar has a tiny penis according to Runnels’ first hand report.

FUCK THIS FUCK THAT (Near incoherent screaming).

Nobody cares about Terri, and only two-bit promoters are messing with her now.

Runnels did a Highspots shoot interview, and ended up fucking the interviewer.

Jack implores everyone who has sex with her to get tested because Runnels has had herpes since she was 18.

An ex-boyfriend told Jack that Terri wanted him to not bathe for several days so she could “clean” his privates off. She liked her buttholes “marinated” with some man sweat.

Abby the Butcher accused Jack of having AIDS. Jack goes nuts and screams insults towards the Butcher. He even whips out a paper with his last AIDS test, proving he’s clean.

Jack would drive down to Atlanta and kick Abby’s ass, but he’s an old man and what would that prove?

He challenges Abby to sit down with him on his next RF Video shoot and they can debate.

Abby would blade himself and his opponents with the same blade, spreading hepatitis.

During a recent Wrestlemania in Atlanta, Abby set up a gimmick table in the hotel lobby where the wrestlers were staying. He ended up being kicked out.

Jamie Dundee and Jack were buddies before Dundee was taped using the “n-word” liberally.

The Sandman said something regarding the “n-word” and Jack tossed a bottle of booze at his head.

Axl Rotten used the “n-word” but Jack didn’t kick his ass because Rotten was all pilled up.

Terry Taylor got Jack his TNA gig. He trusted Jack not to go too crazy in the ring, but they did not want to give him a live microphone, because the term “ECW” was banned due to fears of the WWE suing.

The WWE has tried to sign New Jack a few times, but they want the rights to his gimmick and Jack won’t agree to terms like that.

Mick Foley isn’t hardcore. He just takes dumb bumps. Jack uses weapons and dives from high places – that’s hardcore.

Guys who are afraid Jack will hurt them in the ring are worrying about nothing. If you don’t piss Jack off, you won’t get hurt.

John Kronus’ death hit Jack hard. They were really tight. Jack was the only wrestling star at the funeral. Some fans came up to Jack there seeking autographs and he gave them hell for it.

Kevin Nash blocked Jack from getting a run in WCW. He was supposed to be a member of Master P’s No Limit Soldiers. Nash laid the bad mouth on him in the locker room to make sure that didn’t happen.

Sunny tried to convince Jack to fly in to New Jersey to kill her ex-boyfriend (who happened to be a cop). Jack suspects she was trying to set him up and may have been recording their conversation.

The rumors that New Jack killed 4 men while working as a bounty hunter are refuted. He only killed one, but it was ruled justifiable.

Roddy Piper did some comedy shows with New Jack. Piper told boring old wrestling stories, but Jack had people rolling with his off the cuff comments.

Jack talks about his insomnia – while drinking a Monster energy drink.

This is Jack’s last shoot interview ever – he is moving on to new avenues in life.

Final thoughts: New Jack is wacky, unhinged and uncensored. You might not learn too much, but you’ll be entertained along the way.


Written by Andrew Lutzke

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