Kayfabe, Lies, and Alibis: “Breaking Kayfabe” with Raven

Scott Levy allows us a glimpse in to his inner psyche and how it formulated his life

Presented by Kayfabe Commentaries 

Hosted by Sean Oliver

This is a shoot interview series that focuses more on a wrestler’s life outside of the ring more so than their in ring career.

Raven’s (Scott Levy) father was a top editor for the National Enquirer.

Johnny Carson called his dad a “creep” over a story where Enquirer reporters snuck into Michael J. Fox’s wedding to take pictures. Scott says the world was different then, and now celebrities would love to get the extra attention from the press.

Daddy Levy helped run the tabloid for almost 20 years. The Enquirer paid very well.

Prior to that, Raven’s father chose a job in Milwaukee over a role in Hawaii. Scott is bemused he ended up in the arctic midwest instead of an island paradise.

“Jews are known for having big cocks”

Before the tabloid gig, Levy’s dad wrote for a Jewish newspaper.

The owner of the Enquirer was a mobster.

Despite their rep, the Enquirer dealt with facts and never lost a lawsuit pertaining to false reporting.

Supposedly the editors for the “Weekly World News” would get stoned and make up the zany stories for that rag.

Raven met Big John Studd at the magazine office building when he was a youngster. Studd missed his flight and the plane he was to be on crashed.

Scott’s father always used mean spirited humor towards him. Levy thought it was hilarious, but ultimately it seemed to wreck Raven’s self worth.

Levy wanted to be popular, but at the same time he went out of his way to do things that would ensure he would never be widely liked.

Raven’s sister had mental issues, but did not want help or to be focused on for her faults. Scott was jealous of all the attention she warranted.

Scott had a habit of saying things that were not socially acceptable, and it helped make him an outsider.

Levy joined the marines to see how tough he really was. He also went out and earned a college degree.

Raven began drinking heavy and ultimately ended up in and out of therapy.

He had to come to grips that the past was the past and it was time to move along from his hang-ups.

Scott had a number of mental problems like A.D.D., narcissistic disorders and so on.

The desire to be famous was inside of Levy, and he loved wrestling, so he gravitated towards that career path.

One shrink told Raven he really wasn’t an addict to the booze and drugs he did daily because he could stop when he needed to for business or whatever.

A bout with pancreas problems forced Levy to stop drinking. After doing a mountain’s worth of cocaine in ECW, he chose to quit one day as well.

Raven had a high tolerance for the effects of the drugs, so he took way more than any normal human.

A pain killer habit got way out of hand, with Raven taking dozens a day.

Scott chose to enter rehab after he had a breakdown one day and could not bring himself to crawl out of bed.

Diabetes is the latest health issue Scott is dealing with. It helped him in a way as he switched his diet to one that is very healthy.

The ecstasy abuse Levy put his body through had led to him now having severe sleeping issues. The lack of slumber has razed his memory as his brain is never properly rested.

Raven has herniated disks in his back, his shoulders are wrecked and his knee ligaments are tore up.

Levy found a new serious girlfriend after his WWF run. She would travel with him at first, but grew bored of the experience and chose to stay at home. They eventually married and later divorced. Scott calls her his best friend and says they had to divorce to save their friendship. He still thinks about her sexually, but finds her company to be worth more than sexual release.

Scott was an expert at seducing women all through his life.

He chose to never have a child because he would not be around enough to properly give the child the attention it deserved.

A rumor has gone around that Becky Bayless was just 15-years-old when she and another woman were found naked in Raven’s hotel room by the police. The reality is that the cops were convinced that Raven was merely sleeping, the underage girl was in fact clothed and the third woman was already gone by the time the cops came. Raven figures one of his ECW mates called the cops on him..

Missy Hyatt slept with Raven while both were in WCW. Francine was good in bed. Sunny was incredibly hot – Scott slept with her while Chris Candido was in another room nearby. Raven wonders if Candido didn’t find his girlfriend sleeping with other men to be a turn on.

Levy gets coy about this subject because he slept with so many of the girls in the business and he isn’t sure he wants to make things weird by talking about them intimately.

Francine was concerned that sleeping with Raven would ruin her chances to get in ECW.


The WWF was sued by Raven over the independent contractor status wrestlers endure. Raven waited too long and the WWF got off due to statute of limitations.

The wrestlers won’t stand up for their rights because they are all under the belief that they will be given another run by the WWF.

Raven won more titles than any WWF worker ever thanks to the Hardcore title. He claims 39 title wins.

Levy is a 9/11 truther. He thinks WTC 7 falling down without being on fire or attacked is a big sign something is up. Scott thinks a massive robbery of Federal Reserve gold was the real reason the buildings were attacked. By the time the chaos stopped, billions in gold had vanished. Osama Bin Laden said he did not have a role in the attacks, and the U.S. made it a point to round up Bin Laden’s U.S. family and fly them back to the middle east very soon after the attacks.

We are descendents of aliens who came to Earth long ago. Evolution is not a possibility to have worked in the time frame offered.

Scott belonged to MENSA and had an IQ in the mid 140’s.

Watching TV with his dog is a perfect day off.

Ice cream is Scott’s favorite junk food.

Raven would love to have dinner with his parents once again.

Final thoughts: Raven is a fun guy to listen to speak, however the subject matter here was not particularly interesting. Most of the info was not new (Raven is super smart, self-loathing and loved his drugs) and I would have almost dug an extensive review of other conspiracies and/or further stories of the drugged up party days – but Raven does not remember the latter since he spent them in a haze.


Written by Andrew Lutzke

The grumpy old man of culturecrossfire.com, lover of wrasslin' and true crimes.

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