Kayfabe, Lies and Alibis: Sean Waltman Youtube Shoot Interview

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This shoot features the fans sending in questions to ask whomever Kayfabe Commentaries has selected to be their willing victim.  Generally no questions are off limits.

Waltman grew up watching Florida Championship Wrestling.  His first live show was Dusty Rhodes vs. Ric Flair with Sullivan’s Army of Darkness filling in the undercard.

Sean loved the business right away and always wanted to be a worker.

He says he basically quit school in 8th grade and wrestling overtook his life.

At age 15 Waltman started wrestling school and learned a shoot style from Boris Malenko.

Waltman was supported by the vets despite his size – AWA promoter Wally Karbo also told Sean he was talented but on a road to be crippled thanks to his bump heavy style.

RVD, Jerry Lynn and Sean all broke in around the same time and all worked a high risk style and battled through injuries.

He and Lynn had a lot of great matches before Sean’s WWF run.

Lynn was upset for a few years that Sean never got him a WWF gig.

Sabu vs. 1-2-3 Kid had a highly regarded match in 1994- they watch it now and think it stunk.

Kid received a WCW tryout right before his WWF run began.

Jobber Bob Cook was a Malenko trainee and so Waltman requested to work him for his tryout.

Bill Watts came in to WCW and killed Waltman’s WCW contract talks.

Sunny whored around with Shawn Michaels and other WWF guys.

Lillian Garcia needed to trim her crotch hair.

Molly Holly was a saint.

Chyna was a champion blow job giver.

Sable is spared from a negative comment due to fear of Brock Lesnar.

Ivory talked too much.

Jackie was a tough broad.

Sunny would trade drugs for sex.

Vader didn’t wash his gear and stunk like crazy.

Sean has no questions about Ted Dibiase’s faith – Jake Roberts would preach, then order drugs and hookers.

Brian Knobbs and Sean came to blows in WCW while both were messed up and Knobbs was being obnoxious. It was broken up quick and they made up right away.

Waltman confirmed that he cut off Michael Hayes mullet on a plane ride over seas. The hair ended up taped to the wall at TV the next day and was auctioned off.

He also confirms Flair’s naked dancing, and Lesnar and Curt Hennig’s wrestling.  Hayes almost pissed on Linda McMahon since he was all messed up. Hayes also punched JBL in a blade cut and JBL gave him a punch back.  The guys were mostly all on GHB.

Hayes also had heat for ordering the Hardy Boyz and Edge and Christian to work dangerous matches way too frequently.

Flair drank “pussy ass” kamikazes and Hall and Waltman tried to make him drink Jack Daniels and Flair dumped it instead.

Scott Hall and Road Dogg both caused trouble when messed up.  Hall was a bad party guy because he would be messed up way ahead of everybody else.

Owen Hart would let marks drive him around in order to save money.

Owen smeared sardines all over Bret’s face during a chinlock spot as a rib.

Vince McMahon is a good person who does bad things for the sake of business.

Chyna lied about being raped.  She was a habitual liar.

TNA lied about X-Pac no showing a PPV – he had warned them that he didn’t pass a physical and couldn’t work.

Russo had a lot of control of TNA despite of Hogan and Bischoff showing up.

Waltman met Chyna at Antonio Inoki’s Dojo after their WWF run and they gradually started coming together.  HHH warned him that she’s crazy.

Sean thought Chyna was smoking hot at the time. Drugs ruined her.

Chyna did steroids. (Shocker.)   Thus her clitoris is large.

She had a messed up childhood and had multiple personalities.

Sean and her both did a lot of drugs and that didn’t help their personalities clashes.

Sex with Chyna was amazing.

Chyna wanted to make the sex tape.

They were both messed up while they filmed it and Waltman thinks it was a bad sex tape since it was taped point of view style.

Chyna broke Sean’s nose during a fight.

Waltman felt the producers set him up when he and Chyna had a conflict on “The Surreal Life”.

Mark Madden set Waltman up with Jenna Jameson.

Chyna, Tori, Ryan Shamrock and Nidia are Sean’s wrestling sexual conquests.

Sean was banging a stripper who was zonked out and he turned the lights on so Scott Hall could watch.  Hall was so messed up he just pissed on the carpet instead.

The WWF kept the Godfather’s Ho’s away from the Diva locker room.

Vince admitted to smoking pot and doing cocaine in the past.

The first time Sean got messed up on GHB he ended up pissing himself and then Shawn dragged him to his room in a luggage cart.

Curt Hennig loved his Jack Daniels and pot.

Jim Neidhart loved his somas.

Mexico treats their talent terribly.  Poor pay and always backing out of agreements.

Ryan Shamrock smashed Sean’s child’s picture and so he smacked her.  He tried to hang himself in remorse.

Vince paid $150,000 for Sean’s rehab.

Rip Rogers tried using gay porn to convince Pat Patterson to book him more.

Marc Mero and Sable were hugely unpopular and on their last day they hid their bags so they wouldn’t have anybody mess with their stuff, Sean was told where it was and he took somebody’s poop and shoved it in her bag.

Mark Henry was a rookie and he told the boys not to mess with his Subway meatball sandwich – while he was wrestling, the guys slipped poop into the sandwich and then watched him eat it.

Sean doesn’t believe there was “X-Pac heat” where fans boo you because they are sick of seeing you.

Scott Hall taught a lot of guys how to work.

JJ Dillon was a lot like Johnny Ace as far as how they ran the talent relations – JR was fantastic in the role.

Sean admits his buddies Billy Gunn, HHH and Shawn could be quick dickish.

Final thoughts: Despite X-Pac being a grating over pushed character during the second half of his career, he always comes across on shoots as a guy who realizes he’s just a white trash fuck up and he accepts this for what it is.  Overall he comes across as honest and endearing – and perhaps a little bit of a sad character since drugs continue to be an Achilles heel for the still fairly young man.  


Written by Andrew Lutzke

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