SuperBrawl 6

Dusty Rhodes, Bobby Heenan and Tony Schiavone call the action.

Street Fight: The Nasty Boyz vs. Public Enemy

These teams had a terrible match at the Clash 3 weeks earlier, so my expectations are low for this one. In a real life event that could have been a wrestling vignette, Johnny Grunge was arrested and charged with a DUI a few weeks prior to this PPV. Oh and the vehicle he was driving? It was a stolen WCW production truck.

A donnybrook starts things off as all 4 men slug it out. Rocco chucks Saggs to the floor and he lands on the ring steps (that are placed in the middle of the ringside and not the corner as normal) – that had to SUCK. Saggs avenges that by whacking the hell out of Rocco Rock with a chair several times. Knobbs then slams Rocco through a table. Saggs gleefully cracks Grunge a dozen times with a trash can lid over his head, then piledrives Johnny on a trash can. Knobbs and Rocco go over to a “concession stand” and start breaking things over the others body.

All four men brawl by the entryway. Saggs suplexes a table on top of Grunge. Plunder shots galore end with Knobbs laid out on a table as Rocco climbs into the stands. Rocco tries a senton but largely misses the table and splats on the concrete. That ends the match but not the fight as the brawl continues after Rock is pinned. Fun chaos.

Mean Gene hints that Hall and Nash are nearing an agreement to sign with WCW. Konnan then joins him in an elaborate “Mexican” style outfit for a promo.

Winner gets Kimberly, the TV title and 6.6 million dollars: Johnny B. Badd vs. Diamond Dallas Page

This is the culmination of a 5 month feud. DDP stole 13 million dollars that Kimberly won at Bingo and spent half of it, now Badd has to win in order to retrieve the rest of it. Why didn’t Kim just hire Clarence Mason?

DDP tries to give Kimberly roses before the match and gets mad when she spurns him. Badd attacks DDP from behind and gets whooped around ringside. Badd and DDP do a impressive move/counter/move/counter series back in the ring.

Page takes control with a stun gun. DDP hits a gut buster and Badd is so injured he just collapses during an Irish whip attempt. DDP manages to end a brief rally by Badd with a tornado DDT. DDP demands a “10” from Kimberly, so she whips out a “0” card.

Badd survives a long headlock and goes back to his boxing days with a series of fisticuffs. A Tiger bomb fails to finish DDP. Page nails him with a tilt a whirl powerslam and the combatants trade sleeper holds. Badd reverses another tilt a whirl slam into a tombstone for the pin, the girl, the TV title and the dough. Good match, the live crowd wasn’t into it for whatever reason.

World tag team champions Lex Luger and Sting vs. Harlem Heat

Ray clubs away on Sting, so Luger is tasked with changing the momentum. Lex is quickly sent to the floor and he tags Sting back in. Ray clubs away on Sting further and gives his brother the chance to get some licks in. Sting manages to absorb some punishment and tag Luger back in. Lex uses his power to toss T around but a missed elbow drop turns things back in the heels favor, and both men trade off wearing down Luger. Ray tries a powerbomb but Lex apparently didn’t go up for it, so Ray dumps him awkwardly. T hits a scissor kick but celebrates instead of going for the duke. Both heels use rest holds as this thing drags on.

Sting gets the tag behind the refs back and ignores the official ordering him to leave the ring, Sting kicks both heels butts until he ends up crashing to the cement floor. The Road Warriors charge out and hit Ray with the same piece of steel that had felled Animal on Nitro. Luger falls on top for the win. Sting seems annoyed, then tells Luger he’s fine with all these cheap wins Luger has been involved in. Because Sting is still a moron. Match was a bore.

US champion Konnan vs. One Man Gang

I wonder why they booked Konnan to win the title on the “C” show instead of 2 weeks later on this PPV? Gang attacks from behind and starts “clubbering”. Konnan dropkicks OMG’s knee and then hits a dive into him that nearly sends both men flipping on top of the same steel steps that nearly injured Saggs earlier. MOVE THE STEPS AWAY FROM THE MIDDLE OF THE RING AND BACK BY THE TURNBUCKLE POST! Is it that hard WCW production team?

Konnan half heartedly hits a tope on Gang on the floor. Gang chokes away and nails a sideslam. Gang slugs away as Konnan can’t do any lucha spots with a 400 pounder, so this is a total styles clash. Konnan punches away and manages a hurricanrana of sorts. Gang lays him out and delivers a 747 splash, but pulls him up at 2. Gang goes to the second rope and Konnan moves too early – OMG jumps anyway. Konnan flips on top of him and holds Gang down for a 3 count. Terrible match.

Hawk promises to deviate Luger’s septum to avenge his chicanery on Nitro.

Kevin Sullivan vs. Brian Pillman

This is a submission strap match. Pillman charges the ring and they grapple like a UFC fight. After some stiff shots, Pillman grabs the mic and says “I respect you, Bookerman” and walks off. Supposedly no one but Sullivan, Pillman and Bischoff knew about the finish. Sullivan wanders around the ring and has the ref unravel the strap. If that was an actual shoot, wouldn’t the director have just moved on to the next segment? Jimmy Hart walks Arn Anderson down to ringside (in golf clothes) and Arn agrees to take Pillman’s spot. This muddies the heel dynamic a bit, as I don’t understand why Hart was with Arn.

Arn Anderson vs. Kevin Sullivan

Arn stomps away until a nut shot drops him. Sullivan whips away on Arn until Anderson blasts his testicles. Arn chokes away with the strap as the match spills to the floor. Ric Flair comes down and convinces everyone that “The Alliance to end Hulkamania” is more important than petty issues. Match wasn’t anything before the abrupt finish.

World Tag team Champions Lex Luger and Sting vs. The Road Warriors

Luger runs away before they can even make it to the ring. Lex stalls forever as he avoids the Warriors. The Warriors chase him down the aisle. Luger finally comes down after seemingly 5 minutes of stalling. Hawk and Sting start and they tangle in and out of the ring. Hawk botches a neckbreaker and the two men flail around on the mat like a couple of rookies trying to cover their blown spot. Hawk locks on an STF(!) Who knew Hawk knew moves?

Luger tags in and avoids contact for as long as possible. Animal powerslams Lex and Hawk gets a chance to grind away on the Total Package. Lex pokes his eyes to gain an opening to tag Sting back in. Animal works Sting over until Sting accidentally catches Animal in the groin. Luger wants in badly now and Lex works over the wounded Warrior.

Sting tags back in and manages to splash Animal’s knees. Both men tag out after that and a fresh Hawk cuts into Luger like a buzzsaw. Lex survives the Blitzkrieg and manages a jaw breaker that allows both men to tag off. Sting nails a Stinger splash and tries to lock in a Scorpion Death Lock but Hawk ends that attempt.

Both Warriors trap Sting in restholds. Luger finally runs in to break that up and a four-way skirmish breaks out. Sting starts to no sell Animal’s suplexes but Hawk just drops him with a clothesline. All four men brawl around ringside and a double count out is called. Match was fine, but disappointing considering the participants and expectations.

Ric Flair informs us Randy Savage will bleed tonight and then he’s going to have sexual congress with both Liz and Woman.

They run an ad for Uncensored…the word “ass” is bleeped.

Randy Savage refers to he and Hogan as “The MegaPowers” and the WWF has more ammunition for a lawsuit.

Steel Cage: World Champion Randy Savage vs. “Nature Boy” Ric Flair

They stall a long while before the match starts. Savage rips at Flair’s face and Savage chops away. After 467 matches in this feud, the hate comes through. Savage is flung into the cage and he crashes ass over tea kettle. Flair decks the ref and stomps on him to boot (pardon the pun). Savage crashes into the cage again as the ref gets up shockingly fast. Flair smashes the back of Savage’s head into the steel mesh. Flair is foiled by attempting a top rope move, only to be slammed off.

Savage locks on the figure four. Flair makes it to the ropes and the ref kicks him off. Flair escapes with an eye gouge, so Macho kicks him in the face. Savage climbs to the top of the cage but misses a double axehandle attempt.

Flair flings Savage into the mesh again and Savage limply lands on the top rope. Flair locks on a figure-four. Savage makes it to the ropes and the ref orders Flair to break the hold. What the hell kind of bias officiating is that? Savage slams Flair into the cage and then uses the cage as a cheese grater on Flair’s head. Blood flows as Flair is slammed again into the cage. Flair has his trunks pulled down as he climbs up the cage, and then Flair falls crotch first over the top rope- with his ass hanging out. Flair scales the cage again and his trunks are yanked down again. Savage is knocked off and he crashes in a lump on the mat. Flair and Savage go chop for punch as the camera pans back to avoid showing Flair’s blood.

Woman tries to toss powder into Macho Man’s eyes but misses. Liz takes off her shoe and hands it to Flair. Macho is cracked with the heel and Flair wins the title. Hogan runs down and chases Flair and Arn Anderson away.

Good match as both guys had their working boots on, a stipulation that was used well, a big angle and a title change. The fans chant “Hogan sucks” as Savage is dragged to the back.

Steel Cage DEATH match: Hulk Hogan Sucks vs. The Giant

This match goes on last because it’s unsanctioned. Micheal Buffer’s intro notes that the Giant “literally returned from the dead at Halloween Havoc”. His intro for Hogan declares “Hogan is one of the most famous people in the entire world and his wrestling skills have guaranteed him a place among the all time greats in the sport.”

Hogan punches away and tosses The Giant into the cage as “Hogan sucks” chants breaks out. Hogan bites at Giant’s face and rakes his back. A body slam attempt backfires and Giant is able to begin to torture the Hulkster. Hogan is slammed into the cage and choked. Giant starts to rip away at Hogan’s bad eye. Hogan unloads again but fails at another bodyslam attempt.

The Giant drives Hogan into the mesh, nails a suplex, a back breaker and a bear hug. Hogan fights out after resting for a few minutes but The Giant nails a wonky looking chokeslam. Hogan sells it for 10 seconds then pops up and unloads on the Giant. The Giant is driven into the cage 7 times. A big boot, body slam and 3 leg drops finish the Giant….NO! Giant pops up almost right away and he and Hogan trade shots on the top of the cage. The Giant falls to the mat and Hogan escapes for the win.

Kevin Sullivan slams Hogan with a chair but Hogan no sells that and drags Sullivan in the ring. Meng, The Barbarian, Hugh Morrus, The Shark, One Man Gang and the Zodiac all run in the cage and Hogan fights them all of them off, despite being outnumbered 8 to 1. They all are driven into the cage and start to run away. LOCH NESS (The UK’s Giant Haystacks) waddles down and wants to get in the cage, but all the other members (except the Giant who walked to the locker room) hold him back. Hogan then poses as 9 men stare at him in the aisleway. Ridiculous finish to an okay-ish match.

Final thoughts:

It will only get worse, as that finish sets up next month’s 2 on 8 four cage tag team challenge.

Loch Ness would quickly be exposed as too old, too corpulent and too unskilled in the ring to battle Hogan, so the Dungeon would have to bring in 2 ringers for this “epic” final battle. Not much to recommend here as Savage and Flair have dozens of other good matches, Badd and DDP had better matches and with those two taken away, your match of the night is The Nasty Boyz and Public Enemy.


Written by Andrew Lutzke

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