Through the Booking Glass: UWF August 1987 Week 2

August 1987, Monday, Week 2

Chris Adams, less than a week after signing a one year contract extension, was fired prior to the beginning of last night’s show when he failed to show up for a scheduled meeting with a road agent. Adams was unable to provide a reason for missing the meeting and had been told after his last failed drug test that any further incidents would lead to his being fired. UWF owner Jared Hawkins told reporters after the show that he didn’t want to let Adams go but felt after so many incidents that he had to set an example for the rest of the roster.

The show last night drew a crowd of 3,321, slightly up from last week.

Rick Rude will be doing a tour with the Catch Wrestling Association in Germany. I’m not sure how long he’ll be there or how many tapings he’ll miss.

Bobby Eaton is officially coming in to team with Stan Lane.

KWTV has come to an agreement to continue to air the Saturday replay of Power Pro Wrestling until at least the end of November.

August 1987, Tuesday, Week 2

Jim Ross, Sting, Michael Hayes, Shaska Whatley and Skandor Akbar will be making some appearances for Ken Mantell’s Wild West Wrestling. None of them are expected to miss any UWF dates.

August 1987, Wednesday, Week 2

Tim Horner and Fury are officially done with the UWF.

August 1987, Thursday, Week 2

Eddie Gilbert and Buzz Sawyer will officially be starting with Wild West Wrestling although they will not miss and UWF dates.

Plans to do a show at the Superdome later this month fell through. There are tentative plans to try a big show on Thanksgiving night. That is traditionally the night that Jim Crockett Promotions runs Starrcade and there are rumors of the WWF debuting a new PPV that night, so the show is a risky proposition, but Thanksgiving night has traditionally drawn very well around the country for professional wrestling.

August 1987, Friday, Week 2

Wild West Wrestling might as well be called UWF Lite at this stage, as Terry Taylor has signed a deal for the new company as well. Of course, their first show is this Sunday and half the roster is booked for the UWF TV taping, so the results could be very interesting.

August 1987, Saturday, Week 2

The UWF announced that Eddie Gilbert vs. Brad Armstrong for the TV Title will be the televised main event tomorrow night.

August 1987, Sunday, Week 2

Ratings for the Power Pro Wrestling replay went up from what we understand.

Ron Garvin finished up his dates for Jim Crockett Promotions last night and could appear on UWF TV as early as tonight.

Power Pro Wrestling live coverage (August 1987, Sunday, Week 2)

Once again from the Prather Coliseum.

The show opened with The Italian Stallion cutting a promo saying he is proud to be part of the UWF and will do his best for the fans. Maybe not cutting promos should be the first step.

Jim Ross interviewed UWF Tag Team Champions The Sheepherders who said they will take on all challenger.

Sting defeated “Vicious” Sid Steele by submission to a scorpion deathlock in 56 seconds.

Jim Ross announced that next week, Big Bubba Rogers and Tully Blanchard would be challenging The Sheepherders for the UWF Tag Team Title next week. This was followed by Ross interviewing Rogers and Blanchard. Rogers said he doesn’t need a partner, and will prove that a little later by competing in a handicap match, but he heard the Sheepherders issue an open challenge and found himself the best partner he could find. Blanchard admitted the pairing is unusual, but he’s out to make money, championships bring money, and he’ll team with anybody for a chance to win titles.

Rick Steiner, in a clear attempt to get into Sting’s head, defeated Todd Champion by submission to a scorpion deathlock in 1:04. No chemistry between these two at all.

UWF Western States Heritage Champion Chavo Guerrero cut a pretaped promo putting over the championship and the recent challenges of Barry Windham.

In an extremely short handicap match, Big Bubba Rogers defeated Action Jackson and Derrick Dukes in 1:50 when Rogers pinned Dukes with a Bubba Slam.

Jim Ross interviewed The Rock ‘n’ Roll Express, who challenged The Sheepherders for the belts and said they will be watching next week’s match very closely.

Ross then interviewed Barry Windham. Windham praised the abilities of Chavo Guerrero and said his ultimate goal was winning the Heavyweight Title from One Man Gang.

In a non-title match, The Sheepherders defeated The Fantastics in 3:23 when Butch Miller defeated Bobby Fulton by pinfall with a Battering Ram. We’ve simply seen it too many times recently, and this was too short so it came off flat.

A pretaped promo of Eddie Gilbert aired where he said no matter how talented everybody says Brad Armstrong is, there is no way Gilbert will be dropping the TV Title to him tonight.

Brad Armstrong defeated UWF Television Champion Eddie Gilbert by disqualification in 13:12. Armstrong worked Gilbert’s left arm for most of the first ten minutes of the match. Gilbert eventually took the fight to Armstrong on the arena floor and controlled the action for the next several minutes. Armstrong made a comeback and appeared to have the title won with a figure-four leglock until Terry Taylor ran in and attacked Armstrong for the DQ. Taylor and Gilbert continued to work on Armstrong after the match until Shane Douglas interfered.

Jim Ross interviewed Taylor and Gilbert at ringside. They said their immediate goal was to get a shot at the Sheepherders in an attempt to win the UWF Tag Team Championships. As they were talking, Sting made his way to ringside and went after Gilbert and Taylor, with Armstrong and Douglas joining the brawl. As the show went off the air, Armstrong was shown pinning Gilbert in the ring as Sting was battling Taylor.

Good show this week, with a focus on people saying “I want titles” and making them seem important.

Written by JHawk

Jared Hawkins is an indy wrestling referee and a former recapper of WWE Raw and SmackDown for the now-defunct and co-hosts Pro Wrestling Weekend, available through every Sunday at 6pm Eastern. When not doing something wrestling-related, he is generally getting higher doses of his anxiety medication due to the aggravation of his Cleveland sports teams.

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