Through the Booking Glass: UWF August 1987 Week 3

August 1987, Monday, Week 3

Barry Windham got into a backstage argument with office worker Jim Mitchell last night. Windham has since apologized for the incident.

Paid attendance for the TV taping last night was 3,597, a nearly 10% increase from the previous week. They were rewarded by a pretty good show.

Michael Hayes missed the taping last night to work for Wild West Wrestling. He was rewarded by becoming the first WWW Global Champion by defeating The Warrior (Jim Hellwig) in a tournament final.

August 1987, Tuesday, Week 3

Terry Taylor and Rick Steiner will take on Shane Douglas and Steve Cox on next week’s episode of Power Pro Wrestling. After mentioning Douglas and Cox and candidates for a Rookie of the Year vote in July, somebody realized how stupid doing the award in the summer was there’s been no mention of it since.

August 1987, Wednesday, Week 3

Eli the Eliminator appeared on a local radio show last night. He refused to address why he hasn’t been on TV lately, just saying when he is asked to be at the shows and wrestle, he wrestles who he’s asked to and does his best to win. He said he prefers wrestling men his own size or smaller, as he feels wrestling bigger opponents clashes with his style.

August 1987, Thursday, Week 3

Nothing new on the rumors that the UWF will try a major event on Thanksgiving Night. Jim Crockett Promotions is already trying to get Starrcade on pay-per-view this year and the WWF is countering with something called Survivor Series the same night, so the market is crowded.

August 1987, Friday, Week 3

Bill Irwin and Iceman King Parsons have signed per appearance deals with Wild West Wrestling. There is some concern that WWW might become a threat to the UWF but until they get some sort of TV deal they’ll only be running once a month or so,

August 1987, Saturday, Week 3

Leroy Brown made a radio appearance last night, saying he has taken some time off to heal some nagging injuries. He also said he’s always enjoyed making his debut for a promotion as the thrill of wrestling in front of a new audience always brings the best out of him.

August 1987, Sunday, Week 3

KWTV has praised the UWF for being able to slowly gain some of its ratings back for the replay of Power Pro Wrestling. Most of the people in the area don’t have access to the live airing on SportsChannel America.

Live coverage from UWF Power Pro Wrestling (August 1987, Sunday, Week 3)

We might as well start calling the Prather Coliseum the “UWF Arena” as it seems they never run anywhere else.

In a match that had some good action and average heat, UWF Western States Heavyweight Champion Chavo Guerrero defeated Mike Rotundo by disqualification in 18:14 when Eddie Gilbert ran in and attacked Guerrero. The fans hated the DQ finish. Rotundo and Gilbert beat down Guerrero until Sting ran out and made the save.

Jim Ross announced that Eddie Gilbert will defend the UWF Television Title against Sting next week.

Vladimir Petrov sang the Russian National Anthem before his match. He then pinned Buddy Roberts with a piledriver in 6:33. The match was OK but needed Roberts to carry Petrov and that wasn’t happening tonight.

In an extremely short match, Basher defeated Action Jackson in 4:10 by pinfall with a Piledriver. The piledriver is pretty popular tonight.

Rick Steiner and Terry Taylor are interviewed backstage by Boyd Pierce, they use this time to hype their upcoming match with Shane Douglas and Steve Cox.

Shane Douglas and Steve Cox defeated Rick Steiner and Terry Taylor in 2:34 when Douglas pinned Taylor with a Belly to Belly Suplex. That’s an upset no matter how you slice it. Match was rushed due to time but was good while it lasted.

A video aired highlighting the history between UWF Heavyweight Champion One Man Gang and Big Bubba Rogers.

Jimmy Garvin pinned The Enforcer with a DDT in 1:43.

Jim Ross interviewed UWF Television Champion Eddie Gilbert. Ross asked Gilbert about his defense against Sting next week but Gilbert talked about taking the Western States Title from Chavo Guerrero instead, blowing Sting off as an unworthy challenger.

Big Bubba Rogers and Tully Blanchard defeated UWF Tag Team Champions The Sheepherders by disqualification in 1:56 when One Man Gang ran in and attacked Rogers. Rogers and Gang brawled with each other as the show went off the air.


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