Through the Booking Glass: UWF July 1987 Week 3

July 1987, Monday, Week 3

In a show that was already eventful with the UWF Heavyweight Title changing hands, it was a very eventful day backstage as well. Black Bart started a fight with Angel of Death that had to be broken up by officials. Apparently Angel smacked a woman on the ass that Bart had been talking to and took offense to it, leading to several wrestlers stepping in between them. I don’t even want to know the woman that would cause these two to get into a fight.

A similar argument took place between Ken Mantell and Jimmy Valiant, allegedly started by Mantell. This is the third time in as many months that Mantell has started something backstage, and my sources tell me he’s become increasingly frustrated at the diminishing of his backstage power over the past few months.

Last night’s show drew 3,203, about 300 short of a sell out. The show was expected to be an easy sell out so this is seen as a disappointment.

July 1987, Tuesday, Week 3

Eddie Gilbert will be defending the UWF Television Title this Sunday for the first time in a long time when he defends against Shane Douglas.

July 1987, Wednesday, Week 3

Chris Adams vs. Gary Young has been added to Sunday’s episode of Power Pro Wrestling.

July 1987, Thursday, Week 3

I’m told at least 10 members of the UWF roster are unavailable for TV this weekend due to a prior engagement with Jim Crockett Promotions. Included among those are Barry Windham, Big Bubba Rogers, Jimmy Valiant and UWF World Tag Team Champion Tim Horner.

July 1987, Friday, Week 3

The World Wrestling Federation taped WWF Superstars of Wrestling in Milwaukee’s County Stadium last night and actually sold it out with an attendance of 53,192. Hulk Hogan beat Randy Savage in the main event. It’s sad to see the UWF barely drawing 3,500 most weeks while a glorified circus draws over 50,000 for a TV taping.

July 1987, Saturday, Week 3

Did you know Ted DiBiase still works here? Unfortunately for the UWF he makes a lot more money in Japan.

July 1987, Sunday, Week 3

The replay of Power Pro Wrestling on KWTV is still chugging along. It makes enough money with local sponsorship’s to stay afloat and it serves as advertising for TV tapings so it sticks around but ratings are still about half of where they were six months ago.

Cactus Jack took a date for the AWA last night, teaming with The Terrorist (real name Brian Knobbs) to beat Mike Miller and Buck Zumhofe in a dark match last night.

UWF Power Pro Wrestling live coverage (July 1987, Sunday, Week 3)

Live from the Prather Coliseum in Natchitoches, Louisiana.

In a match that had an average crowd reaction and some decent in-ring action, Bill Irwin & Leroy Brown (w/Jim Holliday making his first appearance at ringside in months) defeated Brad Armstrong and Sting in 11:18 when Irwin pinned Sting with a Bicycle kick after Gilbert distracted Sting. After the match, the Sheepherders ran into the ring and beat down Armstrong, taking advantage of Tim Horner not being in the building.

In a match that had an average crowd reaction but featured terrible wrestling, The Missing Link (w/Dark Journey) defeated Tim Patterson in 5:47 by submission with a Figure Four Leg-Lock. The scary part of this is the chemistry between these two was good, so imagine how horrible this would have been if they didn’t click.

Steve Cox defeated Randy Rose in 4:22 by pinfall with a Russian Leg Sweep.

In a match that had an average crowd reaction and some decent in-ring action, Gary Young pinned Chris Adams (w/Toni Adams) in 11:01 with a Piledriver. This has to be considered an upset but given how Adams has fallen out of favor with the office I can’t say I’m surprised.

Boyd Pierce interviewed Buzz Sawyer backstage. Sawyer sarcastically congratulated One Man Gang on regaining the UWF Heavyweight Title, then seriously (I think) thanked him for keeping the belt warm for him. I guess that was a challenge.

UWF Television Champion Eddie Gilbert (w/Missy Hyatt) pinned Shane Douglas in 3:06 with a roll up and a handful of tights following a distraction from Hyatt. These two work very well together and I want to see a rematch with more time given.

In a match that had an average crowd reaction and some decent in-ring action, Michael Hayes, Shawn Michaels, Robert Gibson, Jimmy Garvin and Buddy Roberts (w/Sunshine) defeated The Sheepherders, Vladimir Petrov, Terry Taylor and Tully Blanchard in 5:49 when Hayes defeated Butch Miller by submission. Simply too short but could have been great given another ten minutes.



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