Through the Booking Glass: UWF July 1987 Week 4

July 1987, Monday, Week 4

Tim Patterson’s last appearance was last night so he’s history.

The latest UWF superstar to fail a drug test? Missy Hyatt. Which is really not surprising given that she’s been living with Eddie Gilbert for how long now. She was fined her entire purse from last night, which irritated her until she realized it meant she wasn’t getting paid and not forfeiting her Gucci bag.

Paid attendance for the UWF show last night came out to 3,491.

Manny Fernandez and Black Bart won NWA gold last night, teaming with Stan Lane to win the NWA World Six Man Tag Team Title from Thunderfoot, Kendall Windham and Bobby Jaggers in Lexington, KY. On the same card, Big Bubba Rogers defeated The Warlord to retain the NWA World Television Title in a match that was a lot better than it sounds on paper.

July 1987, Tuesday, Week 4

The Lightning Express will take on Gary Young and The Enforcer on Sunday’s Power Pro Wrestling broadcast. No word as to whether the titles will be on the line but I’m not sure it matters.

July 1987, Wednesday, Week 4

Eddie Gilbert will defend the UWF Television Title against Chris Adams on Sunday. That is a pay-per-view quality match airing on live free TV.

July 1987, Thursday, Week 4

Chief Thundercloud, who was a mainstay in the Pacific Northwest as well as in Tennessee, has retired. Thundercloud was the personification of the friendly American Indian gimmick. Real name: Jesus Mario Lopez. That is not a punchline.

July 1987, Friday, Week 4

Shane Douglas vs. Steve Cox has been added to Sunday’s edition on Power Pro Wrestling on SportsChannel America. I’m not sure how the live crowd will react to it but I’m looking forward to the scientific face vs. face match.

July 1987, Saturday, Week 4

The UWF has added Big Bubba Rogers to the advertising for tomorrow’s Power Pro Wrestling broadcast.

July 1987, Sunday, Week 4

Ratings for the replay of Power Pro Wrestling on KWTV are holding steady.

UWF Power Pro Wrestling live coverage (July 1987, Sunday, Week 4)

Missy Hyatt is joining Jim Ross at the broadcast booth tonight because apparently her breasts can talk or something.

In a match that had an average crowd reaction and some decent in-ring action, Sting defeated Randy Rose in 10:19 by submission with a Scorpion Deathlock. Probably could have had a few minutes cut from it but good. Sting called out for Eddie Gilbert as he had the finishing hold applied.

Shane Douglas and Steve Cox battled to a no decision in 7:40. During the match, Ross announced that voting was ongoing to determine the UWF Rookie of the Year. No, I don’t know why this is happening in July. The match was even almost the entire way until Cox missed a dropkick in the corner and crotched himself on the top rope. Douglas looked like he was going to win by countout but asked the referee to call the match instead.

Ross interviewed Douglas at ringside after the match. Douglas said he respects Cox and doesn’t want to take a win due to injury. He did say he’d be open to a rematch down the line.

In an extremely short match, Eli the Eliminator defeated Brazo de Oro in 1:52 by pinfall. Thank God this was short because this was awful.

Big Bubba Rogers (w/Skandor Akbar) defeated Derrick Dukes in 1:30 by pinfall with a Bubba Slam. This was too short as Rogers and Dukes worked really well together.

UWF Television Champion Eddie Gilbert pinned Chris Adams with a Hotshot in 4:24 to retain the title. Good match but criminally short. I can’t believe Eli vs. Brazo was on the card and this only got four minutes.

Rick Rude drew with Savannah Jack in 4:06 when the referee lost control and stopped the match.

Shaska Whatley was interviewed backstage by Jim Ross and said his ultimate goal is a title match against One Man Gang. Good luck with that.

In a match that had an average crowd reaction and some decent in-ring action, Shaska Whatley defeated Kendall Windham in 5:36 by pinfall with The Flying Willie. I’m very surprised this was as good as it was.

Kareem Muhammad pinned Todd Champion in 3:31 with a Piledriver.

UWF Tag Team Champions The Lightning Express defeated Gary Young and The Enforcer in 2:53 when Armstrong pinned Young with a Russian Leg Sweep. Too short but Armstrong and Horner look better every week.



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