Through the Years: WCW WrestleWar 1992


IT’S TIME FOR WAR! I’ve really been looking forward to this one, as to some extent the feud between Sting’s friends and the Dangerous Alliance comes to a close here. Unfortunately, as a result of those people being packed into one match, the card as a whole looks incredibly thin. I can only hope it doesn’t turn out that way.


– May 17th, 1992, from the Coliseum in Jacksonville, Florida


The video to open the show is pretty cool, and does a good job running down the WarGames match ahead. It appears that WCW papered the building well. Tony Schiavone and Eric Bischoff are up at the podium to host the show, and I don’t really care about what they have to say. They did remind me that Sting had broken ribs, and as such they’ll be a factor in this match. Jim Ross and Jesse Ventura will comment on these matches.


The Fabulous Freebirds vs. Greg Valentine and Terry Taylor for the WCW United States Tag Team Championships

Pre-Match Thoughts: I couldn’t care less about this match, and the chapter markers made this seem like it’s going to be VERY long. That sucks, if I’m being honest. Unfortunately, the Freebirds entered to their stupid song. This is TERRIBLE. The Birds were the babyfaces, if nobody picked that up. WCW can fuck off with the Taylor Made Man stuff. Jimmy Garvin looked so old.

Match Review: Hayes and Taylor will start the show off, and Hayes struts around the ring. That is unnecessary. Hayes shoulders Taylor to the canvas, then Valentine makes a blind tag in only for Taylor to run into him. Hayes rolls Valentine up for 2, then hip tosses him. Hayes goes for another, but Valentine clocks him with a heavy right and some elbows. Hayes comes back with an atomic drop, then drops him with some clotheslines for 2. Hayes tags in Garvin, and Garvin dodges a charge to the corner, before going to a wristlock. Garvin tries a cradle, but Valentine blocks it, only to miss an elbow drop. Hayes comes in off the top with a double axehandle, and keeps the armbar on Valentine. Valentine gets out of it and tags in Taylor, who misses an elbow drop as well. Garvin and Hayes exchange tags for arm wringers, until Garvin drops Taylor with a cross body for 2. Hayes tags in, and goes back to the armbar. Taylor throws Hayes to the ramp, but charges at him and gets backdropped into the ring. Hayes follows that with a back elbow, then drops one for 2. Garvin tags in, and Taylor throws him to the floor for punishment from Valentine. Taylor gives Garvin a jawbreaker when he gets back in there, then Valentine tags in for some chops. Valentine eats a boot on a charge to the corner, but stops the tag from being made. Valentine goes for a suplex, but Garvin reverses into his own. Valentine gets up first and misses a splash, but Taylor tags in first. Taylor clotheslines Garvin in the corner, which gets 2. Garvin shoulders Taylor down, and there’s the tag. Hayes backdrops Valentine, gives he and Taylor a noggin-knocker, and all four are in there. Hayes signals for the DDT, but Taylor hits him with his forearm for 2 from Valentine. Surprised. Valentine slams Hayes, and a backbreaker gets 2. A Valentine headbutt to the nuts gets 2, then Taylor gets in there. He rakes the eyes, and follows with a gutwrench powerbomb for 2. Valentine tags back in, snaps the leg, and locks Hayes in the FIGURE-FOUR. Garvin rushes in to break it, so Valentine goes to an armbar. Taylor tags in and gets rammed into the buckle, then Hayes pops him with a big left. Garvin makes the big tag in, and backdrops Taylor. Valentine comes in and gets clotheslined, then Taylor is atomic dropped into Valentine. A Garvin cradle on Taylor gets 2, then we have Garvin hit them with a double clothesline. Valentine trips Garvin, then Taylor drops a knee on his head. Hayes runs in to break the cover, and Garvin has Taylor ready for the DDT. He drops him, and Hayes holds Valentine, as Garvin covers Taylor for the win and titles at 16:00!

My Thoughts: I went three months without seeing Valentine and Taylor defend those titles. I don’t regret that even slightly. This match was okay, but it went on for FAR too long. Obviously they were killing time in anticipation of the matches later in the show, but it was still a problem. At least the wrestling was solid, so I can’t complain too much. **. The Freebirds got a really big nostalgia type pop for winning this, but with that in mind, they’d only been in WCW for 3 years.


Tracy Smothers vs. Johnny B. Badd

Pre-Match Thoughts: Steve Armstrong was released sometime before this, so Smothers had to go at it on his own for a while. To call him “Young Pistol Tracy” sounds like a burial of sorts to me. His partner wasn’t even there anymore and hadn’t been for nearly two months. For Badd to get this kind of pop…I do not understand. At all. IT’S A PROGRESSIVE CROWD I SUPPOSE. I can’t wait to hear Jesse Ventura talk about him.

Match Review: These two lock up, with an exchange of hammerlocks taking place right after that. Badd rolls Smothers up for 2, then Badd hip tosses him. An arm drag follows that, and Smothers goes to the outside. Badd arm drags him again, then follows with a cross body for 2. Badd uses another arm drag, and holds on with an armbar this time. Badd eats a knee on a charge to the corner, and Smothers kicks him in the face for 2. Smothers resorts to back rakes and the like, then heads up top for a flying back elbow that gets 2. Smothers goes up top again, and a cross body gets reversed for 2. Smothers kicks Badd in the head again for 2, then goes to a chinlock. Badd tries a sunset flip, but Smothers rakes the eyes and sits on him for 2. Badd takes Smothers down with a small package for 2, so Smothers goes to the chinlock again. Badd hits Smothers with a great looking high knee, then gives him a facebuster. Badd powerslams Smothers, then signals he’s going up top. Down he comes with a sunset flip for 2, then he hits Smothers with a big left hand for the victory at 7:03.

My Thoughts: I like their use of Marc Mero’s boxing background in terms of giving his character a finish, but I’m not sure it fits with his character. In any case, this match was better than the opener. It was more straight forward, quicker paced, and nowhere near as long. I’m not complaining in the least about that. **1/4. Smothers did hang around for a while, but he was surplus to requirements, as they say.


Missy Hyatt is with the Freebirds, and it appears that Precious is back. I have no idea why. She was in the background all this time or something like that. She didn’t show up again.


Scotty Flamingo vs. Marcus Alexander Bagwell

Pre-Match Thoughts: Scotty Flamingo, otherwise known as Raven, was basically a cheater and that’s why we weren’t supposed to like him. He had said his goal was to win the light heavyweight strap. The Bagwell half of this match sounds terrible, and he’s wearing shiny gold pants. WHY? This Scotty Flamingo looks like a real piece of trash. Makes things interesting.

Match Review: These guys finally lock up, but nothing comes of it. The next time, Flamingo and Bagwell trade slaps. Flamingo tackles and punches him, then throws him to the outside. Bagwell gets back in the ring and tackles Flamingo, then they start slapping again. Bagwell nails him with a right, and gives him a back suplex for 2. Bagwell counters a suplex with his own for 2, but Flamingo tosses him out to the floor. Back on the inside, Bagwell rolls Flamingo up for 2. Flamingo dishes out his own back suplex, then fist drops Bagwell from the second rope for a 2 count. Flamingo chinlocks Bagwell for a long time, then gets up and takes Bagwell over the top with a cross body. The referee counts on both, but they get back in the ring just in time. Bagwell smashes Flamingo’s face into the mat, then hip tosses him. Bagwell clotheslines him too, and nails him with a back elbow. Up to the second rope, and down with a double axehandle. Bagwell signals for a finish, and I have no idea what that is. His fisherman’s suplex only gets 2, and the idiot thinks he won. He picks Flamingo up, and Scotty grabs Bagwell’s tights on a cradle reversal to pick up the win at 7:11.

My Thoughts: This match stunk. Both guys weren’t capable of carrying a match of this level, and although Scotty was better, there was no way he could have had a good match with someone as green as Bagwell. I really didn’t like this at all, with Bagwell’s awful comeback sequence being a particular sticking point. It was very sloppy and it just sucked. *1/2, it may have been even less.


I don’t understand this Beach Blast commercial at all. They didn’t advertise any matches, but they really should have.


Cactus Jack and Mr. Hughes vs. Ron Simmons and the Junkyard Dog

Pre-Match Thoughts: Not really looking forward to this match either. The undercard of this show is not good, and it was missing Vader to try to level it out. A squash match with him in it would have been nice to see. They could have given him somebody like Van Hammer. Anyway, WCW was intent on always bringing back JYD, so we’d get things like this. With Abdullah gone, I don’t see the need for this. I haven’t posted about it, but I’ve read that Hughes had a very serious drug problem at this time. For some reason, Cactus decided to go hide before Simmons and JYD could enter the ring. When they entered the arena, Cactus was ready, and ATTACKED JYD! They started brawling on the ramp, until Cactus rammed him into it and flew off the ramp with a FLYING ELBOW! Simmons then runs up the ramp to backdrop Cactus and help JYD to the back. After that was done, the match was forced to become a singles match. So, we have…

Mr. Hughes (w/Cactus Jack) vs. Ron Simmons

Match Review: Simmons has to fight both guys off at the start, and does so with a double clothesline. Simmons clotheslines Hughes again, and follows that up with a hip toss. Hughes bails out to the floor, but gets some advice from Cactus and climbs back in there. He wants a test of strength, but attacks Simmons instead. Hughes hits Simmons with a clothesline, then drops an elbow for 2. Hughes slams Simmons, then drops a knee for 2. Hughes misses a charge to the corner, but takes over anyway with some choking. Simmons sunset flips Hughes for 2, but Hughes goes back to the choking. Simmons comes back with another hip toss, and Hughes misses a leapfrog body guillotine after another series of chokes. Simmons clotheslines Hughes, then backdrops him. Hughes goes to the eyes, but Simmons drops him with a SPINEBUSTER. Cactus runs in and gets shouldered to the outside, then Simmons clips Hughes’ knee for the pinfall at 5:28.

My Thoughts: Far too much of this was spent with Hughes choking Simmons. I wasn’t entertained at all, but the crowd liked the finish. I was bored out of my mind. They picked the wrong person to face Simmons, but Cactus had done so on the last PPV. It would have been repetitive to do it again. This was also a great example of WCW bait and switching a match. Even though I didn’t care, some of the fans who paid for the show may have cared. 1/4*.


Super Invader (w/Harley Race) vs. Todd Champion

Pre-Match Thoughts: You may know the Super Invader as Hercules. You may know Todd Champion as a terrible wrestler. This is a horrendous matchup. Schiavone said that the Super Invader was from Bangkok. I don’t have any idea why they’d do something like this. When hiring somebody like Hercules, isn’t the name value important? Or at least his look?

Match Review: The Invader goes right to work with chops, and clotheslines Champion to the canvas. He drops an elbow after that, and utilizes a knuckle lock. Champion powers up and out of it, but the Invader drops him with a side slam. The Invader drops Champion with a back suplex, and goes to a chinlock. Ross announces that the Beach Blast lineup will be announced on next week’s TV, which sounds far more interesting than this match. Invader hits Champion with a clothesline, and throws him out and into the rail. The Invader slams him on the floor, then gives him one in the ring. He heads up top, and comes down with a flying nothing, eating a boot on the way down. Champion hits him with a shoulderblock, then knocks him down with a flying back elbow. Next time, the Invader drops him throat-first on the top rope, and POWERBOMBS him for the win at 5:27.

My Thoughts: This was quite a bit worse than the last match, which is just about what I expected. I hate the way WCW had these showcase matches with “new” talent. I’ll be glad when I get to a period where these are completely gone from their PPV’s. DUD.


Richard Morton vs. Big Josh

Pre-Match Thoughts: The middle of this show has been a big pile of shit. This match may be good, though. Whether it is or isn’t, it’s the last of these wholly uninteresting affairs. Morton looked used up and nearly done as a player in a big promotion. The look certainly matters. There was a 38 minute match between Big Josh and Arn Anderson on the TV leading into this, but there is no way in hell that I’d watch it.

Match Review: Josh shoves Morton down, and follows that with a hip toss. After a big bodyslam, Josh does the LOG ROLL. Morton hits Josh with a knee lift in response, and tears his shirt off. Jesse’s story about Big Josh not washing his clothes is hilarious. HIS CLOTHES ARE SO ROTTEN, LOOK AT HOW EASY THEY TEAR. Josh hits Morton with a huge forearm in the corner, but misses a charge to the other side and is given a back suplex. Morton follows that with an inverted atomic drop, but Josh blocks a cradle and misses an elbow drop. Morton drops a knee on him for 2, and puts an armbar on him. Josh gets up, blocks a monkey flip, and slams Morton again. Josh lands the elbow drop this time for 2, but Morton hits him with some redneck fury type chops. Josh blocks a backdrop try, drops him with a belly to belly suplex, and follows that with a double underhook suplex for 2. Morton goes to the eyes and goes up to the second turnbuckle, but Josh hits him with an inverted atomic drop. BUTT SPLASH, and that’s it for Morton at 7:29. Josh wins.

My Thoughts: This match was totally fine, even though the finish looked quite botched. Much like the Badd/Smothers match, but guys worked hard and did what they could with the time given. No complaints overall. Wasn’t a good match, but was solid. **1/4.


Tom Zenk vs. Brian Pillman for the WCW Light Heavyweight Championship

Pre-Match Thoughts: These two are former tag partners, and I guess their partnership has EXPLODED. Zenk is capable of being carried to a good match, and Pillman would have had to do exactly that. Zenk still hadn’t developed any big spots of his own in any of the matches I’ve seen. There’s a handy video before the match where Zenk starts talking about getting screwed over by Scotty Flamingo and JT Southern. He said he’d put the title on the line against them, then Pillman was in the picture and had a big problem with that. IT’S NOT YOUR TITLE. This doesn’t feel like it’s going to be a babyface match.

Match Review: Zenk had a problem with shaking hands, then they go to wristlocks. Zenk and Pillman do an acrobatic sequence, and they each throw dropkicks that obviously don’t land. Pillman goes to a drop toe-hold and hammerlock, then they get up and do a great bit where both guys try arm drags. This is an interesting start. Pillman takes Zenk down for a knee drop that gets 1, then dodges a charge to the corner, only for Zenk to arm drag him. After an armbar, Pillman takes Zenk down with a flying head-scissors and arm drag of his own. Pillman goes to a head-scissors, then Zenk gets up for a backslide that gets 2. A small package gets 2 for Zenk, then a sunset flip does the same. Pillman uses another drop toe-hold, then wrenches the leg for a bit. Pillman goes for a senton splash on the knee, but Zenk moves out of the way. Zenk goes to work on the back, giving Pillman a suplex for 2. Zenk follows with a backbreaker, but misses a pump splash in the corner. Pillman goes back to the leg with elbow drops, and a half crab which won’t get Zenk to quit. Zenk hits Pillman with an enzuigiri for 2, but misses a charge to the corner and hurts his knee again. Pillman locks Zenk in a figure-four, and the guys start slapping each other. Zenk reverses it, but Pillman reverses it back. After they break, Pillman hits Zenk with some big chops, and winds up on the apron for a cross body that gets reversed into a powerslam for 2. That was great. Pillman takes Zenk down with a crucifix for 2, as Ventura cheers for someone to finally cheat. Pillman sets Zenk up for a SUPERPLEX, but Zenk pushes him down and jumps off the top with a cross body that turns Pillman inside out for 2. Zenk goes for a backdrop, but instead they run into each other and knock heads. Zenk takes Pillman down with a massive flapjack, but it can only get 2. Zenk misses an elbow drop, and he can no longer stand up. So, Pillman decides to head up top, only to find out Zenk was SANDBAGGING. Zenk kicks him on the way down, then signals for his finish. Whatever that is. Zenk flies down with a missile dropkick, but he misses and Pillman pins him for 3 at 15:28.

My Thoughts: This was a fantastic match, actually better than I’d expected. Lots of good aerial moves, quick counters, and good selling. Both guys carried their share of the work, and the fans bought basically every near fall. You probably won’t find any better Tom Zenk match if you’re interested in that. Despite not having his own big signature spots, with the right worker, he fight in a match like a glove. This is a good example of that. The match also shows how good Pillman is to conistently have matches like this that all feel different and outside of a particular formula. ***3/4. I think they should have went to cheating like Jesse was clamoring for, but otherwise, no real complaint.


Takayuji Iizuka & Tatsumi Fujinami vs. The Steiner Brothers (WCW Tag Team Championships) for the IWGP Tag Team #1 Contendership

Pre-Match Thoughts: This match is infamous for the stiffness of the Steiners work. That’s why I’m really looking forward to it. The Steiners had become a little stale in some ways, and we’re nearly into the stage of their career where their work begun to decline. It is extremely idiotic to do a match like this where the results of it won’t even take place in their promotion.

Match Review: Scott starts with Fujinami, and Fujinami arm drags him. Scott trips Fujinami, but he makes the ropes. Scott goes to a fireman’s carry that gets 2, then takes Fujinami down with a completely botched BLOCKBUSTER SUPLEX. Iizuka gets hit with one that wasn’t botched, and Fujinami eats a STEINERLINE. Iizuka tags in, and hits Scott with some knees. He slams Scott, then heads up to the second rope for an elbow drop. Now he goes up top, and comes down with a cannonball splash into a standing Scott for 2. Iizuka puts Scott in a Boston crab, and turns that into a cover for 2. Scott bridges out, and HE’S PISSED. He wrecks Iizuka with a TIGER BOMB, and follows that by tagging in Rick Steiner for a standing ELBOW DROP. Rick goes to a chinlock, and Fujinami makes a tag in. Fujinami takes Rick down with a headlock, but Rick stands up quickly for a German suplex that nearly kills Fujinami. A big elbow drop gets 2, then back to the chinlock they go. Scott tags in, elbows Fujinami in the face, and locks him in a half crab. Iizuka’s face is busted open, and Rick Steiner tags in. Fujinami picks Rick up for something, and Iizuka tags in and flies off the top with a CRAZY cross body that Rick reverses to a powerslam that gets 2. Iizuka keeps grabbing his face, but Rick runs him over and drops an elbow for 2. Fujinami tags back in, and chops Rick down with some kicks. Time for a spinning toe-hold! Rick reverses with a pinning combination for 2, but Fujinami keeps working the leg. Iizuka tags in, and he sits on the leg. Rick gets out of that, then he knees him in the gut very snugly. Scott tags in, and takes Iizuka over with a tilt-a-whirl slam for 2. Rick tags in, holds onto the leg, then picks Iizuka up and runs him into the corner stomach-first. Scott tags in, and dishes out a great pumphandle slam for 2. Iizuka finally tags out, and Fujinami leaps off the top with a blow to the back. Rick and Fujinami start brawling a bit crazily, then Fujinami puts Scott in an abdominal stretch. Fujinami sits down for a cover of 2, and hold onto a front face-lock for a bit. Scott takes him down and tags in Rick, then Iizuka tags in too. Rick double legs him down for 2, then takes him down with a belly to belly for another 2 count. Scott tags in, and so does Fujinami. This match…is weird. Iizuka runs in for a kick, and Scott does his double arm drag bit. Rick then jumps off the top with a DOUBLE STEINERLINE, and Scott decides to put Iizuka on top for something. Fujinami grabs Scott and back suplexes him, then Iizuka gives Scott a German suplex for 2. Fujinami tags back in, and there’s a SPIKE PILEDRIVER. Iizuka jumps off the top with a dropkick, and Fujinami applies a DRAGON SLEEPER. Scott makes the ropes, kicks Fujinami in the head, and runs him over with a STEINERLINE. Scott and Fujinami collide with each other, and both guys make tags out.

Rick hits Iizuka with a STEINERLINE for 2, and dishes out another belly to belly suplex. Now all four guys are in there, and Rick takes Iizuka to the corner for a BELLY TO BELLY THROW. He covers, and of course that’s going to be it after 18:15.

My Thoughts: I really didn’t like this match, although it was objectively pretty good. I don’t need to see matches where the opponents try to beat each other up, or in this case with the Steiners, where they try to beat Fujinami and Iizuka up for no reason. Iizuka got treated like a total jobber, with both Steiners taking a turn working him over for who knows what reason. This does hold up as a match, but it’s really not for me. ***1/2. It’s funny that Rick Steiner is now in real estate. Imagine buying a house from him.


Rick Rude (WCW US Champion), Larry Zbyszko, Steve Austin, Bobby Eaton, and Arn Anderson (w/Paul E. Dangerously and Madusa) vs. Sting (WCW Champion), Ricky Steamboat, Barry Windham (WCW TV Champion), Dustin Rhodes, and Nikita Koloff in WARGAMES

Pre-Match Thoughts: This Dangerous Alliance vs. Sting’s Squadron feud may be the best five on five feud ever. They kept the guys together having matches with each other for a very long time, and even though Ron Simmons was substituted out for Nikita Koloff, it never missed a beat. Submit or surrender is the best way to describe stipulations for any match. They did a dangerous looking bit with fireworks when lowering the cage, which I don’t see the purpose of. Could any match possibly live up to the previous year’s? some of these guys really hit the tanning booth. The crowd WAS HYPED.

Match Review: Paul E. had a battle plan. That’s hilarious. Austin will start this, and so will Barry Windham. They trade bombs with each other, then Austin throws Windham into the cage, only for Windham to block it. Windham slams Austin, then misses an elbow drop. Austin shoulders Windham in the corner, but gets his eyes raked. Windham goes for a PILEDRIVER, but Austin reverses to a backdrop and follows with a big elbow. Windham throws Austin to the other ring, and Austin blocks a cage shot too. Lucky guy. Windham DDT’s Austin, but gets clotheslined into the other ring. Great run by Austin and leap into the other ring to do that. Austin misses a swinging kick while holding the roof, so Windham drops him on his face. Austin finally goes into the cage, and Jesse accuses Steamboat of spitting on Austin. Austin’s BUSTED OPEN, and Windham opens him up worse with more punches. Windham bites Austin in disgusting fashion, and it’s time for the COIN TOSS. THE DANGEROUS ALLIANCE WINS!

RICK RUDE runs in there, and goes right to work on Windham with big rights. Windham tries to fight back, but Rude rakes the eyes. After some shoulders by Rude, Austin attacks Windham from behind and they have a 2 on 1. Austin hits Windham with a flying clothesline from the second rope, then it’s time for Windham to taste the steel. Rude sits in a camel clutch, and we have our next man in,

IT’S RICKY STEAMBOAT! He throws Austin into the cage again, then Rude goes into the fence too! Steamboat DDT’s Rude, then Austin gets one too. Steamboat also has a taped up nose, so…that will come into play. Steamboat rams Rude into the buckle a lot, but Austin gets him from behind. Austin charges to the corner, but Steamboat dodges and dropkicks him. He then takes Rude down with a hurricanrana, and clobbers him for a while. Windham is bloody too, it looks like. Steamboat and Windham keep beating Rude and Austin up, but Rude drops Steamboat with something off-camera.

ARN ANDERSON runs in there, and drops Windham with a DDT. Steamboat gets a SPINEBUSTER from the Enforcer, then Arn puts him in a BOSTON CRAB. Rude teams up with him for a DOUBLE CRAB, which I’ve never seen before. Windham goes to save Steamboat, but the Dangerous Alliance has the numbers. Rude PILEDRIVES Steamboat, then throws him all the way into the other ring. That’s a great bump too. Steamboat and Rude clothesline each other, then it’s time for…

DUSTIN RHODES! He goes for Arn, and knees him in the head. After a big boot, Dustin lands some BIONIC ELBOWS. Dustin takes Austin down with an inverted atomic drop and a clothesline, and Steamboat has a Boston crab on Rude. Dustin puts Austin on his shoulders and drops him on his back, then Windham has Arn’s head wedged BETWEEN THE TWO RINGS. Steamboat has Rude in a FIGURE-FOUR, which Rude reverses.

LARRY ZBYSZKO gets in there, and Dustin goes after him immediately. Now Madusa climbs up the cage, and she has the CELL PHONE. She drops it in the cage for Arn Anderson, who hits Dustin with it. Now Sting is on top of the cage with Madusa, and scares her down. All the babyfaces eat some telephone, and Rude’s now wrenching at Steamboat’s nose. There is blood EVERYWHERE at this point. Zbyszko throws Dustin into the cage, and Windham tastes it again thanks to Arn Anderson. Dustin is busted WIDE open. Rude puts Steamboat in a SLEEPER, and we have…

STING! He runs in and gives Arn a facebuster, then Rude takes a jawbreaker. Sting picks Rude up and presses him into the top of the cage repeatedly, then slams him. Arn tastes the cage thanks to Sting, then Sting gives Austin a crazy backdrop into it. Arn’s bleeding too, and Madusa is taping up Bobby Eaton’s fist. Oh boy. Zbyszko puts a sleeper on Windham, and Rude takes a big bump to the other ring. This is absurd. Austin turns Dustin inside out with a clothesline, and Rude gets his head wedged between the rings. These spots, man. Zbyszko rams Windham into the fence again, and…

BOBBY EATON IS IN. He rams Steamboat into the fence, then Dustin hits Austin with a big boot. Dustin is bleeding like CRAZY. Eaton takes Windham and throws him into the cage again, then Steamboat gives Rude a clothesline. Now Zbyszko is working on one of the turnbuckles, as is Rick Rude. THESE ARE DIRTY TACTICS. Windham puts Arn in a FIGURE-FOUR, as Steamboat and Zbyszko trade shots. Arn puts the boots to Sting, as the last man is in!

NIKITA KOLOFF runs in there as the MATCH BEYOND begins, and throws Arn into the cage. Now they tease Nikita attacking Sting, but he helps Sting up. Arn and Austin clothesline Nikita as Nikita pushes Sting out of the way, then Nikita and Sting come back with their own clotheslines. Nikita and Sting high five and hug each other, then they go like houses of fire until Rude pokes Nikita in the eye. Sting hits Arn with a STINGER SPLASH, and the turnbuckle is finally broken. Sting has Arn in a SCORPION DEATHLOCK, but Eaton makes the save. Now Eaton has the turnbuckle spike, as Zbyszko takes a double elbow to the head. Dustin puts Zbyszko in a FIGURE-FOUR, then Arn heads up to the second rope only to get hit on the way down. Rude breaks the figure-four, as Dustin slams Austin. Dustin jumps off the top with a flying elbow that misses, and Steamboat has Rude in a sleeper. Eaton decides to use the SPIKE, or rather Zbyszko will. IT’S A BIG HOOK. Zbyszko hits Eaton on accident, then Sting puts Eaton in an armbar until he gives in at 23:24! IT IS OVER! Paul’s face was hilarious. He’s in there yelling at Zbyszko, who appears to be getting the blame for this. HE DIDN’T KNOW! Paul threatens with a phone shot, and they should have attacked him here instead of waiting for TV the next few weeks. That’s the show!

My Thoughts: This was absolutely great in every sense of the word, to a point where I’m having a hard time figuring out how to formulate my thoughts on it. I guess I’ll start with the blood. You know, there was a hell of a lot of blood here. More than I had expected, more than I expect in anything going forward. Some of those guys did great at getting color. Steve Austin took some insane bumps here, specifically the backdrop into the cage fence. I also love the spot where Arn had his head wedged between the rings. That was awesome. They used Nikita correctly as well, with him only being in there for a few minutes. The ending was also unique, whoever came up with it did a great job. I would have never thought of using the ring tools in that fashion, but it’s really smart. The crowd reaction was great too. ***** is what I’d go with, and if you’re a wrestling fan, you have to watch this. The 1991 and 1992 WarGames matches are two of the best bouts to ever take place in this country. This one may be the best WCW match of all.


This show should have been something that launched WCW to the next level, but it wasn’t. I can’t really explain why other than that it was WCW, which had burned fans so many times before. This was actually their lowest drawing PPV to date, even though the price was lowered to $20. WCW’s idea to do a PPV in each of the two months after that may have been a factor. This was a show that relied heavily on its last three matches to deliver, and they sure did. Despite the problems with the early matches, I’d have to call this PPV a classic. You know what you’re going to get when you tune into it, and even if you only wanted to see the WarGames match, it delivered in a huge way. It’s also a good time capsule, given that WCW stopped relying on wrestling to carry their shows by the end of the year. I’m still looking forward to them regardless. Next up, it’s going to be WWF matches after WrestleMania VIII.

Wrestling Time: 1:45:45. This was predominantly wrestling based, and the only promo on the show was done by the Freebirds. I do not understand that.

Best: WarGames. Duh.

Worst: Hercules coming into the promotion and wearing a red ski mask on his face, being billed from Thailand. It makes no sense.

Card Rating: 8.5/10. I loved it, but there’s a lot of this show that’s quite hard to get through.


Written by Sage Cortez

Sage is a boisterous Los Angeles sports fan. Unsurprisingly, like many other loudmouth LA fans, he also likes the Raiders and a range of combat sports.

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