This is NXT – 3/11/15

From the NXT Arena at Full Sail University. Your commentators are Rich Brennan, Jason Albert and Corey Graves.

Enzo Amore and BIG CASS vs. The Geico LizardsThe Lucha Dragons

Hey, that’s what Enzo and Cass called them. The winner becomes the #1 contenders to the Tag Titles.

Pretty much a basic tag match as, though they are entertaining as hell, Cassady and especially Enzo are no great shakes in the ring. Though they do work a tried and true formula of Enzo taking a beating for most of the match until Cass saves Enzo from a tandem dive by taking the bullet for himself before breaking up the Dragons’ finisher and literally dragging Enzo to the corner for the hot tag and the East River Crossing (spinning sideslam) and and throwing Enzo on top of Kalisto gets the win.

Next Week: Highlights from NXT’s live event in Columbus, Ohio last week which includes Alexa Bliss going against Sasha Banks and Kevin Owens vs. Alex Riley. SPOILERS, guys! I thought CJ Parker had a chance tonight! It is funny how they use Owens’ promo he will cut later in this show in this ad though. Oops. That Columbus show was supposed to be pretty good with a Neville/Cesaro main event that I really would like to see sometime.

We get an Alex Riley hype video. Really doesn’t seem like only a two year absence for him. That Miz feud feels like ancient history. It is followed up by a video recap of Kevin Owens’ reign of terror.

Carmella vs. Alexa Bliss

It’s really interesting hearing the lack of reaction to Carmella without Enzo and Cass. They seem to be playing similar characters, but Enzo and Cass are definitely more engaging with the crowd while Carmella is a pure cocky bitch heel and the crowd doesn’t really buy it. Bliss is showing some definite improvement in the ring as she shows off some nice athleticism but overall the match is standard women’s fare. Of course, these women are still learning so the fact that they are doing basic matches shouldn’t be too much of a surprise. Bliss makes an adorable comeback and debuts her new finisher, the Sparkle Splash (a top rope corkscrew splash) and gets the win.


Riley cuts a fired up promo about how he had been kept “locked in a cage” for two years until Owens finally convinced him to start fighting again. Really good stuff….until the final line: “It’s time to rage!” Just comes across as hokey.

Tyler Breeze cuts a promo promising victory in tonight’s main event.


I missed that theme, I admit it. SAY IT TO MY FACE! His Titantron simply says “RAGE!” so we know where that line came from. Riley gets a nice dropkick in early but Parker controls most of the match until Riley makes the comeback with clotheslines, John Morrison’s Moonlight Drive neckbreaker and the Blockbuster for the pin. Riley looked pretty decent out there to be honest. Still in shape (though maybe a tad pudgy). Owens comes out and calls Riley the dumbest man in NXT for ending his commentary career because Owens is going to end his in-ring career and then the rise of Finn Balor.

Tyler Breeze vs. Hideo Itami

Breeze goes old-school, going to the floor to make Itami wait. He controls to start but Itami gets a knee to the gut so Tyler takes another powder, but Itami follows and BLASTS him with a clothesline. That simple shit still works. That is what will get Itami over; he won’t just accept your stall tactics and will nearly take your head off by foot or fist. He hits a tornado top rope guillotine but another trip to the top ends up with Breeze crotching him and taking control back. The crowd chants “Tyler’s ratchet” as we go to break. That’s low, guys.

Breeze puts Itami on top as we return but Itami fights him off and hits a flying clothesline. He tries a kick but Breeze blocks and hits his own Super(model) Kick for 2. He tries the ringpost figure four, but Itami pulls him into the steel before draping him on the top rope and dropping a knee on the back of his head for 2. The crowd wants the GTS as Itami begins the FIGHTING SPIRIT comeback, but Breeze avoids the corner dropkick and hits the Beauty Shot for the pin! Whoa! Really didn’t expect that finish. A fine little match in the continuing feud between these two that is both helping Itami adjust to a new style while showing that (sing along with me kids) Tyler Breeze is ready for the main roster. Hopefully at the next live show they get a final showdown because I am up for more from these two.

Overall: Keeping things rolling along this week as we get some new faces mixed into two title pictures while the side story for the NXT champion is more interesting than 2:50 of the usual RAW. Nothing that will blow you away, but an entertaining show is all you can ask for.

Until next week in Columbus….


Written by Peter Kostka

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