This is NXT – 7/24/14

Taped at Full Sail University. Renee Young and two of the other guys that aren’t Regal are your commentators. They never show who is at the desk so I can’t tell.

The Ascension vs. Job Team #2365

Hey, it’s one of these matches. About 5 moves later the Fall of Man finishes Dude #2.

Thoughts: More of the same. Maybe it’s because I haven’t been following them from the start but I would really like to know why the NXT crowd loves the Ascension so much.

Tonight: Rusev vs. Adrian Neville and the Women’s title is on the line as Charlotte defends against Summer Rae.

Tyler Breeze vs. Mojo Rawley

Tyler’s finger is heavily bandaged. What a trooper to go out there and compete with such an injury. And against a doofus like Mojo Rawley to boot. Rawley bullies him into the corner but Tyler finds the intestinal fortitude to persevere and hits the Beauty Shot for the pin.

Thoughts: GOOD. I saw as little of Mojo’s stupid face as possible and he lost. Five stars as far as I’m concerned.

Summer Rae vs Charlotte (C) for the NXT Women’s title

A little cat fighting to start and Charlotte gets control, locking in the figure four headlock as we hit a break. Rae sends her outside as we come back and takes control with a bodyscissors. Oh boy, the Natalya match this is not. Rae does continue her penchant of screeching like a banshee during her matches at least. Single leg crab and even the normally game NXT crowd is getting restless. And there’s the Wave. Spin kick gets 2 for Summer and Charlotte answers with a clothesline for 2 herself. Bow Down to the Queen ends it and Charlotte retains.

Thoughts: Well, they tried. This must have been late in the taping because the crowd was just not buying a bunch of holds and Summer Rae leading a match.

The Vaudevillians vs. Kalisto & Sin Cara

The Vaudevillians keep Team Lucha grounded for a good portion of the match as they work over Sin Cara but Cara rolls English up and hits a nice one armed powerbomb before the hot tag. Kalisto hits a springboard kick on Gotch as Cara dives at English on the outside and Kalisto hits the Sethwalker (as I remember it called in 2K14) for the win.

Thoughts: Fun little tag match to introduce another new tag team.

Adrian Neville vs. Rusev (w/Lana) (Non-title)

Rusev shows off his power to start, hitting his fall away Samoan drop and kicking away in the corner. This is how Rusev should be on RAW if they want to build him up. Adrian goes for the knee to slow Rusev down and hits a missile dropkick, but Tyler Breeze cones don to give him some advice and gets attacked by Neville. He puts down Rusev and goes up, but Breeze notices his laces are undone and reaches to tie them, causing Neville to fall off like a klutz, which draws the DQ. Rusev makes Adrian humble in the Accolade after the bell as Breeze smirks on the outside as we fade out.

Thoughts: Well….Lana looked good. Decent way to put some heat on the Neville/Breeze program without making Rusev weak.

Final Thoughts:. Honestly not much to say this week as you might have guessed. Remember when I said last week I can’t call a show bad if it moved things along? This week really tested that theory. Whatever wrestling there was was pretty pedestrian and it definitely felt like they just wanted to get this show done with to move on to the next set of tapings. Really not worth going out of your way to watch this week. I couldn’t even make any #DirtbagTysonKidd references!

That’s it for this week. Maybe I should actually use my Facebook account for feedback from my reader(s), but that means actually using Facebook. @PKIsTwitting on Twitter is another way to reach me. See you next week.


Written by Peter Kostka

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