This is NXT – 9/25/2014

Taped at Full Sail University. Renee Young, Jason Albert and Tom Brennan are your announcers.

Mojo Rawley vs. Bull Dempsey

Mojo jumps Bull on the ramp and beats him around ringside, but Bull takes control on the inside and quickly finishes with the flying headbutt. Tyler Breeze decides to rub some gorgeous salt in his wounds afterwards by sending him into the post. Apparently he is in action next.

Baron Corbin promo video showing his new Sons of Anarchy based gimmick.

Tyler Breeze vs. Justin Gabriel

Breeze takes out his TakeOver frustrations on Gabriel but he goes low and plants Breeze with a reverse STO. Kind of a weird heel/heel vibe here that the crowd can’t react to very easily. Normal STO and moonsault gets 2. Breeze rolls away from the 450 splash and hits a super(model) kick and the Beauty Shot for the pin.

Natalya asks GM Regal for another title shot on behalf of her husband and Regal agrees, adding that it will be the final shot for Dirtbag Tyson Kidd.

Alexa Bliss vs. Bayley!

So much sweetness in this match that I got cavities. Bayley goes behind as Renee calls the move “a whole pile of adorable”. Bliss still seems a bit awkward in the ring but she gets a few rollups and a headscissors without breaking anybody’s neck which earns her the Double High Five of Respect from Bayley. She works Bliss’ arm and eventually finishes with the Bayley to Belly. Well that was fun. Bayley calls out Charlotte and asks for a rematch. Charlotte agrees and we have a title match next week.

Enzo Amore gives Carmella a tour of the gym and her choice of workout attire and stretching sends Enzo tumbling off the treadmill. “I’m a G.” Still the best dumb comedy in WWE.

Marcus Louis (w/Sylvester Lafort & a bad wig) vs. Snap Amore (w/BIG CASS)

I would be perfectly fine with “How you doin’?” replacing “What?”. Just saying.

God, Louis’ wig and headgear. The facials he makes is just the icing on the cake. Louis dominates to start and tosses him, but Snap necks him on the rope, pulling the wig off in the process. It honestly doesn’t look that bad. Enzo takes the opportunity to roll him up for the pin.

Kidd would rather his wife not ask for title shots on his behalf, but he vows to win the title anyway. Fact.

Sami Zayn thinks Kidd is desperate to be champion, but also knows that Adrian Neville will do anything to keep his title. He vows to beat either guy anyway.

The Lucha Dragons vs. The Ascension (NXT Tag Team Title match)

Konnor powers over Cara to start, but he uses his Lucha powers to escape and the Dragons hit a nice double team senton move, but the Ascension use their power powers to take over on Kalisto. Kalisto hits a really pretty forward rana and Cara tags in for another double team on Viktor for 2. The Ascension use their strength to take control back as Konnor rolls Kalisto around the ring while in a side headlock. Kalisto is being dominated as we take a break.

Kalisto continues to take a beating as we return. I like how the Ascension goes for a pin after almost every move; it sells their desperation to get those titles back really well. Kalisto finally escapes and makes the tag, but Viktor cuts off the comeback. Suddenly, Hideo Itami’s music hits and he appears on the ramp, causing the distraction Kalisto needs to hit Salida del Sol on Viktor to retain while Itami kicks the shit out of Konnor on the stage.

FINAL THOUGHTS: A breezy, easy, fun show this week which sets up what should be a pretty good episode next week with two title matches. I’m still not completely sold on this Itami/Ascension feud since it kind of exposes the Ascension a bit.

That will do it this week. See you in seven.


Written by Peter Kostka

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