Total Divas Complete Recap 8-11-13

Welcome to this week’s edition of Total Divas. We start off this episode with the Bellas in their car. They are having a conversation about money growing on trees. It has to do with people in San Diego having a lot of money. Next they argue about if people are tree trimmers or tree cutters. Google is able to solve this debate swiftly. Cut to Brie and Bryan in their hotel room packing. They are getting ready to video chat with Josie. Josie is Brie’s dog and they both miss her. This is when Brie brings up them moving to Phoenix.

Jon and Trinity are in Trinity’s apartment. They have a big argument about Trinity not wearing her ring. She said that she forgot to put it back on after she left it in the cleaner. Jon is not happy at all about her not wearing her ring.

Jojo and Eva are together at the NXT training facility. They are both working in the ring training. Eva talks to Bill and while they are talking Jojo gets dropped on her head. They believe she has a concussion from the fall, as evidenced by wobbly double vision camera action.

Jon and Trinity are at some restaurant talking about Trinity not wearing her ring. She tells Jon she doesn’t wear it all the time because of the business. She said the WWE wants the Divas to appear single and available. They argue over what would happen when they finally have a date set for the wedding.

The Bellas are once again together but this time they are at the gym. They each comment on how they look. Nikki says she likes to look good while working out because she has to stare at herself in the mirror the entire time. Brie then finally tells Nikki that she is moving to Phoenix with Bryan (after mentioning that she’s been planning on it for a couple weeks, and the move is only a few days away). Nikki does not take this well and blames Bryan for the entire thing.

The Bellas managed to book a feature film and are sitting down with the director and producer. Nikki calls Brie to see where she is and Brie has forgotten completely about the meeting. Brie says she will be there as soon as possible. While Brie is still missing the producer and director both show up. They comment on how the Bellas will need extra time on set due to Brie being late. Brie blames Bryan for her being late because she says he was not helping her pack.

We now have a new addition for the show. His name is Sebastian and he is Jojo’s boyfriend. He has come to see how she is doing after she was dropped on her head. She has known him since she was five years old. He is actually her first boyfriend according to her.

The Bellas are working out together once again. Brie says they have found a townhome in the best area. This continues to anger Nikki who then proceeds to punch harder as she gets angrier.

Back to Sebastian and Jojo. Jojo needs to go to practice and Sebastian is not happy about it. She says that he is freaking out. Sebastian says that it is not working and that they need to break up. He tells her that she needs to choose between her job and him.

Trinity is now working with Jon at the NXT training center. Bill DeMott wants her to hit a leg drop after jumping over the top rope. She is worried that she might hurt them because she comes down with all her weight on the leg drop. She is finally able to hit it on Jon. Bill mentions that she is indecisive. Jon mentions that she is being indecisive about their engagement. Trinity is not happy that Jon brings this up to Bill.

Jojo and Eva are riding in the car together. Jojo is talking about how Sebastian wants her to quit her job. Eva thinks that Sebastian is being selfish. Jojo says that she has to choose between her dream job and her boyfriend.

Brie and Bryan are now packing for their move to Phoenix. Nikki shows up with one box to help them move. She joins them in the bedroom while they are packing and brings up that she is not happy that they are moving. She blames it on Bryan and says it is stupid to move for a dog. She also says he should have never let her get a dog because they are always on the road. She then says they are ungrateful for what they have and that she hates them.

Eva and Jojo are once again back at the practice facility. This time Jojo is on the sidelines watching the girls work. Babysitter Nattie is in the house. She is in the ring working with Eva and the rest of the diva trainees. Jojo is sitting ringside looking sad that she is not able to work. Nattie notices this and goes to talk to Jojo. Jojo tells Nattie about Sebastian and how he wants her to come home. Nattie tells her the truth about how she feels and Jojo can’t take it. She walks out crying and Nattie follows her out. She apologizes for what she said but she was just trying to be truthful.

John Cena and Nikki are riding in their car together in San Diego on a drive to an unknown location. Nikki is worried about something that is on her face and Cena tries to calm her down. He said it is just a skin malfunction and that she is human. He mentions that he is not perfect and that he has messed up toes. Nikki tells John about telling Bryan and Brie that she hates them. Cena tells her that she is being selfish about the whole thing. He tells her how good of a person Bryan is and that he has Brie’s best interest at heart.

Trinity is sitting on her couch in her apartment with Jon. Jon is trying to talk to her but she is having none of it. Trinity tells Jon that he can’t expect her to make all these decisions right now. She says he should go find someone else who has what he is looking for. This does not please Jon in the least bit. He says if she was as committed to him as she is to the job they would not be in this situation. He throws a glass against the wall and walks out.

Nikki comes over to see Brie. Nikki tells Brie how sorry she is for how she said she hated them. Nikki says she realizes she is being unfair to Bryan by blaming him for everything. Brie says Bryan tried to talk to her about where Nikki is coming from. Nikki is surprised Bryan would say something like that and says he has two high-fives coming to him when she sees him next.

All of the divas are entering the building together and are talking amongst each other. Trinity talks to the Bellas and Nattie about the commitment with Jon. They all say that sometimes things like that need to happen to see where each other stands on the issue. Ariane comes into the locker room last after the rest of the divas are there. She has been sick for the whole week with tonsillitis, and the antibiotics prescribed to her led to even worse medical maladies that the divas consider TMI. Trinity then gets news she is not wanting to hear. She finds out she will be in an 8 person tag match against Jon. She says she is not ready to speak to him let alone face him in the ring.

In a particularly disjointed segment, the show shows RAW and Michael Cole announcing that it is RAW, but the match is actually occurring on Superstars. You can hear the Superstars commentator in the background and he even mentions that it is Superstars…so you hear RAW, and then you hear two totally different voices calling the action out of nowhere. The participants come out for the match and Jon is in the corner with Nikki. Nikki begins to rub Jon’s shoulders and this visibly upsets Trinity. Trinity is wrestling Nikki and beating up on her. Nikki manages to escape and tag in Jon. Due to mixed tag rules Trinity is supposed to tag out. She decides not to and hits Jon with a frankensteiner. Jon immediately yells about “what was that for” and Trinity responds that maybe now he will actually talk to her (which makes no sense, as she was the one avoiding a discussion earlier in the episode & we’re never shown Jon refusing to talk to her).

Jojo decides that she needs to stay with the WWE after watching this divas match. She decides she needs to break up with Sebastian to do so. Nattie agrees with her and says that Sebastian wants her with him but the company needs her with them.

Ariane runs Trinity down so she can talk with her about Jon. Trinity says she needs to be certain about loving Jon before she can marry him. She reveals that she was once in a relationship with a guy for five and a half years and found out he was cheating on her the entire time. Trinity realizes she is punishing Jon for what has happened to her in her life. She catches up to Jon and apologizes to him but before she gets to her explanation Jon says maybe it won’t work out and maybe they need to separate. They quickly decide this is not the case and they make up.

That was this weeks’ complete recap for Total Divas. Come back next week for another compete recap of everyone’s favorite show about WWE Divas on the E! Network, Total Divas!


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