Total Divas Complete Recap 8-25-13


Total Divas Complete Recap for August 25, 2013


We start off with Eva and Jojo applying bronzer before going to the gym. They work out and finish with trading headlocks. Joe Anoa’i (Roman Reigns) is in there and they introduce themselves. Eva thinks he’s “so hot”.

Now we’re with TJ and Nattie in their pool. TJ gets a call from Cheryl, who is introduced as his mom. Nattie is not looking forward to spending time with TJ’s mom. It’s Nattie’s birthday week and she’ll be in Calgary for RAW. Nattie will have to share a bed with TJ’s mom while TJ sleeps on the pull out couch. Cheryl will not let them sleep in the same bed until they are married.

The Funkadactyls are in a hotel room together. Trinity wants to rest but Ariane wants to go shopping. Ariane wants to get Trinity a new purse and jacket while Trinity doesn’t want to do anything.

In Calgary, the Bellas and Funkadactyls are shooting a backstage segment for the WWE app. Brie wants to see their dad, but Nikki doesn’t want to go. Nikki has a strained relationship with her father, and it all stems from a battle with addiction he had when they were younger. Nikki does not want anything to do with him.

Nattie is excited for her birthday and being on RAW, where has a match with the Bellas and Kaitlyn. Nattie loses on her birthday in her hometown on her birthday. No one could have seen that coming. Nattie gets a hotel room with TJ in Calgary, but TJ’s mom calls while they are in the hotel room together. TJ refuses to stand up to his mom and it annoys Nattie. He says that he will stay and eat with his mother.

Ariane and Trinity are going to a boutique opening and Ariane is making Trinity pause for pictures. Trinity says she is more focused on the actual wrestling rather than all of the superficial stuff.

Nikki can’t differentiate between FDR and Stalin in a picture that she looks at. Cena is trying to teach Nikki Chinese and failing in a hilarious fashion. He’s trying to teach her how to order red wine in a restaurant, but Nikki is more focused on learning dirty words rather than learning useful words. Cena is trying to get Nikki to talk to her father.

Cheryl, Nattie and TJ are eating lunch at a restaurant. TJ’s sister Valerie shows up for the lunch, as well. TJ’s family is gangs up on Nattie and TJ is not helping her, at all.

The Bellas are back in the gym and talking about their father. Nikki says that she needs Brie with her when she meets with their father, and Brie says that she will definitely go with her to help her out.

Trinity and Ariane are at the NXT training center working on a new dance routine. Ariane has to tell Trinity to slow down because she does not have a dance background.

Nikki meets with her grandparents. She loves her grandmother very much and she is a very important person in her life. Brie and Nikki were essentially raised by their grandparents after their father left when they were fifteen.

Nattie meets with her friend Jarret at his tanning salon. Jared trained her, utilizing his amateur wrestling background. Nattie believes she wouldn’t be where she is if it had not been for Jarret.

The Bellas visit their grandfather’s grave with their brother. They speak very highly of him and comment on how much he meant to them.

TJ calls Nattie in her hotel room and TJ informs her they are going to his sister’s instead of having a nice dinner, alone. Nattie gets very mad at this development and goes back up to her room.

Ariane, Trinity, Eva and Jojo all go go-carting together. Ariane wins the race and gloats over her win in a very over the top manner. Trinity and Ariane are fighting over a nonsense race and who wins matches. They start pushing each other at the go-carting place while the innocents walk away from the scene.

Back in Calgary, Nattie meets with Jarret for a birthday dinner. Jarret seems like he’s trying to talk her out of getting married. Jarret flat out tells her he doesn’t want to see her get married to TJ. Production makes it seem like Nattie is considering it.

The Bellas and their brother are meeting with their father. Jon is introduced as the Bellas’ father. Nikki is crying before Jon even shows up. She does not want to be there anymore, as Nikki doesn’t want to show him her pain. She says that he is a selfish man, and doesn’t care how his kids feel. He only cares about how he feels. Both of the Bellas are crying about Nikki talking about how hurt she is. Jon is thankful for Nikki opening up. Nikki feels better now that she has made up with her father.

The Funkadactyls are still fighting. They both say they don’t want to work a tag match together. Trinity says she would rather start at the bottom and come up alone and be happy. They are informed it’s not the talent relations people’s decision. It is creative’s decision. Nattie informs them it is not good that Steph is involved. Steph meets with the Funkadactyls about the situation. Steph informs them that they are divas when they are out in public and she will not accept unprofessional behavior. She books them in singles matches tonight to see what it would be like.

The Bellas watch the match between the Shield and Daniel Bryan, Cena and Kane, while backstage. They both talk about how much they love Cena’s butt.

Trinity works a singles match with the ever lovely Alicia Fox. They show a botch by Trinity over and over where she overshot a crossbody from the top rope. She is completely winded from working a singles match. She’s used to be able to tag out instead of having to work the whole match herself.

Ariane is working a singles match with Aksana. It did not go very well at all. She was falling all over the ring and going way too fast.  Backstage, they meet and apologize to each other and decide they need each other. They cover each other’s flaws. They decide to meet with talent relations and get back together.

This ends another riveting week of Total Divas. I hope you join us next week where Brie gets heavily intoxicated at a bachelorette party and falls all over the place.


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