Total Divas Total Recap 9-1-13



We start the show off with Jojo taking an interest in Justin Gabriel. She still misses her old boyfriend but decides she needs to move on with her life. Eva Marie thinks that she is single but not yet ready to mingle. Jojo got some time alone with Justin to talk with him but was interrupted by Eva Marie.

The girls are practicing in the ring when Nattie shows up to join them. She talks to the girls about how stressed she is about her upcoming wedding. She decides to tell them about what happened when she was taken out to dinner by her longtime friend. Everyone is shocked by this and can’t believe what she’s doing. They decide to take her mind off of everything with the upcoming bachelorette party.

Eva and JoJo decide to throw a housewarming party and JoJo invites Justin. She is very nervous about this and is stressing on whether or not he will kiss her. During this party we find out about the other side of Brie Bella. We find out she used to be nicknamed “Keg Killer” in high school. When she drinks she enters Brie Mode. Everyone is very excited about the possibility of Brie Mode returning.

JoJo goes on a date with Justin which gives us the greatest moment of Justin on WWE TV. JoJo is going on about her boring rabbit and decides she needs to show him a picture of it. While digging around for her phone she senses he doesn’t want to see it. When she senses this she asks if he really wants to see it. He stumbles a bit and replies that sure he will. He gives the greatest look directly into the camera of all time of, “This is the dumbest and most boring crap of all time.”

Nattie continues to receive texts from her old friend that trained her. Nikki thinks that is has gone too far and that Nattie should be putting a stop to it. She believes that the texts are way too flirty and need to stop. Nattie doesn’t see them as flirty at all and doesn’t know what to do about it.

Brie successfully turns into Brie Mode at the club and is having a great time. The most interesting part about Brie Mode is that she makes the most sense hammered. She has a talk with Nattie about Jarrett and actually makes a lot of sense. Seems the drunker she gets the smarter she gets.

The next day Brie is sitting in Nikki’s bed reading a magazine when she freaks out all of a sudden. She pulls up the sheets and finds Nikki’s vibrator. Brie slaps it off the bed with her magazine and Nikki is dying laughing. She picks it up and throws it back at Brie. Brie jumps out of the bed when Nikki tells her she’s “sitting in [her] orgasm” and jumps into the other bed. Nikki divulges that she calls it her purple people eater.

The last night of the bachelorette weekend in Vegas ends in drama. Vincent shows up in Vegas out of control and very energetic. They all go out to dinner and Ariane is annoyed by the way Vincent is acting. It doesn’t end when they go out to the club. Vincent has too much to drink and is being very drunk with people. Ariane doesn’t like it and takes him out of the club and back to her room.

Overall Nattie loved her time in Vegas and is excited that her and TJ are finally getting married.

Check back next week for a Bella to get hurt in action.


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