WWE NXT – 12/4/2013

WWE NXT – 12/4/13

NXT opens this week with a backstage interview from the previous week with Antonio Cesaro.  He mocks an English accent to tell Regal to watch out.  Leo Kruger enters the picture and thanks Cesaro for opening his eyes.  He offers a proposition for Cesaro, mentioning how he could be a Real American. He cites his upcoming match with Sami Zayn, noting Cesaro’s past.  Cesaro offers to mention Kruger’s potential as a Real American to Colter before whispering a plan.  Both men mutter Sami Zayn’s name before the show’s main credits start up.

We are informed the Women’s Championship will be on the line to start the show before being greeted by this week’s announce team of Byron Saxton, Alex Riley and Renee Young.

The Total Diva, Natalya makes her way to the ring before the entrance of the NXT Women’s Champion, The Anti-Diva, Paige.

NXT Women’s Championship

Natalya vs. NXT Women’s Champion Paige

The announcers point out Paige looking more pleased and confident than normal, as they discuss the challenge level Paige will have against the former WWE Diva’s Champion, Natalya.

The two exchange holds to start the match before Natalya knocks down Paige, leading to more submission counters by the ring-savvy divas.

The two women in the ring do more chain wrestling in the open minutes than the Divas division on RAW and Smackdown has seen in months.  Natalya does a leg lock variant before some counters by Paige, leading to Natalya offering a variant chinlock.  Paige counters into a pin and Natalya raises the hold so both women are standing.

Natalya goes for a quick pin attempt before attempting a Sharpshooter.

The Women’s Champion gets in the ropes and moves outside to collect herself.  Natalya starts rallying the crowd and Paige surveys the surroundings while the show hits its first commercial break.

Back from commercial, both competitors are in the ring.  Paige is in her “rage” mode, as we hear Natalya was pulling some surprisingly disrespectful moves during break, leading to Paige’s reactions.

The announce team surveys the scene of the NXT Women’s division while Paige places the former member of the Hart Dynasty into an abdominal stretch.  Paige continues to hit the ribs and work over Natalya while in the stretch until Natalya fights out for a reversal.

Natalya starts doing the same tricks, battering Paige.  Natalya even pulls back the heel of Paige to apply more pressure.  Paige breaks free and goes into fury mode again.  Paige stomps a mudhole in Natalya at the corner while A-Ry and Renee question if the twerking of Miley Cyrus would have enraged Paige.  Great to have three month old pop culture references.

Both ladies do a double cross body before writhing around on the mat. The referee starts the count.  Around the count of seven, Paige gets up but misses the first move on Natalya, who suddenly has a second wind.

Natalya slaps Paige and hits a Michinoku Driver-like move for a nearfall.

Natalya gets frustrated as the crowd chants “LET’S GO PAIGE”.  Natalya lays out Paige with a huge clothesline for a two count.  She drags the champion to the center of the ring and locks in the Sharpshooter.  In pain, Paige crawls to the ropes.  Natalya pulls her back into the center.  Paige fights back.  She looks almost ready to tap but instead is able to flip Natalya into the turnbuckles.

Nattie is down in the corner, clenching the back of her head.  Paige is favoring her knee as the referee’s count approaches eigth again.

Both women are up and Paige nails a Paige Turner.


Winner: Paige

The Women’s Champion picks up a huge victory over one of the WWE’s premier Divas.  After replays air, Paige walks over to Natalya and the two Divas hug.  They raise their arms to the celebration of the crowd before hugging some more and shaking hands.

Backstage, Alexander Rusev listens to Lana’s instructions before they are interrupted by Tyler Breeze.  Breeze discusses their mutual hatred of Kassius Ohno.  Breeze points out how ugly and fat Ohno is.  Lana tries to send the Gorgeous One away.  Breeze mentions he was trying to give them an invite as Lana succeeds in sending him away.  Lana goes back to her lecture, keywords being CRUSH OHNO and NXT TITLE.

Match graphic airs for tonight’s NXT Championship match between Champion Bo Dallas and new #1 Contender Adrian  Neville.

The horrible new backstage interviewer welcomes us to Mojo Rawley.  He asks if he is still as hyped.  Mojo reminds us he doesn’t get hyped, he stays hyped.  He talks about becoming NXT Champion before moving onto RAW and Smackdown.  He is interrupted by Sylvester Lefort and Scott Dawson.  Lefort tries to recruit Rawley.  Mojo accuses Sly of stiffing Dawson and compares him to football agents.  Dawson backpeddles to protect Lefort and challenges Mojo to a match next week.

Waiting in the ring is an unnamed opponent.  Before he can even get named, Aiden English starts his entrance.  Aiden shifting his look some with a pair of fancier, new tights.

Some people in the audience are turning on English, chanting YOU CAN’T SING.

Aiden English vs. Unnamed Opponent

Aiden locks up with his opponent, who never gets named.  The announcers are busy talking about his singing.  There is a dueling AIDEN ENGLISH vs. LET’S GO THIS GUY chant.

Aiden does his standard offense, shouting things like “TO BE OR NOT TO BE” in between suplexes.

He quickly nails the Director’s Cut, taking the win and prepping for his encore.

Winner: Aiden English

English sings a little more before taking a bow.  Roses are tossed in the ring and Aiden is touched as replays air.

Aiden stands atop the ramp sniffing his flower.  Before he can leave, the music of the Real Americans hits.  Cesaro waves in English.  The crowd chants “PUSH CESARO” before Antonio starts up, mentioning he wanted to apologize in person for his actions against Byron Saxton last week.

Byron looks tentative from the announce table.  He takes off his headset and walks slowly toward Antonio.

Cesaro extends his hand to Saxton.  He tells Byron that Saxton knows he can be trusted.  They go far back.  Cesaro holds the handshake and apologizes.  He mentions he thought Saxton knew better than touching the flag.  He apologizes in five different languages.

Saxton says thank you.  Antonio mentions as a sign of good will, he will let Byron put his hand over his heart and say WE THE PEOPLE.  Saxton looks frustrated and lets out an unenthusiastic We the People.  The crowd boos.  Cesaro asks Byron if he is making fun of him.
Cesaro starts shaking down Byron, struggles mightily for someone who was an in-ring talent not too long ago.  Alex Riley is apparently fine with watching his broadcast partner get manhandled. No movement, all silence.  Classic A-Ry.

Cesaro shouts for Regal before assaulting Saxton, who lies on the ramp, holding his face.

We get a clip from backstage last week, as Sami Zayn is asked about losing his chance for a title shot.  Sami talks about how frustrating it is to get that close.  He says Adrian was the better man but whether it is Adrian or Bo, he will get the title.  Before he can continue, Leo Kruger lays him out, throws out a Ta-Ta and takes off.

Back from a break, Tom Phillips is in Saxton’s spot.  A-Ry asks Phillips where he was during all of that.  Fantastic.

Star of Total Divas, Tyson Kidd makes his way to the ring.  As he comes out, we see a clip from February 20th, when Kidd was still injured and attacked by Leo Kruger.

A-Ry compares Tyson Kidd’s new look to the late Eddie Guerrero.  Interesting.

Leo Kruger comes to the ring.

Tyson Kidd vs. Leo Kruger

Kidd comes out of the gates fast as the announcers mention the pent-up aggression almost a year in the making.

The announcers put over Kidd’s work ethic, even citing the CM Punk promo putting over Kidd.

Kidd gets in some kicks and punches, bring Kruger to a corner.  He batters on the South African before Kruger turns the tide and begins choking Tyson with his boot.

Kruger has Tyson down in the corner. The announcers mention how much Kruger slows down the match.  The crowd must agree as they try to start an Alex Riley chant.

Kruger sends Tyson to the opposite corner before the show takes a break.

The action resumes with Kruger working over Kidd’s surgically repaired knee.  Kruger toys with the former WWE Tag Team Champion before the Kidd from Calgary performs a rollup.  Two count.  Backslide, two count.

Kidd tries to get the quick victories, only to get hammered by Kruger, who gets a nearfall of his own.

Kruger keeps working over the knee, tossing Tyson across the ring.  Kruger lays into Tyson.  After a few blows to the head, Leo actually applies a Sharpshooter!

As Kidd struggles, Sami Zayn appears, providing distraction on the ring apron.  Kruger drops Tyson and focuses on Zayn.  Tyson sneaks in and does a rollup, getting a victory with Sami smiling on the ramp.

Winner: Tyson Kidd

Kidd limps his way toward the back as Kruger looks on from the ring in disbelief.

Another graphic airs for tonight’s championship match.

A match graphic for Zayn-Kruger next week is shown, citing the match was just announced due to Sami’s involvement in the last match.

Backstage, Hunico and Camacho are asked about their victory over the Tag Team Champions.  Hunico explains they take what they want and next week, they want the titles.

Adrian Neville comes out while Alex Riley questions the Man Who Gravity Forgot nickname.

Bo Dallas comes out next, celebrating 195 days as champion.

NXT Championship

Adrian Neville vs. NXT Champion Bo Dallas

Riley mentions if you are not excited for this match, you should get a job packaging groceries.  His colleagues question what that means.

As the two men circle off, someone in the crowd tries chanting IRS. Yes, that was a character Bo’s father played.

Neville chases Bo into the corner.  Dallas escapes to the apron but comes in and nails Neville with a  cheapshot.  Dallas takes slight control before a blow and escaping flips from Adrian.

Dallas escapes outside the ring.  As Bo gets back in, Neville gets him into the corner but frees himself with another cheapshot.  Bo exposes a turnbuckle, much like he has done to beat Langston and Zayn in the past.

Dallas knocks Zayn with a huge clothesline but only a two count.  Bo locks up Neville with a chinlock and starts to dominate his smaller opponent.

Dallas hits a bulldog for a count of two.

The announcers have covered how Bo is the nicest guy out of the ring but how delusional he is and how underhanded he can get in the actual ring.

Dallas is showing much more intensity than normal, seeming frustrated trying to keep Neville down.  He moves down a knee pad and climbs the rope, hoping to drop the exposed knee on Adrian.  He shouts DON’T STOP BO-LIEVING before missing the legdrop.

The Jumpin Jordy starts wailing away on the champion, landing kicks.  The announcers talk about him adding the NXT Championship to resume with his previous tag title reigns in NXT.

Neville nails some flying offense in and out of the ring with a corkscrew plancha onto Dallas on the outside.  Neville rolls Bo into the ring but the champion kicks out.

After a replay, Neville seems in good position for his Red Arrow finisher.  Bo scrambles out of the ring but still dazed on the outside, Neville nails a huge crossbody from the top rope to floor.

Both men are in pain on the arena floor.  The referee gets the count up to nine.  Neville dives in the ring but Dallas drops himself to the floor.

Winner: Adrian Neville

Neville looks on in disbelief, as he wins his match but Bo retains his championship.

Riley explains how you rarely ever would be frustrated with a win, as Neville drops his arm from the referee raising it.

Dallas is on the ground outside as the show comes to a close.


NXT Win/Loss Totals (as of 5/15/2013)

Hunico                                                  2-0

Mojo Rawley                                       2-0

Tyson Kidd                                          1-0

AJ Lee                                                  1-0

Santino Marella                                1-0

Roman Reigns                                   1-0

Seth Rollins                                       1-0

Sheamus                                             1-0

Jack Swagger                                     1-0

Rob Van Dam                                       1-0

Dolph Ziggler                                      1-0

Paige                                                    7-1

Erick Rowan                                        5-1

Charlotte                                             4-1

Big E Langston                                   4-1

Xavier Woods                                    4-1

Bray Wyatt                                          4-1

Conor O’Brian                                    9-3

Bo Dallas                                              8-3

Luke Harper                                       7-2

Rick Victor                                          7-3

Antonio Cesaro                                 6-3

Alexander Rusev                              6-3

Mason Ryan                                       5-2

Camacho                                             2-1

Garrett Dylan                                     2-1

Emma                                                   5-3

Adrian Neville                                   9-6

Tyler Breeze                                       5-4

Sasha Banks                                    4-3

Dean Ambrose                                  1-1

Sylvester Lefort                                1-1

Sami Zayn                                            7-8

Leo Kruger                                          5-6

Aiden English                                     4-5

Summer Rae                                      4-5

CJ Parker                                             3-5

Corey Graves                                     6-8

Enzo Amore                                       4-6

Colin Cassidy                                      4-6

Scott Dawson                                    4-7

Kassius Ohno                                     2-5

Alicia Fox                                             1-2

Bayley                                                  1-5

Audrey Marie                                    0-1

Curtis Axel                                          0-1

Andy Baker                                         0-1

Derrick Bateman                              0-1

Michael Cuellari                               0-1

Dante Dash                                     0-1

Ty Dillenger                                        0-1

Fandango                                            0-1

Sawyer Fulton                                0-1

Santana Garrett                            0-1

Ron Hicks                                        0-1

Casey Maron                                     0-1

Troy McClaine                                   0-1

John Ornagan                                    0-1

Briley Pierce                                   0-1

William Regal                                 0-1

Chris Rockwell                                   0-1

Sakamoto                                        0-1

Damien Sandow                            0-1

Tamina Snuka                                0-1

Tommy Taylor                                   0-1

Brandon Travern                           0-1

Michael Zaki                                   0-1

Aksana                                                 0-2

Jake Carter                                         0-2

Baron Corbin                                      0-2

Angelo Dawkins                             0-2

El Local                                                  0-2

Curt Hawkins                                     0-2

Natalya                                            0-2

Yoshi Tatsu                                     0-2

Danny Burch                                      0-3

Mickey Keegan                                 0-3

Travis Tyler                                         0-3




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